how crazy it makes me every morning when I look in the mirror?!]


So the Skeleton King stared even more disgustingly towards the Palace of the Gods in the heavens.

He had already spent his entire life providing for his subordinates, unable to save any money for himself.

[For 10 years, I’ve been cleaning shoes, sweeping the barn, massaging, and exterminating pests.
I’ll have to take on the emotional damage treatment fees and funeral expenses for nothing in return.]

Then the gods stepped forward to block his path, their footsteps heavy.

-We should be the ones receiving compensation for emotional damage!

[What? Hey?]

-Didn’t you eat several of the treasure-level potions from the divine realm while you were here!

Then, the Skeleton King smirked as if to say, ‘What are you talking about?’

[What kind of treasure-level potion doesn’t even make your hair grow? It’s just scalp moisturizer and a red energy drink.]

-Moisturizer… energy drink…?!

-You call that a potion that contains tens of thousands of years of divine essence? Wait a minute.
Did you just say it was red?

[Uh. The one that was sealed in the dragon-patterned box.]

The gods doubted their ears.

What the Skeleton King is talking about was undoubtedly the creation treasure of the divine of the gods, kept in the deepest part of the divine vault…


-Did you drink that?!

-And you went into the restricted area?!

[Oh, don’t worry.
I didn’t want to waste what was left, so I used it to clean my feet.
The scent was quite nice.]


[Why? I was told I can eat all the healing potions in the box.]

The gods grabbed the back of their necks.

Surely, that box couldn’t have contained the treasure chest?

They were beginning to have trouble communicating with this lawless pirate.

‘Of all the Forbidden Eight Treasures, it had to be this one.’

-No, it went well in the first place. This is the only chance to eliminate all the demons while you’re in the divine realm.

-It’s a shame to have found such a useful demon only to waste him like this.

At the story of breaking the treaty and getting rid of his subordinates, the Skeleton King’s eyes flashed terrifyingly, as if to say, ‘When did I joke around about you guys?’

[You guys and me? Even though this is your home, you should bring at least the equivalent of a divine general if you want to face me?]

The Skeleton King, exerted his strength, breaking the treaty and even killing some of them.


The ground shook, and several lower gods flinched as if they were embarrassed by the magical energy that was on a different level than before.

-We didn’t just take on the form of a Demon King for nothing! Aren’t we beings that can’t be destroyed?! How are you going to deal with this…!

But it was at that moment.



Suddenly, the Skeleton King stumbled. The magic he was using disappeared.

And that wasn’t all.

‘I can’t move my body.’

At the same time, a sneer was heard towards the bewildered Skeleton King.

-It’s useless. No one whose name is written here can move.


The Skeleton King, who saw the gods, was surprised.

It was because of the object they were holding.

‘A bug?’

It was a preserved form of a dead bug.

However, it was an object that sealed any disaster without leaving even a trace of magic.

-Do you know how this world has been maintained until now? It’s all thanks to these.
Many past disasters were sealed in them.

As proof, when the preserved bug with the Skeleton King’s name on it shone, the Skeleton King felt like his soul was leaving.

In the end, the Skeleton King laughed as if he had no regrets.

[Bastards, the contract was a bait, and the purpose was to extract and seal my soul from the beginning?]

It was only then that the gods revealed their true colors, as if they were gracious.

-Did a dirty Demon King like you ever think of stepping on the same land as the gods?

-Just being able to use our hands and feet should be appreciated, yet you dare to ask for rewards without hesitation.

[What? You bastard??]

-Well, we were told to use it when you knew the truth, but you found out faster than expected.

-Still, go in peace.
I prepared a new body that looks just like you.
Aren’t you grateful?

The appearance of the preserved bug was none other than a squirming bald maggot.

The Skeleton King breathed out murderous intent and his eyes flashed.

[Can’t you at least bring me back as a hairy caterpillar?!]

-Huh, are you still obsessed with that hair? Oh well, it’s fine.
Your skeleton body and your subordinates will serve as slaves for the rest of their lives, so stop talkkk…ing?!


The gods who were in the process of sealing the soul were startled.

Gold began to appear on the preserved bug that was binding the soul of the Skeleton King.

As the gods panicked at the sight, they heard laughter that sent chills down their spines.

[Fools. If you want to do it, you should have done it in an instant without being noticed!]

-Hey, wait a minute!!!

Something was wrong, and before they could even think about it, a great explosion occurred in the divine realm.


Finally, after the explosion, the gods regained their senses.

They were horrified at the white debris of the shattered divine realm.

-That crazy… bastard!

-Self-destruct with his own body! Is he sane!

However, the higher gods froze for a different reason.

-The bastard! Did the spell activate properly?

-Yes, yes?

-If you even miss the Skeleton Demon King, there will be a really irreversible problem!

They were gods whose expressions changed for the first time in hundreds of years, but that was only for a moment.

They found preserved maggot in the rubble.

The once-hardened maggot was now wriggling.

-The spell has been properly activated, and the Demon King’s soul seems to have entered properly.

Only then did the higher gods feel deeply relieved when they heard of the Demon King’s imprisonment.

-Then it’s over.

The gods sighed, watching the bug being dragged away frantically, as if asking for help.

-That crazy guy, how much damage did he cause alone…?

-However, that Demon King lived because he was an that was fatally weak to divine power. Otherwise, this method would have been impossible.

-Yes. He was trying to become human, but he must have been trying to get rid of that one weakness. Human bodies are close to divinity.

The gods laughed heartily.

-Then let’s take this opportunity to kill all the demons. Every time we kill them, won’t it make us stronger?

-Sounds good.
We’ll treat the pretty ones as slaves.

-They are the Demon King’s subordinates.
They are not easy to kill, and we gods can’t directly intervene in mortality.

-Then what else can we do…?

But at that moment, the elder god raised his arm.

-‘Preaching’ revives the gods.


-I will make a vessel for the Saint, the preacher, with all my strength, and give it to the human realm.
If we entrust all the power of demon extermination and preaching to the Saint, everything will be fine.

-Yes? Are you sure about that? It must take a lot of your power…!

-Sleeping for a thousand years is fine.
Therefore, be sure to choose a pretty soul who listens to us well and let it dwell in the vessel of the precious Saint.

-The bug that imprisoned the Demon King was sealed in a deep place that no one can access and closely monitored.


With this, the name of the Demon King who has been disturbing the minds of the gods for hundreds of years will disappear.
They breathed a sigh of relief as they watched the bug that led to the torture chamber.

-We’ll have to torture that Skeleton Demon King for the rest of his life and make him come to his senses inside the bug.

* * *

Yeah, come to your senses.

It feels good to come to your senses.

When a skeleton lives for hundreds of years, it can suffer from human-like feelings, have its soul extracted, and even be sealed in a bug and tortured.

Yeah, that’s true, but…

“Oh my, little dear Saint, have you woken up?”

The Skeleton King was perplexed by what had happened to him.

What? Who’s little?

Why isn’t he a maggot?

No, more importantly…

‘A Saint? Who’s a Saint??’

Tl/note: Ugh, chapters in this title are pretty big (over 3 000 words), so I will divide the next.
I just didn’t divide this one, cuz it’s the first chapter.

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