and weakly flicked my forehead.

My lips curved up in a smile. ”A-Yeong saw my ex in an interview. She was about to murder someone if I didn step up. ”

It may look like a joke on the outside, but knowing A-Yeongs temper, she would do it if she coincidentally saw Se-Jeong. Well, she definitely had the power to do that.

Hana understood it and chuckled. Both of us looked at the counters monitor when the sound Ding was heard.

”Ah, right. I almost forgot. ”

She turned her back on me and settled a basket on the table. I curiously watched her get different chips, sodas, and snacks in the cabinet and put them in the basket.

My brow furrowed in suspicion. ”Whats with the basket? Did someone again take advantage of our private rooms to be a sleeping area? ”

Hana groaned at the baskets weight before putting it on the counter. She pushed the basket towards me before answering my question.

”A group of guys playing in the VIP extended their time for two more hours. They ordered lots of snacks and some beverages to be delivered to their room. Does that look like sleeping in? ”

We both chuckled, and I nodded at her response. I took the basket with one hand and—

”Careful!— ”

Her warning was too late. I almost dropped it on the floor when I felt the heavy weight of the basket.

”Whoa. Damn it. Its too heavy for snacks. ” I couldn help but mutter.

I quickly used two hands to carry it and looked at Hana, my boss. ”Wheres their room? ”

”The VIP Room at the end of the hall. ” She answered, but her eyes were worriedly looking at my hand. ”Can you carry it? ”

I nodded at her and smiled. ”Of course, boss. ”

She rolled her eyes at me, and I chuckled when I saw her reaction. She hated me for calling her boss, mainly because A-Yeong and I were her childhood friends.

”Alright. ”

I walked towards the hallway with difficulty. My hands were trembling with the heavy weight of the snacks. And I can help but groan when I also feel my stomach hurt from my upcoming period this week.

”Can this day get any more worst? Haaay. ” I muttered and slowly walked towards the VIP room.


I was about to knock on the door when I heard a loud sound inside. It seems like someone slammed their hand on the table. I carefully went near the door and eavesdropped.

”Noob! How can you leave your Solo in the clash?! ”

”I had to! If I didn , Id die with you! ”

”Hyungs! How can you even complain when you left your support during the fight with their ADC?! ”

”Shut up! ” The two guys earlier shouted in sync.

”You call yourself support when you stole our kills?! ”

Before they could even start a fight in the room, I knocked on the door. ”Your snacks are here! ”

”Finally! Hyung Felix, can you please get our snacks? ”

”Why would I? ”

I shivered at the mans voice. His voice was cold and emotionless, just like an automated voice. Oh, wait, even an automated voice sounds more human than this guy. His voice was just like a plain cold snowball thrown in your face.

”Because we
e still playing, and you
e just surfing. ”

”I don want to. ” He plainly said.

Can they take the snacks faster? My hands are already numb!

”Hyung, please. I need to rank up, or Min-Ji noona will throw her slippers at me. ”

”Tsk. ”

I quickly distanced myself from the entrance when I heard his loud footsteps approaching the door.

I raised my head to greet the person but was welcomed with an icy stare looking at me. ”Good Ev— ” I couldn even continue greeting him in shock. A guy, just like a character from the dramas, was in front of me. Is he real?

Although I don have any type of guy, I felt like my heart skipped a bit when I saw his face.

Wake up, Jong Hyun!

Driven by my emotions, I suddenly had the strength to carry the basket with one hand and weakly slapped my cheeks using my other hand.

It seemed like he was weirded out by my action when I noticed him staring at me with his forehead creased. ”Miss? ”

I looked at him as my thoughts were floating in midair. ”Huh? ”

His face never changed emotions which is quite fascinating. Even his eyebrows never softened for a second. Did he practice to y using one expression a day? ”How much? ”

”T-Twelve thousand won ” I tried not to stutter as I answered his question.

He nodded and took something from his wallet. I lowered my head in a daze as I waited for his payment. His eyes are harmful enough to make me daydream. Its too dangerous. Thats why I just avoided it.

The guy quickly gave the money to me and took the basket in my hands.

”Keep the change. ”

”Thank y— Bang! ” He slammed the door in my face, not even finishing my sentence.

I rolled my eyes in annoyance as I went back to my work.


While on the other side.

Their captain stopped walking when he felt his wrist hurt from carrying the basket.

Why is this so heavy? She lifted this heavy basket with just one hand? He thought and put the basket down on the table.

”Thanks, Hyung! You
e the best! ”

”Shut up. ”

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