ouble over just a mere child, the Emperor laughed like a fox.

“Well, I wonder if there’s a need for an investigation.
To me, this child appears to be a Saint.”


As the bishop’s face contorted completely, the Skeleton King happily shook the rattle.

My money! Well done, good job! Exactly.

And more! If you give me another expensive rattle, it would be nice!

The Skeleton King attempted to strike the bishop’s head with the heavy golden rattle.

The startled priest’s eyes widened, and he quickly hugged the baby and ran away.
Perhaps he saw the Skeleton King attempting to hit the bishop once again.

At that moment, the Emperor made a gesture, and the attendant sighed and produced another jeweled rattle.
It seemed to imply that they should keep their mouths shut.

As a result, the Skeleton King chuckled like a mischievous demon.

Because the future state of this country became clear to him.

‘Well, I had some expectations, but…’

These brats are worse than I thought.

No, describing their relationship as ‘worse’ is an understatement—they’re downright trash!

Of course, from the outside, the imperial family and the Holy See.

The Holy Empire, where the ‘Sun’ and the ‘Moon’ coexist and rule in peace.
But well…

‘There’s a saying about who is the true ruler of the Empire, the Pope or the Emperor.’

It’s a relationship where neither side holds more power and they keep each other in check.

‘Well, I can understand why their relationship is bad just by looking at that Crown Prince.’

The boy being held by the Emperor has jet-black hair, something that the Holy Empire doesn’t view favorably.

Needless to say, he must have been having intense debates with the pope.
Perhaps there was an argument at the level of blasphemy.

So it was undoubtedly true that the Emperor had a great interest in the Saint.

‘After all, when I become a Saint, I’ll probably be on par with the Pope.’

But what would happen if such a Saint were to be aligned with the imperial family? The Skeleton King’s eyes narrowed ominously at the thought.

Besides, he had no intention of getting along well with the pope.

Naturally, one would assume that as a Saint, he would be part of the papacy that serves the pope, but really?

‘Do you think I’ll become a lackey for those lunatics?’

The Skeleton King had a plan to devour this realm of the gods from within and make it his own.

He would use the Emperor as a lackey and get rid of the irritating pope.
He would devour other continents and the divine realm with his supreme power!

Just the thought of it was exhilarating.

As such, the first thing that needed to be achieved was the ‘Saint’ position!

However, it seemed that the pope’s side would never pass the position of the Saint to any other candidate.

‘Just by looking at what that bishop, who seems like a lackey of the pope, is doing, it’s obvious.’

But if he gained the Emperor’s support, he could snatch away the position of the Saint as well.

And at that moment, something unexpected happened.

“It was a mistake to say that he is not human.”

The bishop, who had instructed the priests to bring his own bag, narrowed his eyes.

“However, when you claim he is a Saint, you are directly denying the authority of His Holiness the Pope.
Are you really okay with that?”

It seemed that after receiving a few slaps with a rattle, he had gone insane.

The determination to kill the Skeleton King could be felt in his eyes, and the Skeleton King involuntarily rolled his tongue around.

‘He’s a persistent one, huh?’

The Skeleton King had been quite lenient, but he didn’t appreciate the favor.

Judging by his attitude, it seemed that he was determined to eliminate him somehow.

‘How much money did he receive to act this way?’

Anyway, at this point, it wasn’t just about getting rid of him, he had to be completely eliminated…

Otherwise, he would surely keep pestering.

And if he was going to get rid of him, it should be in a way that benefited him.

But how to get rid of him?

There must be some way…

But then, at that moment, the bishop pulled out an item from the bag that the priests had brought.

The Skeleton King, who didn’t miss the opportunity, eagerly glanced inside the bag.

What is that? Why is it there?

No way.

Could it be that the essence of the magical power he felt at the temple earlier was that thing?

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