voluntarily as Ilvis said it so seriously.
He was certainly not wrong, but I couldn't help feeling oddly dissatisfied


“Then let's start by addressing each other informally.”


“Why are you making more demands so casually?”


“Should we call each other by our titles as lovers then?”


Even though I was sitting and he was taller, he looked up at me with upturned eyes.
It was a gesture that suited him well, and it was envy-inducing that he had such a handsome face.


“Uh… okay, okay, I understand! But it's difficult to call someone by their first name all of a sudden, so please let me use an honorific at least.”


“Well… alright.
It's better to gradually close the distance, right?”


I breathed a sigh of relief as Ilvis finally backed off.
I felt a sense of familiarity with him after yesterday's conversation, and I had been calling him by his first name in my head, but I didn't have the courage to say it out loud.


Come to think of it, why was Ilvis so willing to help me?


He said he wanted advice on love last night, but I don't think he needs advice from me.
Even if he did, it didn't seem to be in his best interest.
The stakes weren't balanced.


“Why are you being so cooperative, Ilvis-sama? I'm indebted to you, but you don't seem to gain anything from this.”


“Well, I wonder about that.”


Ilvis responded to my question with a smile.
I was mesmerized by his smile and forgot to speak, causing him to deepen his smile even more.


“By the way…”




“You seem to look at my face often.
Does it suit your taste?”


As he said that, Ilvis leaned forward a little and peered at me from below.
I'd had enough of the handsome overload, and my eyes hurt.


“Of course it does! I mean, it's just too wonderful!”


“Even compared to your fiancé?”


“It's presumptuous to compare you both! Besides, he's not even close!”


Ilvis had been looking at me intently while closing the distance between us, but he seemed satisfied with my response and left with a radiant smile.

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My fiancé was decent-looking for a nobleman, but Ilvis, on the other hand, was much more perfect than any painting or sculpture.


There was still a huge gap between their looks, like heaven and earth, but their personalities were so different that they couldn't be compared.


“Well, that's good to hear.”


Ilvis seemed happy about my response, but the topic had completely changed.

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