Chu Ping didn care about the complaint. After all, his usual performance in the company was also very good. Although his performance was not particularly outstanding, he was still better than the person who complained.

What Chu Ping didn expect was that the boss actually believed the kids nonsense and ordered Chu Ping to get out of bed if he dared to be late again.

This one is worth a thousand knives.

Chu Ping was already gnashing his teeth at this time. If he really went on like this, he would have to lose his job.

The crazy woman was having a great time, holding the pressure cooker in one hand, while the other hand gestured randomly.

She looks very scary now, her hair is messy, covering her face, she can see what she looks like at all, but her thin body makes everyone on the bus not expect that such a great power will erupt.

No one could get close to her at all.

Just when Chu Ping was still in the crowd lamenting todays misfortune, the voice of a mad woman came over.

”My daughter is dead, Im going to blow up this place and let you

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Some people were buried with them. ”

Huh, its really crazy.

Not to mention whether the pressure cooker in her hand can really explode, her current state of madness alone makes people shy away.

”Its true that the house leaks and it rains overnight. It looks like I really need to find another job. ”

Chu Ping didn pay attention to the ”crazy words ” that the crazy woman was there just now, and now his mind is all about how to deal with the next companys interview.

After all, this kind of reason for being late, anyone would feel a little magical and incredible.

”I can tell that Zhou Pipi that I was late because a lunatic robbed a bus… ”

At this moment, Chu Ping suddenly heard a ”bang ” sound, as if someone fell and hit the ground.

Chu Ping, who had been hiding behind the crowd and just waiting for the police to come and solve the problem, couldn help but be curious after hearing the voice, stuck his head out, and looked in the direction of the voice.

The crazy woman has been thrown to the ground by a man.

From Chu Pings point of view, he could only see the back of the man, but not the front face, but Chu Ping vaguely felt familiar with this back, but he couldn remember who it was.

Don think about things you can remember.

This was originally a motto of Chu Pings life.

After the crazy woman was thrown down by the man, she still held the pot tightly in her hand.

”You are all murderers, and you all have to die. ”

At this time, Chu Ping also completely saw the crazy womans appearance.

The womans face was pale and ill, her hair was messy, and it seemed that she hadn taken care of it for a long time. Everything really looked like a lunatic, but her eyes were a little different.

Those eyes were bloodshot, and only madness came out of them.

If it wasn for the crazy woman being thrown to the ground at this time, after seeing such eyes, Chu Pings first choice was to escape.

So scary, who knows what this lunatic can do.

At this time, the mad womans expression was as ferocious as that of an evil ghost who had just returned from hell, madly biting everything here, as if to turn this place into a sea of ​​blood and fall into hell together.

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