a quick pace.
As I slowly descended the stairs, trying not to trip in my unfamiliar heels, I felt, for whatever reason, that the first floor was unusually noisy.


(…Is everyone getting ready for breakfast?)


The quality of our family's meals changed dramatically depending on my mother's mood.
Since I couldn't believe that my mother was in a good mood this morning, I expected the preparations to be progressing silently.

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Peeking into the Great Hall where breakfast was being prepared, with suspicion, I saw someone sitting there who I couldn't believe.


long time no see, Amalia.
Um, how are you doing?”


The person who weakly spoke while his eyes wandered was my fiance, William Worcester, whom I couldn't forget in this short period of time.
He was sitting at our family's dining table for some reason.
My fleeting feelings of fluffiness quickly disappeared, replaced by anger.


I mean, I didn't want him to be so apologetic.
Of course, it would be awkward since he cheated on me, but if he even felt any sense of guilt, he shouldn't have cheated in the first place.


Since I couldn't possibly just hit the third son of a Marquis, I forced a polite smile while suppressing my disgust.


“Good morning.
What business brings you here at this hour today?”


“Well, actually…
Olivia came by yesterday.”


My fiance stumbled over his words, avoiding my gaze by averting his dark brown eyes.
I seriously considered grabbing his collar and slapping him for what he just said.
What on earth did he mean by that?


“I see.
If you had business with Olivia today, then I have nothing to do with it, so I'll take my leave.”


“Oh, wait a minute! What are you wearing?”


Finally looking at me, my fiance forgot what he wanted to say and instead commented on my outfit.
He had been weak and hesitant just moments ago, but now he was glaring at me with lifted eyes.


Usually, I would turn pale and hurriedly change my clothes, trying to please him.
But now, I realized that I no longer needed to cater to someone like him.


Putting on a smile I thought was the best could offer, I gave him a small smile.

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