“Well then, let’s eat!”

 Under Mom’s command, the shabu-shabu party with Ayana and Seina-san began.
I think looking at the plentiful amount of meat and other ingredients, it looks like she went through quite a bit of it.

“Well, it looks delicious, so I’ll eat it without reservation.”

“I guess so.
It’s not so bad on a day like this.”

 Now, I wondered where the sesame sauce was.

 My mom and dad like ponzu, but I prefer sesame sauce.
So I was looking for it, but it was an unexpected person who noticed and handed it to me.

“Do you like sesame sauce, Towa?”

“Oh, yes, that’s right.”


“Thank you.”

Seina-san smiled and handed me the sesame sauce.
I was indeed looking for it, but I didn’t say it out loud, so I was surprised that she noticed it.

“Ara, how could you have known?”

“…… I’m surprised myself, but I’m a little convinced.”


 Mom tilted her head as if she didn’t understand the meaning of Seina-san’s words, but rest assured, I don’t understand either.

“What is it?”

“I wonder what it is.
now come on, Towa-kun, here’s your meat~!”

 Yes, it’s such a feast, it would be a waste if I don’t eat a lot.

 Usually Mom drinks beer at dinner, but she didn’t today because she had to bring Ayana and Seina-san home.
I guess it’s not fashionable to drink and drive, right?

“Even so, it was sudden.
Did my mother do something reckless, Seina-san…..
and is that why it turned out like this?”

“Yeah, she raised her voice and grabbed my shoulder tightly.
I thought my lifespan would shorten.”


“Hahaha, well, never mind.
Like I said earlier, it’s a good opportunity.”

 Then Mom put down her chopsticks and turned her gaze to Seina-san.
Seina-san also put down her chopsticks and turned to face Mom’s gaze.
Ayana and I were watching them and crunching away at our meal.

“To be honest, just because Towa forgave you doesn’t mean I forgive you.
As this child’s mother, I thought about killing you both when you dealt the final blow to him when he was most hurt…”

Mother’s eyes were serious.
Even though she wasn’t looking directly at her, there was a slight chill down her spine.
I stopped eating while sitting next to Ayana.
Her body was shaking a little.


“It’s a difficult situation to deal with during a meal.
But, it might be a good opportunity.”

We’ve been together as mother and son for a long time.
So, I can understand why Mom is not angry right now, and why she’s trying to reconcile with Seina-san.
Seina-san didn’t argue back and just sincerely received Mom’s words.

“I still can’t fully accept it.
But, I think I have to make an effort.
My cute son has already overcome it, so I have to overcome it too.”

Mother said that with a smile.
Her dangerous words and serious eyes subsided, and the usual mother was there.
Ayana and I relaxed and our cheeks softened, but Seina-san still didn’t show any change in expression.
Seina-san spoke.

“What I did to him was something that I can’t forgive, I just said those words because I didn’t like him.
As you said, no matter what he does to me, I can’t complain… As someone who has a daughter, I should have understood your feelings painfully.”

Maybe Seina-san is now thinking of herself and as mother’s positions interchangeably.
If perhaps it was Ayana who was in the accident,……, even though she was treated wrongly, she is still her daughter whom she adores ……, it must be hard for her to be like that.

“I am so sorry for what I have done to you and Towa.
I don’t expect you to forgive me by bowing my head, but please let me apologize ……I’m really sorry.”

Seina-san bowed her head like that, and I was only the center of the conversation.
So I almost open my mouth to say that she doesn’t have to go that far,……, but she does.
The conversation between me and Seina-san is already over, now it’s a discussion between the two parents.

Mom looked at Seina-san, who lowered her head, and then gave a small smile.

“I accept.
As Towa’s mother, I now firmly accept your apology.”

Seina-san’s body trembled.

 She made a gesture like biting her lip,……, but I guess Seina-san had been concerned about it for a long time.
When she talked to me, Seina-san was crying as if she regretted it.
As a mother, I think she may have finally been freed from the fence by being forgiven by my mom.


 When I looked up, Seina-san was still crying.

 Her neat face, similar to Ayana’s, was crumpled and her good looks were a bit ruined, but I had some words I wanted to say to her again.

” It’s all right with me.
Mom forgave you and I talked to you at your house.
So …… it’s okay now.”

When I told her this, Seina-san seemed to have reached the end of her patience.
Ayana goes to her side and gently rubs her back while handing her a handkerchief.
Not only Seina-san, but also Ayana’s attitude toward her mother brought me peace of mind.

“Well then! Come on, it’s a shabu-shabu, so don’t eat with your runny nose! “

“Well, it’s all because Mom made it this way!”


I slapped her back firmly.
Then I wait for a while for Seina-san to calm down before we resume our meal.
Since Mom is driving, Seina-san is offered beer and reluctantly drinks it.
I had a feeling that she wasn’t good with alcohol, and my prediction turned out to be right on the mark.

“Do you want tofu, Towa-kun?”


“Oh, the meat is ready again.”

While I eat happily together with Ayana, Mom and Seina-san are also having a good time.

“You are such a barbarian! But… you are a really good kid!!”

“…..ahaha…uhm, thank you?”

Mom is really drunk.

“I’ve never seen my mother like this.
She doesn’t drink much at home either.”

“….I’m not even sure she’s the same person anymore.”

Seina-san, with a fixed gaze, looks at me and Ayana, then suddenly stands up and comes over to hug me tightly.


Ayana and I shudder involuntarily as Seina-san embraces us tightly.

“Towa-kun, I’m really a terrible woman… I did such terrible things to you…!”

Aah… we’re back to square one.

“Mom, please don’t cling to Towa-kun like that!!”

Ayana said that and tried to pull Seina-san away with a strange sense of defiance… or rather, she’s quite strong.
Even though she feels the sensation of bigger breasts than Ayana’s due to being hugged tightly, she doesn’t feel too happy because the smell of alcohol is so strong that it cancels out the sweet perfume-like scent.

“Hey! Don’t take my son away!”

My mother joined in and hugged me from behind… what is this?

With Ayana’s mother hugging me from the front and my own mother hugging me from behind, this situation… Ayana, help me.

“You two are going to transfer your old age smell to Towa-kun!!”

At that moment, time stopped.

The two mothers froze as if they had received judgment from God, and then spoke weakly.

“…Yeah, that’s right.
We’re already old, haha.”

“Old age smell… right.
We’re just old hags trying to cover it up with perfume, right?”

Seeing the two broken like a broken clock laughing with ahaha, Ayana snorted and thought… is this hell?

“Ayana, what you just said is a bit too much—-“

“For the sake of getting Towa-kun back, some sacrifices are necessary.”


You know, maybe Ayana is the biggest demon here.

 And so the sudden shabu-shabu party came to an end.
Ayana and I hugged each other when we parted, and for some reason Seina-san hugged me too, and my mother drove them home.

 After taking a bath and watching TV, Mom came home and was sniffing her own body.

“What’s wrong?”

“Hey Towa, do I smell that bad?”

“…..Were you worried about that?”

It’s okay, she smells great.
I wondered if I should tell my own mother this, but she smiled and skipped off to the bathroom.
…… Haa, I’m exhausted.

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