Silence enveloped me as soon as I closed my eyes. I rarely watch television or listen to the news; hell, even my rice cooker is haunted.

Nevertheless, the silence has never bothered me at all. My bed is much more relaxing than any other place. I was about to nap when my phone lit up and rang nonstop.

I scowled and sat straight on my bed before opening my phone. My forehead creased when I saw that I had five missed calls and three unread messages. ”Who the hell is disrupting my peaceful day? ”

I clicked the first message and read it loudly.

”This is Manager Kim Min-Ji. I rechecked our forms and saw that you did apply for an internship— ” I sighed as I remembered what A-Yeong said. She set me up again. This time, it wasn a blind date but a freaking job application!

I opened the second message, and it was still the same person from the first message.

”According to your ID name, you have reached quite a popularity among the players. Do you want to be a pro gamer?—Huh? Is this manager insane? What popularity? People don even know me! ” I scoffed and couldn help but raise my brows at what this manager was spouting.

Who said Im famous and can be qualified to be a professional gamer just because of fame? Hah! This is purely a scam!

I forced myself to open the third message, and it seemed like the negativity I gathered turned into bubbles as I read it.

”You can earn xxxxxxxx of salary every month, and of course, your income will increase if you win competitions. Are you willing to take a risk? ”

Another text message was sent to my inbox, so I opened it. ”If interested, you can watch your seniors fight this evening at 6 PM in LoL Arena near xxxxxx Street. ”

I glanced at my clock and checked the time. It was already 5:30 in the evening. ”Should I come? ” I muttered and scratched my head.

Curiosity was burning me, and I knew I wouldn fall asleep tonight if I didn go.

”Off I go. ” I sighed and jumped out of my bed. I quickly changed my clothes into something more comfortable to make sure I could watch without any delays.

I wore my favorite black hoodie, jeans, and glasses together with a mask. At this point, no one will ever approach me, and I can watch the game peacefully.


”This is bullshit! What did you say?! ”

”I-I quit! I-I can catch up with your monstrous training!— toot toot toot. ” And then the call ended.

”Now what? We can fight OG without a mid. ” Hyun Ki hopelessly sat in his chair and tried to entertain himself by watching the current fight between two minor group leagues.

”Aah! Shit! ” It was Felix.

His veins are now visible in his throat, making the whole team zip up their mouths and avoid him. Everyone inside the room knew that it was best to shut up.

Min-Ji scratched her head as she witnessed how discouraged they were. They were anticipating this day, yet their mid left them precisely the day of the screening competition.

”We cannot forfeit this match, or else we will not qualify for the competition. ” Felix muttered and crumpled the water bottle like a piece of paper.

”What if we change our strategy? The one we are experimenting with. ”

It was Baek Hyeon who suggested it.

Everyone turned at him with terrified looks on their faces. Even their manager could not stop showing her panicked self when he said that.

”Are you kidding me? The last time we did that, what happened? We lost! Im fine if its a glorious defeat, but no! Its an embarrassing one! ” It was Min Joon, their support, who said it flippantly.

Everyone in the room nodded in unison except for Felix and Baek Hyeon.

”Lets do it. ”

They all stopped nodding and looked at their captain, who was now smirking, looking like he was about to make a foolish decision. Min-Ji gulped nervously and dwindled when Felix looked at her with his not-so-handsome grin.

”Go search for a player in our company that plays mid. I don care if hes a beginner, a trainee, or a pro. Just grab one. ”

This is not going to end well.

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