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“Excuse me, what did you say?”


Did I mishear her due to my headache? It felt like my mother just said something outrageous.


“You have a fiancé! It's unthinkable for you to seduce the Duke! Oh, William has finally said that he'll marry you, but you're doing this at a time like this… There is no way that the duke, who is famous for his misogyny, would take you as a partner!”


My mother's hysteria did not stop.


I wanted to say many things, such as “Is it okay for the younger sister to sleep with her older sister's fiancé?” or “Why do you assume that I seduced him?”, but I couldn't organize my thoughts.

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the Duke? That Duke?)


There were four Dukes in this country, but with the exception of one, they were all middle-aged men or women who had families.
Moreover, didn't my mother say “famous misogynist?”


(The misogynistic Duke who is still unmarried…
there's no doubt about it.)


Even I, who was blinded by my engagement, knew who that famous person was.


But why would such a person come up in this situation? I had no memory of interacting with him while conscious, so if there was a possibility, it must have been after I fell asleep.


But I fell asleep in the carriage.


Although the Duke could stop another carriage, I didn't think he would do such a thing just to bring me home since we didn't have any acquaintances.
However, there was even less possibility of my mother lying.


…Not acquainted with each other?


Come to think of it, the Duke's name was __________.


“If William doesn't marry you, this house would be gone!”


I was shaken so vigorously that I was overwhelmed by nausea.
My thoughts were interrupted, and I pushed my mother's hand away, waiting for my headache to subside.


I was about to remember something, but I was disturbed.


“Amalia! What are you doing? What kind of attitude is that?”


“Madam! The Duke has arrived!”

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