he Skeleton King rolled his eyes again.

‘Hmm… If I’m treated as an honored guest, then it’s okay to stay for a while.’

After all, there is no way to go back without a body right away here.


‘Well, I won’t be here for long anyway.’

He needed to find another way…

“Nevertheless, it’s quite pathetic.
Even without being recognized as a Saint, you were born as a noble and a son of the prestigious Duke of the Holy Empire, so you could have grown up with no lack.”

…Hmm? A noble son?

“Well, you are the son of one of the 5 most prestigious dukes of the Holy Empire.”

Upon hearing this, the Skeleton King couldn’t believe his ears.

A Duke’s son?

A member of the aristocracy?

A diamond spoon?

“You have to be more careful since he’s such a person. We don’t know where someone might come running to target the baby Saint.”

“Especially, the demons may come after him.”

The Skeleton King grinned.

‘Saint is the best. Gold spoon is the best. He even protected.’

“Oh, the Saint is smiling. I don’t know what it is, but I think you’re in a good mood.”

The baby Demon King giggled.

After all, what is a Saint? Weren’t they the ones who were created to save the gods when they were in danger?

A representative of the gods!

Then, if you just kept your mouth shut and enjoyed yourself, the gods will starve to death on their own!

If the sealed Demon King was said to have been living well while enjoying the cuisine of the Holy Empire inside the Saint, which they valued so much, wouldn’t it make threi blood boil?


The Holy Empire was a kind of nation of gods, where they were fed and revived.
It was the only one.

Then wouldn’t the gods perish with the Holy Empire if it were destroyed?

“Oh my, little Saint is really smiling.”

“Why are you in such a good mood?”

That’s right, there’s no need to go to the gods yourself and waste your energy.

‘Let’s keep it a secret about me for now.’

Didn’t the three servants here already say so?

The demons are targeting the Saint.

Well, even if we stay still, won’t our subordinates come anyway?

If this was near the Holy Empire, the demon camp was quite far away. So, for now, let’s wait while filling our stomachs at the rich mansion.

‘The only problem is that the brat is difficult to control.’

But it didn’t matter. This person next to me right now… no, is it a nanny?

Judging from the situation, he didn’t even know if they were on the way to the mansion. In fact, they were worried while looking at the sky in the carriage together.

“We have to hurry back before the rain pours.”

The Skeleton King laughed, saying that he had thought well enough to return before it rains and we all get soaked.

‘Okay. Let’s go, nanny. I’m so hungry I don’t even have strength to move.’

But then.

The woman who was holding him stroked him as if she was sorry.

“Well, it hurts my heart, but we should start soon.”

Since he is a candidate for the Saint, we have no choice but to kill him.”


The Skeleton King flinched.

Kill him?

Something was strange.

“It’s a pity, you’re such a pretty baby with a nice smile.”

“Well, there’s no choice.
A Saint has to come from our family.
So that’s why we kidnapped this blood-stained kid, isn’t it?”

The story was getting stranger and stranger.

“Have the family head noticed anything about this child?”

We brought him here before that.”

They drew their daggers as if they were following their plan.
Looking at the flashing knife pointing towards him, the Skeleton King turned pale.

…Wait a minute.

Guys, weren’t you a servants?



Damn it! Were they assassins?!

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