Could it be enhancement magic?’

The bishop’s eyes grew fierce.

This little child.

Could he really be using magic?

Moreover, the magic itself was extraordinary.

‘It’s the power of the demons!’

The bishop became serious in a different sense.

“We need to conduct a detailed investigation on this child… Ack!!“

As the bishop attempted to grab the Skeleton King’s head, he received a blow to the face.

The bishop, having seen blood, staggered.

The Skeleton King holding the rattle widened his red eyes.

‘Do you think I’ll let you investigate, you mole-like bastard?’

The Skeleton King, extinguishing the light, raised the corner of his mouth.

As the bishop had thought, he had placed enhancement magic on the rattle.

That way, even if the child wields it, it would be enough to completely drain an adult’s spirit.

Of course, he controlled it.

They weren’t fools either.

If he kept the enhancement magic active, its power would be maintained, but it would be quickly discovered.

So he activated the magic only for a fleeting moment when it touched the skin and immediately dispelled it.

In a single moment that no observer could possibly notice.
But the power remained undiminished.

It was an area of control that even advanced magicians found challenging, but he was a magician of the highest level of the 10th rank.

Controlling magic was easier than breathing for him.

The Skeleton King once again struck the bishop with the rattle.

“Whack! Whack, yah-yah!! Whack!”

Now that it had come to this, he had to deal with it somehow and gain some benefit.

The more noticeable it became, the more impossible it would be to secretly kill.

The paladins marveled, seeing the light bursting every time the rattle made a hit.

“Look! That light! Surely it’s proof that he’s using Holy Law!”

“He must not have made a contract with the gods yet, but he’s already using it.
That’s evidence of being a Saint!”

Upon hearing those words, the bishop widened his eyes.

A Saint, my ass!

‘There’s no way Esua’s child could be a Saint! In the first place, there’s no such thing as a Saint in this world!’

That’s undoubtedly magic too!

The eyes of the Skeleton King, who read the meaning behind that gaze, flickered with cunning.

‘Yes, magic.’

It was a reproduction of the light of Holy Law that had burst forth when he dealt with fake servants and nannies.

Even for the Skeleton King, who was proficient in all types of magic, he needed to have the basic principles in his head to properly use the spell.

And divine light?

Reproducing it was a piece of cake for the Skeleton King.

Well, of course, it’s a temporary illusion, so you have to choose your opponents carefully and use it with caution.

‘Do you think you can find any evidence?’

And actually, genuine divine power was coming out.

Roughly one out of ten bursts of light right now?

So deep down, the Skeleton King was surprised.

‘Why can I use divine power?’

Come to think of it, even during the fake servants incident, didn’t divine power suddenly burst out?

But no matter how much of a Saint one may be, unless they make a contract with the gods, there’s no way divine power would gather in their body.

‘Could it be that I’m taking away the divine power from the surroundings… from the bishop?’

Like siphoning their magical power?

If that were true, high-ranking priests filled with divine power could be good prey.

Was it reading the deceitful smile mixed in with the Skeleton King’s eyes?

The bishop, as if handing over the Skeleton King to the priests, straightened his thoughts.

“Summon the Heretic Inquisitor… No, forget it! I will personally take him to the Pope, to the headquarters!”

But then the paladins, as if insisting, stopped the bishop.

“Didn’t you see the light!”

“Wasn’t he using impressive Holy Law?”

“Did you even bother to remove your eyeballs? What you’re looking at is not Holy Law! It’s magic…!”

And right at that moment.


The Emperor suddenly burst into laughter.

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