tle once the seal was lifted… But now, even a piece of bread the size of my palm would be a blessing.

Moreover, even if I managed to escape like this, nobody might remember me.

“But more than anything, I just want to eat meat.”

Sighing, I instinctively tapped into the reserves of the healing power within my exhausted body.

In turn, my energy was further depleted.

Grumble! A loud rumble echoed through my stomach, almost like a death sentence.

“Ugh, I’m starving to death.”

In the end, I stood up on the steps in front of the Demon King’s castle and made my way inside.
The castle was filled with countless traps, making it dangerous, but I was willing to explore further to see if there was any food available.

* * *

The Demon Castle was larger and more magnificent than ten ordinary school playgrounds combined.
It was filled with traps, requiring constant attention with each step taken.
Due to the repetitive structure that seemed copied and pasted, it was easy to get lost.

I sighed and cautiously took each step.
However, no matter how much I looked around, there was no sign of food anywhere.

“Well, even when conquering the Demon Castle, there weren’t any restaurants or kitchens.” 

It seemed like the Demon King could survive without eating.
But still, even for the sake of the visitors who came, shouldn’t there be something to eat?

“It’s a bit frustrating.”

After a couple of hours of exploration, I gave up.

“It’s too vast here!”

Vast… Vast… Vast…

My voice echoed like an echo.
The path ahead was even darker than the path I had walked.
It seemed pointless to continue walking.

As I let out a sigh, I noticed claw marks on the wall.
They were traces left by Hwang Tae-ja, one of the main characters, as he bypassed the traps in the Demon Castle.

“If I follow that, I’ll probably reach the place where the Demon King is sealed.”

Since I lost consciousness as soon as the Demon King cursed me, I had no idea what happened to the Demon King.
I could only speculate that the main characters had sealed the Demon King and left me behind.

“It might be a good idea to see what happened to the Demon King while I’m at it.”

Following the traces left behind, I soon arrived at the hall where the Demon King was sealed.
There, a man was floating in the air, with his body stretched out.

He was the Demon King who had tormented the world relentlessly.

The Demon King wasn’t even twitching; he didn’t even breathe.
He was sealed, not dead.

Thick chains, each as thick as an adult man’s torso, were blocking the Demon King from existing in this world.

“It’s more like sending him to another dimension than sealing.”

The Demon King doesn’t die.
As a being that exists at the beginning and end of the world, sealing was just a measure.

In other words, the Demon King was existing in a different dimension.
Only his soulless body was here.

“Anyway, that’s not important right now.”

I thoroughly searched around the sealed Demon King.

“He must have been bored being alone.
I wonder if he didn’t even eat a biscuit?”

I searched meticulously around the throne where the Demon King had been sitting, hoping to find some leftovers.

However, the floor was covered with sapphires, amethysts, diamonds, and other gems, but there was nothing edible.

“Ugh, can’t even eat anything.”

I nervously kicked the gems aside.
It would have been nice to have something to eat instead of these useless rocks.

“…Come to think of it, aren’t these all money?”

While living on the expedition, I didn’t need money and had forgotten about it.
The fact that this castle and the gems scattered in the forest had immense value in the outside world.

“If by any chance I can escape from the Demon Castle…”

I could live a life of leisure and indulgence!

“Oh, what a missed opportunity!”

If I received a curse and didn’t have any money, how miserable would I be? This was a perfect opportunity.

I immediately sat down on the floor and started collecting the gems in my sleeves.
In this unpredictable situation, I needed to secure at least one way to make a living.

As I diligently picked up the gems, I heard a rustling sound from behind.

“I hope the Demon King didn’t wake up because I took the gems.”

For some reason, I felt a shiver down my spine and cautiously turned my head.

Preparing to strike if necessary, I held a sharp sapphire in one hand.

And at that moment, a golden divine power spread like spiderwebs and swiftly grabbed my arm.

As the sapphire rolled on the floor, a man hidden in the shadows revealed himself.

With a pale complexion and golden hair cascading down to his waist, he wore a pristine white robe.
He was Adandito, one of the male leads and the representative of the gods in the original work.

Having spent three years together, I knew him very well, even his fake smile that he was wearing right now.

“That… seems like he’s ready to kill me if things go wrong.”

Just as I suspected, he smiled sweetly at me.

“How did you end up here? This is not a place where ordinary people can enter.
Lately, the dream realm has been in chaos, and… you’re not a demon, are you?”

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