Chapter 37: Isn’t that a bit too revealing?

She grabbed my hand —- the girl who called herself Yua Shiratori.
I was surprised by the fact that she suddenly grabbed my hand, and also by the fact that she suddenly said her name.

“H-hey, Yua! What’s wrong with you!”

The girl next to her says so to her …… , but Shiratori-san keeps staring at me as if she doesn’t hear her voice.
……What can I say, what kind of reaction should I give in such a case? I suppose I could have introduced myself normally, but I feel something horrible goggling behind me.

“Fufu, now, Towa-kun.
We’re going to go shopping for swimsuits now, so let’s hurry up, shall we?”

Her face had a smile, but her eyes didn’t.
Her gaze towards me was gentle, but whenever her eyes briefly shifted towards Shiratori-san, they became sharp.
What Ayana was saying was reasonable.
I gently let go of the hand holding Shiratori-san’s hand, using the opposite hand.


Shiratori-san’s sad expression and her voice, not that I am insensitive, I understand the meaning of her expression.
I don’t know if it was Towa’s perceptiveness or if I just felt it myself.

“Thank you so much! Come on, Yua!”

“……Thank you very much……!”

I waved my hand to the two of them as they bowed their heads, and I started walking with Ayana.
However, during that time, I continued to feel someone’s gaze on my back… Maybe it was just my imagination.

When we moved a certain distance away from the two, Ayana puffed up her cheeks and tightly held onto my arm.

“Towa-kun’s kindness is a good quality and a wonderful thing.
But you shouldn’t try to seduce other girls besides me!”

I didn’t intend to do that at all… But I didn’t want to turn a blind eye to that either.
Although Ayana herself said that, she quickly smiled and softened her expression.

“Well, I fell in love with Towa-kun because of that.
It’s tough to have a cool boyfriend, you know.”

“That’s true for me too.”

If I were to return the words just like that, it would mean that having such a beautiful girlfriend would be tough for me as well.
From now on, when Ayana grows even more, she will become even more beautiful.
I have a feeling that even if I’m there, there will be no shortage of people who will bother us.


I observed Ayana, who had her arms crossed and was looking around.
I’ve seen her hidden side in the game, and even spending time together like this, I realize that Ayana is truly a strong girl in many ways.
Of course, it’s not just that strength, but also her adorable side when she leans on me, that makes me captivated by her.


“…You know, Ayana.”

Being with Ayana has become a part of my daily life, but there are moments when I want to indulge in her affection.
With the preparations for the sports festival and especially the incident with Tachibana, she seemed a little tired.

“After we finish shopping today, you’re coming to my place, right?”

“That’s the plan.
What’s the matter?”

“Can I spoil you when we get home?”

It was meant as a joke… not really, but when I said that, Ayana made an amazing face and leaned in to look at my face.
I was slightly taken aback by her momentum, but Ayana murmured as if confirming the words I spoke.



After reaffirming, which felt embarrassing, Ayana had a radiant smile on her face.

“You don’t need to ask for that! I’m always by Towa-kun’s side, so you can spoil whenever you want!”

“I see.
Then, when we get home today, please allow me to do so.”

“By all means! Let’s quickly buy the swimsuit and go home right away!”

Even though the purpose was to buy swimsuits, it seemed that Ayana had already shifted her focus to going home.
The jealousy she had shown in our previous exchange was no longer there, and Ayana was genuinely enjoying the present moment.

Ayana pulled me along as we arrived at the swimsuit section of the store we had visited last year.
It had been a year since then, and I couldn’t really get used to this place… It was a bit bewildering for me to step into a women’s swimsuit section, even though Ayana was the one buying.
However, when I looked around, seeing other couples besides us put me somewhat at ease.

“Hmm, which one should I choose…”

While I was watching Ayana as she picked up and looked at the swimsuits, I felt a tap on my shoulder.


Naturally, anyone would be surprised if someone suddenly placed their hand on their shoulder.
When I quickly turned my gaze to the source, it was someone who was familiar to both Ayana and me in a way.

“Fufu, sorry if I startled you.”



Yes, there stood the student council president, Iori Honjo.
She seemed to be aware that she had surprised me as she stuck her tongue out.
Why was Iori here… I thought, but it didn’t seem like she had any other reason besides buying a swimsuit.
I mean, she already had that sexy black swimsuit… Wait, isn’t that basically just strings?

“Ara, Yukishiro-kun, are you interested in this swimsuit?”

I know there are such types, but I thought it was a bit… well…”

I honestly expressed my thoughts since there was no need to hide anything, and Iori widened her eyes.

“I’m surprised by how straightforwardly you analyzed it… Last year, Shu-kun blushed so hard.”

Heh, so she came to buy swimsuits with Shu last year.
I wasn’t aware of those details, and since it’s Shu’s personal matter, I didn’t feel the need to ask.
Well, in the game, there wasn’t even a flashback scene about that, I believe.
It feels quite fresh to hear about it now.

“Senpai, this swimsuit is a bit too revealing, isn’t it?”

“I-im joking! I’m not actually buying it! I was just curious to see your reaction because I saw a familiar face!”

 Ayana’s eyes narrowed at Iori’s words.

“So you mean to say that you had some intention to seduce Towa-kun?

“I told you, I had no such intention! …… Hey Otonashi-san, can you stop that eye? You have eyes that could kill a normal person, you know?”

While I chuckled at the exchange between the two of them, I glanced around the area.
There were various types of swimsuits available… Hmm, last year, Ayana wore a white swimsuit, which was the complete opposite of her black hair.
White isn’t tainted by any color and gives off a pure and beautiful image.
But if I may say so, I think any color would suit her.

While listening to their conversation, I turned my eyes to a mirror that happened to be nearby.
The mirror reflects me, Ayana, and Iori… even though it’s supposed to be just a mirror, I couldn’t believe my eyes for a moment.


It really is a moment.
For a brief moment, I thought I saw a change in the two people who were talking happily.
I thought I saw Iori, who was covered in white liquid, and Ayana, who was wearing a hood and looking down at Iori, …….

“……What was that”

 I rubbed my eyes as I spoke out loud and saw that the scene was no longer visible and they were talking happily.



They seemed to think I was acting strangely and called out to me.
I shook my head and said it was nothing.
Iori and I talked for a while and then parted ways.
Ayana had already decided on a swimsuit.

“Last year I wore white, but this year I’m going for black.
I think it’s cute with the frills.”

“I think it’s great.
It’s mature and suits you, just like Ayana—”

Before I could finish my sentence, a voice slipped into my mind as if sliding in smoothly.

[Sounds fun.]


Startled, I turned around.

Naturally, there was no one behind me.
There were only a few customers in the vicinity, and no one had spoken to me.
What was that voice just now?

“Towa-kun? Are you okay?”


Am I tired, perhaps? It wouldn’t be good to worry Ayana when we’re out shopping together.
I shook my head slightly and put on a smile.

“I’ve been busy lately… Maybe I’m just tired after all.”

“Fufu, in that case, as Towa-kun said earlier, we should go home early and let you take care of me.”

“…You remembered?”

“Of course.
I am your girlfriend, after all!”

With confidence and a sway of her ample chest, Ayana said so.

After that, Ayana went into the fitting room and tried on the swimsuit she had picked.
Well, let me just say one thing—it looked amazing.

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