thinking hard about it, acted as if he was embarrassed.


“Oh come on, you suddenly have an opinion for me…
What's wrong with your usual calm and obedient self?”


I tried to ignore him, but I felt a twinge in his words that interrupted my train of thought.
Let's put my doubts to the test.


“Always calm and obedient…
Are you implying that I'm submissive and will do anything you say?”


“W-What are you talking about!? Th-There's no way I would possibly think that!!”


I see.


In other words, my fiancé had been restraining me all this time just to show that he was in a position of superiority to me.
And that was all.

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“You're really flustered, aren't you? You didn't get this worked up even when you were caught sleeping with my sister.
Is that because it hit the nail on the head?”


The sight of my fiancé trying to explain himself by making things up was so pathetic that I couldn't help but laugh.
But above all, I found myself laughing at the fact that I had been so concerned about his behavior up until now.


My fiancé's face turned red with anger at my attitude.


“When Olivia came to me crying yesterday, saying that you were flirting with another man, I thought it was just a joke to get my attention.
But I hadn't seen your face for a while, so I thought it was a good opportunity to come and check on you.”


“I can't believe you came all the way here this early in the morning.”


Why did my sister and my fiancé both put their actions on the shelf and talk about me like I was the bad one? How could they behave as though they were the victims? I wondered how I could possibly lower myself to behave like that.


“Enough! But this makes it clear.
If there was nothing going on, you wouldn't be acting like this toward me!”


“Yes, yes! That's right.
As expected of you, William-sama! Now you believe what I said, don't you?”


Just as my fiancé began to express his emotions without any prompt from someone else, my sister appeared, her high-pitched voice echoing throughout the mansion.

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