I have a pact with the ghost

Chapter 5 The Stopped Clock

”Darling, why did you open your eyes? ” the womans voice came from the side. ”Do you know how long it took me to stick them together? ”

Chu Ping felt that something touched his cheek, and the cold feeling spread all over his body instantly.

”Don be afraid, dear, Im willing to spend more time in order to make you perfect. ”

The disheveled woman walked to Chu Ping, stroked his cheek, and said such gentle words to him.

Its just that no matter how gentle these words are, they feel so terrifying when they fall into Chu Pings ears.

The womans slender fingers touched Chu Pings eyes lightly, strands of blood spread out from her fingertips, and then inserted deeply into Chu Pings eyes.

Chu Pings world was dyed red with blood, and he couldn see everything in front of him at all. He just felt that the figure in front of him should be that woman, and then he felt that something was about to come in through his eyes.

Chu Ping tried hard to stop it. He didn want to fall into the darkness again. It was like an abyss. He placed his body there, surrounded by terror. For Chu Ping, it was hell.

Just as Chu Ping was struggling to resist the intrusion of the bloodshot in the womans hand, suddenly an aura full of despair came towards him.

In an instant, Chu Ping was enveloped in a blood mist, which was originally just a faint bloody smell, and suddenly became rich.

The bloodshot drilled from the womans fingers began to spread all over Chu Pings body. The head, body, and limbs were instantly wrapped in bloodshot, like a huge blood cocoon.

”Honey, don you want to be with me? ”

The womans voice came again, but this time, in addition to being cold, there was despair in her voice, as if it was Chu Pings choice just now, which hurt the other partys heart.

The huge despair condensed into a blood mist, circling around the blood cocoon formed by Chu Ping, and then kept clinging to it, forming a new blood cocoon again.

Chu Pings vision gradually became blurred, and the originally bloody world gradually turned into darkness.

”Am I going to die? ”

Chu Ping was still unwilling. He wanted to resist, but in front of that woman, he was like a lamb to be slaughtered, and he had no power to fight back.

In an instant, the blood cocoon formed by the blood mist completely devoured Chu Ping, and even the bloody world that followed turned into darkness. In Chu Pings world, only

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The next woman cried in despair.

Chu Ping woke up suddenly, the blood that had been swallowed up by the darkness was gone, replaced by a bright light.

The chandelier swayed overhead, reflecting Chu Pings shadow on the table.

Everything seemed so unreal.

”… ”

Chu Ping couldn believe that it turned out to be a dream just now, and it was still so real, he seemed uneasy.

”Is it really just a dream? ”

Chu Ping looked around, and he still remembered everything he had just experienced in his dream. When Chu Ping saw everything around him clearly, he finally breathed a sigh of relief.

This is my own home, familiar table, familiar chair, familiar light.

Chu Ping squeezed out a rare smile, but he didn expect that he would fall asleep lying on the table, and also had such a real and terrifying dream.

Chu Ping looked up at the time. The wall clock on the wall showed that the time was 11:58.

The surroundings were quiet, except for the ”tick-tock ” sound of the second hand on the wall clock.

”Its almost twelve oclock. Its time to go to bed. There are two more interviews tomorrow. I hope to meet a good boss. ”

Chu Ping was startled, and always felt that this sentence was a bit familiar, but he couldn remember where he said it.

Forget it, since I can remember it, I don want it anymore, lets go to sleep first.

Chu Ping got up from the chair a little tired, and then stretched deeply.

Glancing at the wall clock on the wall, the hour hand and minute hand coincided, just pointing in the direction of 12.

”Squeak- ”

A door in the room was pushed open gently.

Chu Ping was stupid there, he didn remember anyone else at home.

”Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you… ”

A birthday song came out from the hidden door, and the figure of a woman quietly walked in from the kitchen with a birthday cake in her hand.

The cake was covered with fruit, and in the middle there was a coloured jam-like thing with the words ”Happy Birthday ” written on it.

The four characters were filled with birthday candles, and the flickering candlelight reflected on the womans face.

The woman is very delicate, belongs to the category of beauty, tall, fair-skinned,

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