didn't even remember the face of a single servant.


So that's why nothing had been discovered until now.


“That's certainly a good idea!”


“Olivia-sama has a lot of outfits, so I don't think she knows everything.
I'll sneakily put it in later.”


The efficient maids immediately understood what I wanted to say and quickly gathered the dresses given by my fiancé.


As there were only six dresses, the task was quickly completed.
The two of them happily started preparing again after choosing their outfits.


“But seriously, what kind of change in mindset is this? I never thought I would hear such words from Amalia-sama!”


“What are you talking about, Emma? It's no doubt thanks to Duke Lambert.
Didn't you see how he was yesterday?”

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“Indeed! He's completely different from William! I couldn't say it before, but I didn't think that spineless guy could make the young lady happy!”


Emma proceeded with the preparations efficiently, though she was visibly expressing her anger.
Each time she spoke, I regretted why I had ever liked him for real.


Wait, did he occasionally look at my sister from before? I really wanted to get more details about that.


“Anyway, have you seen Lady Olivia's face?”


“Olivia's face?”


“The young lady was sound asleep yesterday, so you probably don't know, but she was causing a big commotion after the duke left.”


“All the servants were chasing after her, so they couldn't even deliver her dinner.”


I see, so that's why no one tried to wake me up.
According to the story, there was no one to stop her during the daytime because Mother wasn't there.


All the furnishings in the room that Ilvis and I used were apparently smashed to pieces.
I wonder how she went on a rampage like that.


“Come to think of it, she calmed down after going wild and then went out somewhere.”


“She got on a carriage with the family crest, so she might have gone to some nobleman's mansion.”


“To a nobleman's mansion? Without any prior notice?”


Even Ilvis, a duke, sent a letter to his servant before coming.
It was strange for my sister to make such a breach of etiquette to visit someone's house without prior notice.


“She came back before dinner, which is unusual, and seemed quite satisfied.”


“She spent all night choosing a dress, so maybe she's going out with some young man.”


My sister? At this timing…?


Certainly, that was not an unnatural action for my usual sister.


However, there was no way my sister would go somewhere when she knew Ilvis was coming.
Especially after causing such a commotion last night.


(She must be up to something.)


With a bad premonition, I asked Emma and the others to speed up the preparations.

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