What is the most embarrassing moment in life?

When you are misunderstood?

When you are framed?

When you worked hard and didn’t get a fair price?

Anyone had probably experienced such a moment, but,

“I think this disease will be attached to the patient’s name.”

At least hearing such nonsense,

“I think his remaining time is about half a year.”

It would be quite unfair to be sentenced to such a life on death row like this when you haven’t even reached the age of thirty.

‘Huh, what do people do when they win the lottery?’

I am twenty-nine years old.

Without parents, without inheriting anything, I just lived faithfully, but I was sentenced to death out of nowhere.

Not to mention, the day I won the first prize lottery, the day I was happy that I was being rewarded for living diligently like a worker ant, I was sentenced on such a day!

So he said before his death.

“Oh, I really don’t want to die. It doesn’t matter who, I wish someone could keep me from dying.”

I obviously said so.

But I didn’t know that I really wouldn’t die just because I said that.

I didn’t even know that I would become the strongest immortal bone!

“Oh, Your Majesty.”

“The king of undead who has brought us here today!”

Upon hearing praise from the surrounding voices, a single white skeleton let out a small sigh.

[Finally, this nonsense will over.]


[Now I can finally breathe fire with my tongue*, eat and poop like others do.] (tl/n: is likely a metaphorical expression that means the speaker can now express himself freely and say what he really thinks, without fear of consequences or restrictions.
It implies that the speaker feels a sense of liberation and freedom, similar to a mythical dragon breathing fire.
But here, to be precise, it means having tongue in general.)


[I can finally grow hair on my bald head.]

“…Yes, yes?”


Looking at him from above and from below, he was a bone, and the world called him the worst ‘Skeleton King’.

He was notorious enough that even if people couldn’t remember what their country, called there was no one who didn’t know his name.

In front of him, countless heroes kneeled down and vomited blood, and wherever he led his army, a path of death and corpses that resembled him was left behind.

In other words, a literal corpse Demon King!

Lord of walking skeletons!

A ‘God-defying one’ that even the priest of the Holy Empire couldn’t dare to suppress!

However, even the Demon King had a big problem.

‘Damn it, a body that can’t even poop.’

It must be unfair that he couldn’t spend a single penny of his lottery winnings due to a rare disease and died.

The moment he run out of breath.

He went over to another world and opened his eyes as a white bones, unable to eat, sleep, or feel pain.

And being unable to hold a woman’s hand and becoming a white bone is so filthy unfair that he steadfastly preserves his life and spirit.

He developed the power to evolve from , the lowest-level summoned monster that was only controlled, to , the king of the undead.

It was also good to feed and revive the demons who were on the verge of dying from ruin.


“Our great lord.”

A ferocious Demon King that even the gods fear.

“From majesty to treachery and deceit, our king exudes it all!”

[Hey, how many have you said ? You bastards!]

Kim Isak, a Korean, felt frustrated, but he thought it was now okay that these bastards couldn’t even properly pronounce one name after hundreds of years.

[Finally, this damn contract is over today.]


The Skeleton King’s eyes glimmered fiercely, which weren’t even there, as if he was terribly happy.

[Finally, I can eat and sleep peacefully from today onwards.]

* * *

Isak Kim wanted to become a human.

No, it didn’t matter if it was lion poop or dinosaur eggs, he just wanted a body that wasn’t a bone.

However, no matter what he tried, he could never escape from being an undead corpse.

But it didn’t matter.

-Oh, Demon King, let’s make a contract.

The gods proposed this to Kim Isak, who stood at the top of the demons.

-If you fulfill our demands, we will make you human in return.

And 10 years after the contract with the gods.



The giant’s head fell into the world of the gods.

Realizing that the owner of the neck was the enemy of the gods who terrorized the divine realm, the gods turned white.


The gods were speechless as they saw the skeleton carrying the giant’s head.

-That madman really brought it.

And the Skeleton Demon King, who took the giant’s head, flashed his missing eyes.

[Alright, with this we have taken care of all the rebel forces that resisted the gods.]


The gods made a great noise.

-What kind of crazy guy…!

-10 years! In just that short amount of time…!

Dealing with all the calamities that even the gods hadn’t touched for thousands of years!

The Skeleton King’s eyes flashed.

[Now that you’ve done hollow words, pay me for my work.
You said you would make me human if I completed all 12 requests?]

Then the god who was in charge of the request came running right away.

-Sorry for making you wait! I didn’t expect you to handle the tasks so quickly…


-It’s not easy to just turn a person like you into a human? In that sense, if you could be patient and do one more task, we could pay you as well.

Then, the Skeleton King chuckled amiably.

[Really? Just one more task? Well, that should be easy and simple enough.]



[Fuck, even if you pour water on the skeleton, it’s not enough.
What, are you trying to make a fool out of me?]


The Skeleton King was emitting a fierce aura.

In fact, he overheard an unexpected story on his way here.

-The truth is, there is no way to turn that Skeleton Demon King into a human?

-What? Really? Then why did you make a contract with that Skeleton Demon King?

-Well, there isn’t any way to make him disappear because he was summoned through forbidden magic and he’s a non-existent entity outside the law.
He’s undead and has no lifespan.
His abilities are so dangerous that they threaten both the mortal and divine realms.
So the decision was made to use his power for the gods.
How about that?

-I see.
That’s a very pressing matter.

-That’s right… ahh! Skeleton King!

Remembering the back story, the Skeleton King approached the gods, recalling their conversation.

[What? Do I have to do something good in the divine realm and wash away my sins to become human? Just handle the 12 troublesome disasters that go against the gods, and that’s all?]

The gathered gods were taken aback by his spirit. The faces of the whispering gods showed a look of annoyance.

-What should we do? It seems like henoticed.

-Oh, didn’t we oppose this from the beginning? How could we have summoned such a rascal to the divine realm?

-Gee, we didn’t expect that 12 subjugations requested would only take 10 years… But each subjugation took at least 500 years…

As if to cut off their conversation, a frightening explosion sound was heard.

[Is that all you have to say?!]


The Skeleton King was furious, as if he could tear off the skins of the gods’ faces.

[You guys, you didn’t even intend to make me human from the beginning, did you?]

The gods laughed as if wondering why they should take his words seriously.

-Don’t you know that everything we do is for your sake? Why are you so obsessed with being human? How comfortable is that body? You don’t have to eat, sleep, or die…

[Get out of here! Do you understand how I feel?]

He still couldn’t forget the moment he became a skeleton overnight.

‘With this, the Demon King is born!’

The face of the summoner who had summoned him, a soul from another realm, with the intention of creating the strongest Demon King!

The faces of the people who had been running away from him for hundreds of years, regardless of gender, and the faces of the priests and knights who had tried to kill him as a mere low-level monster!

But actually, what was more important than those things was,

[I really hate horror, gore, and anything related to skeletons, corpses, or blood! Do you know

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