ped to.
Although it is unclear how the ancient and lost high-level Holy Law came about, it was a law with enough power to do so.

‘I interfered at the end, but there’s no way that kind of magic would miss my soul.’

But he came into a human body, not a maggot?

And on top of that, a Saint’s body?

What is this?

What are they trying to do?

The Skeleton King had to seriously contemplate their intentions.

‘I wonder if they feel guilty about what they have done and have sent it to a human body at least with a minimal conscience…’

No, that could never happen.

‘Who the hell are these bastards?’

Looking at them, who made their subordinates suffer and live on their own, they were the ones who, with a snap of their fingers, boasted about money and said that demons looked best in their impoverished skeleton state.

Of course, he never expected that they would break the contract and even attempt to destroy his name, but they also tried until the end not to turn him into a human, out of fear that the ‘Undead Demon King’ would lose his weakness for divinity.

Ironically, the undead were weaker against divine power than even demons.

‘Anyway, they’re like vicious business owners ignoring the employment contract and skipping pay.’

That’s why it was even more strange.

Why would they try to seal him in such a lowly insect-like creature?

Given their nature of being arrogant and conceited, it would not have been strange for them to confine him in insects and torture him for the rest of their lives.

‘But why did the spell go wrong?’

If there was a possibility, he could only think of one thing.

-Our King, !

-It’s useless. No one whose name is written here can move.

‘Sure, name!’

His name was Isak.

However, no matter how many times he corrected them, the name they understood here was somehow , and he wondered if it was because of that influence.

‘Is there a loophole because of the name?’

It’s a spell that seals the soul in the place where the name is written, but the premise was wrong in the first place.

Of course, he couldn’t understand why he came into this body in the first place.


‘Could it be that this brat’s name is Isaak…?’

But soon the Skeleton King gave a wicked smile.

‘No matter what, that can’t be it…’

But at that moment.
A man who appeared to be a servant waved his hand wildly.

“Peek-a-boo, Isaac, look here! If you cry, the evil demon will take you away, sir Isaac, Peek-a-boo!”

“Oh my, how can you just call out the name of the baby Saint!”

“Oh, sorry. He was about to cry, so I did it without realizing it.”

“It’s because of your face, move way!”

At the same time, the Skeleton King sneered looking at it.

‘Look, it’s Isaac. The name can’t be the same…’

Wait a minute.



‘Isn’t that just another pronunciation of Isaac?’* (tl/n: I want to clarify the difference in the pronunciation of the three names.
The first, Isak – 이삭 [ɪsɑk], the second was called Isaak – 이사악 [ɪsɑɑk], the child was called Isaac – 아이작 [ɑɪzək])

The Skeleton King was puzzled.

Could it really be true?

Of course, he could use the magic to be more sure, but that wasn’t important right now.

Damn it, of all the bodies of the holy camp humans to come into… even if it’s like a worm…!

‘Damn it, of all the bodies of the holy camp humans to come into… even if it’s like a bug… No matter what, it’s like…’

Because of this, the Skeleton King shouted sincerely.

“You damn human trash!”

The Skeleton King, who unknowingly let out a babbling, fell silent for a moment and then laughed as if his words were meaningless.

‘No, no.
No matter what, I’m still a Demon King, but to be in the body of a minion of the gods…!’

“There’s a sensation in my palm, and my sense of smell is not like that of bones!!!”

The Skeleton King, who fell silent again, coughed.

‘Still, damn it, a man’s pride…’

“Damn it, I can even feel the texture! Thank you!”

The appearance of the Skeleton King, whose thoughts and words played separate, surprised and amused the presumed servants.

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