e host. The system checked the schedules, their family histories, and many more things. One of the candidates is a single person living there, and his family is not there. The only female candidate and her family are going on a trip the day that calamity is about to fall, and their chances of getting stuck on the first day are very low. That narrows it down to one person, and that is the host.

The system explained that, instead of clearing the question, it instead increased the complexity.

Just as he was about to open his mouth to ask about the so-called calamity, the system already started continuing its explanation.

Ding! There is a disastrous calamity that is about to happen the day after the hosts birthday. As for the details regarding the calamity and why its happening, the host doesn have enough authority to know as of now. The initial calamity is going to hit the western Guanxi region, especially very close to the hosts home. If the system hasn chosen the host, the host and his family are among the earliest to have faced that calamitys wrath. The system is providing a chance for the host to save his family in the future, and the host also needs to stand up against the enemies on behalf of justice.

The system explained again, which kind of cleared Li Xians doubts a bit, but he still has a lot more doubts.

He thought the calamity mentioned by the system was a kind of natural calamity, but in the last few sentences, it talked about enemies.

He couldn help but ask what enemies, which enemies, and whom enemies? To which the system simply pulled out its
ot enough authority card successfully earning an eye roll from Li Xian.

Just as he decided to ask the system about the process and how it is going to help him. He felt a stinging pain on his right foot and couldn help but jerk back two meters from there as he saw the ant trail coming towards him, before falling on his butt.

He looked at his own hands, which looked kind of chubby with all that hair. He stood up for a bit to check his new body and was instantly dumbfounded by the bulging belly, which kind of feels heavy on his legs.

He quickly marched to the only water pit in the cave, which may have stored water when the rainwater overflowed this cave.

He looked at his reflection and couldn help but sigh, but at the same time understanding why they were calling him ugly.

Its not that his face is ugly, its just that it is also the same as his belly and quite filled with a lot of fat. He looks to be around 21 or 22 years old from the looks of it.

”System! Why did you choose such a body? And also, what happened with this guy? ” Li Xian asked as he felt that this system didn consider it properly. As a modern human, Ning Qi felt that having too much hair on his face, hands, legs, and even his ears was kind of hard to take. But he still decided not to shave it, as that would make him unique here.

Ding! The system killed this guy and gave him to the host, as he contained a lot of fat in his body. The host currently is in the epoch of the Pleistocene, which has a maximum temperature of 20 degrees Celsius in the current location host stays and the global average is only around 6 degrees Celsius. So the system chose a fat body for the host as the best choice.

The system again explained slowly, but the first sentence of the system made Li Xian feel his scalp tingle. He felt that this system may be evil otherwise, why would it kill a person out of nowhere?

Ding! The host doesn have to think like that. This person is about to be dead tomorrow and meets the criteria perfectly. The system gave this person a painless death, compared to how he had to die in a gruesome manner. The system even guided him along his reincarnation, making sure that he went into a good world, which would make him have a good future in his next life.

The system explained its authenticity as a good one, making Li Xian feel like this system is a bit too much on the side of justice, as it even went on to help this guy through reincarnation.

Li Xian decided to not care about that anymore, as he has to deal with his own sh*t first. He decided to help this guys relatives if there are any left, or else that will be the end of their karma with each other.

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