Li Xian woke up from his deep sleep a bit uncomfortable, as he felt some kind of ant crawling on his body. He slowly opened his eyes and looked around with a yawn as he stretched his body.

He felt a bit comfortable about the slight sun rays that were flowing into the cave that he woke up in. He thought the suns rays weren quite warm, but they were altogether better than nothing.

He also saw two strong male figures sitting with a child that looked to be around five or six years old.

They set up a bonfire, and the three of them placed their hands close to the fire to get heat from it.

But what bewildered Li Xian is that these guys have a bit of excessive hair on their hands and legs, even on their ears.

Even that child has some hair around the body, and also he couldn figure out whether that child is a boy or a girl.

”Sigh! I know this is a **ing dream, but it is such a realistic setting. I would definitely love to have a conversation with them for a bit to know how they survived such harsh environments. And all these kinds of dreams are caused by that dumb Xuan Di, who always takes me to see such prehistoric movies and dramas. Alright! Lets ignore it and sleep first, tomorrow is my birthday, and Lan Lan told me she will give me a pleasant surprise, hehe. ”

Li Xian thought, and he fell back into the same place, thinking that he would instantly jump from this dream to another or that he would simply wake up in the morning.

But right after he fell down, around one or two minutes later, his back felt a stinging pain, which jolted him back to reality.

He hurriedly stood up and used his hands to clear his back. Soon five or six ants fell down, deader than dead.

But the formic acid in Li Xians skin still made him feel itchy for a moment, as he started trying to scratch his back, which he felt was excessively difficult.

But soon, he stood frozen as he saw that the setting that he saw in his dream is still there. Except the three people are now looking back at him with their necks craned at him, while their hands are still standing near the fire.

Li Xian felt something went horribly wrong, as according to the internet pain isn possible for a person who is in a dream. He decided to give himself a slap, which kind of hurt like hell.

Panic started spreading in his mind, and he quickly calmed down again and thought that he was being pranked by his family and friends for setting up such a real setting.

Even though he thought that he couldn help but feel that this kind of reasoning is kind of hard to believe to himself.

His mind is in a kind of extreme shock, as such, he didn even check his body properly before hurriedly making his way toward the three, who just turned their heads away after seeing that he was alright.

”Hello! Uncle, can you tell me where I am? ” Li Xian hurriedly asked as he stood aside from the biggest man there.

”Is something wrong with this child? Why is he uttering nonsense? ” The second guy, who is also bulky, but not as bulky as the first guy, asked them. Even the child looked at him as though he were looking at a stupid guy.

”Maybe he is acting stupid to get away from the hunt tomorrow. Sigh! Our band already has no one to act as a decoy, or else I would have never agreed to send Big Bowl as a decoy. ” The bigger man said as he sighed a bit, looking at Li Xian.

Li Xian lost 99 percent of whatever he was holding onto as he heard their conversation. It wasn because he was being sent as some decoy or something.

Its just that he is actually able to **ing understand a language that he never ever heard from their mouths. It is as though he is the native speaker of that particular language.

He definitely talked to them in Chinese, which he used on a daily basis. But the words spoken by these folks in front of him are absolutely not present in any country in the world. He used to watch many such movies with a lot of pre-crap before they actually went into action.

But he never heard any of these dialects from all the knowledge or sounds he was familiar with. At the very least, this language is not a famous one or even the slightest famous one on earth, according to him.

His legs shivered a bit with extreme fright as an extreme thought crossed his mind.


But he still held onto the vague hope that it was an extremely devised plan or a setup by someone. He gathered his courage and slowly stood in front of the biggest guy, who looked to be over 7 feet.

All of them looked at Li Xian with confusion as to what this child was about to do. He was a pretty good child before, almost well-behaving except for being a bit ugly compared to all the other children in their band.

Li Xian hurriedly held his hand out before plucking a handful of hair from that mans tricep on his left hand, which was kind of overgrown. All of their eyes, including the man who got harassed by Li Xian, went wide at this sudden action from him.

”Big Bowl! You are looking for death, right? You dare to pluck my manly hair. Let me give you a swift one quickly then. ” The middle-aged man stood up and looked kind of extremely pissed off at the hair that Li Xian plucked off of him.

There is even some blood on his left tricep. As Li Xian is kind of not in the right frame of mind, he used a lot of force in that.

Both of them looked at each other without blinking, as though whoever blinked first was going to lose the fight. That big guy simply stared at Li Xian, who is still holding his manly hair, but Li Xian doesn have that kind of aptitude in this linking game. He couldn help but blink his eyes, as he already felt they were getting heated up.

The moment he blinked, he saw himself flying for around three to four meters before landing harshly on the ground.

That big guy who just kicked him simply sat back as he sighed, as though he regretted kicking this child. But on the other hand, the second simply patted the shoulder of the big guy before hurrying to check on Li Xian, with that kid on his toe.

Li Xian simply sat up from his awkward position and blankly stared at the cave location where he woke up from. That kick from that big guy finally shattered whatever illusions Li Xian was holding onto.

He knows he has been transmigrated to somewhere who knows. He doesn even know whether he is still on the same earth or has been delivered to some other cultivation worlds.

”But why me??? I can accept this! Its unacceptable for me. ”

Li Xian screamed, lifting his head up and looking at the cave top as though he were complaining about it to the sky.

That scream came from the depth of his soul, as he really doesn want to transmigrate here, which instantly frightened the second guy and the kid, who had just come to check on him.

He has a loving family, and his parents worked very hard from a young age since they were married to give him and his sister a better education and a better quality of life. They always supported him and his sister in anything that came their way.

His sister is the most beloved person in their family, she is also about to complete her graduation year.

She studied very hard, just like her brother, whom she took as her role model. Their family is one very sweet family that is just about to bear the fruits of all their hard work.

Li Xian got a pretty decent job that will give him around thirty thousand yuan a month, even as a fresh joiner. After one year, that salary will get even better, not to mention his sister, who is also a good student and can get jobs in many good corporate companies pretty easily.

Not to mention his devoted girlfriend… Xia Lan, who has been in love with him for around 8 years, since their high school days. They decided to get married once both of them got jobs.

And just as his life was about to take a good turn, this thing that happened to him completely turned his life upside down. That is the reason Li Xian felt it unacceptable, as he was never the guy who required or dreamed of these transmigration thingies.

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