iness gone with the wind.

Besides that, I noticed that while I’m filled in the form, the characters from this world were translated into Japanese in my head at the same time.

It feels like I’m not writing Japanese characters, but perhaps that’d be how it converts the language for the other parties involved?

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Upon arriving at the library to find a book to read, I found the book I’d been reading earlier and picked up from where I’d left off.

Apparently the more experienced soldiers take turns keeping watch.
As I was reading, the personnel keeping watch shifted.
They were quite surprised to see me sitting there.

The next soldier who came by for guard duty liked card games.
He poked fun at me for reading in my off-time, and laid out a deck of cards.

I’m not entirely sure what the cards represented, but I felt like the game had similarities to something like UNO.

I learned some of the basics of the game from him, and we played a few games.
Then, he smiled, brightening up a bit.

In between breaks, I managed to finish the book I was reading.

After returning the book to its shelf, I headed off back to my bunk, feeling adequately tired and worried that I’d crammed too much into my head within a short span of time.

And then, some time later……

“Recruits, up and at ’em!”

Before the sun had even risen, a superior officer yelled loudly into the barracks as we slept.
It was super loud.

Startled by the noise, everyone leapt up, sleepiness still written all over their faces.

“It’s time for morning drills! All of you! Grab your packs and run 20 laps around the yard!”

Wow, this is rough.
No problems on my end though, since I woke up beforehand.

The laps began rather easily, as if everyone had recovered as fully as I had.

…This skill really is amazing.
I thought back to the first day, and how the hell I’d experienced would only be the beginning.

Phew… It’s taxing, but after some time to rest, the fatigue blows right off of me.
Something like the same energy an elementary school kid has? Even more than that.

My stamina doesn’t hold out for long, but recovers in no time flat after resting for a few moments.

After spending the morning panting heavily while running 20 laps, we were forced to clean the barracks until nary a spot remained… Finally, we move onto breakfast.

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The meal consisted of extremely tough bread and a strange soup.
Then, we were moved to a classroom to study.

“What you’ll be learning today are the basics of Lerarian military affairs.
and the disposition of a soldier! Repeat after me, one-by-one!”

…The feeling of being forced to memorize and then recite the country’s laws really sold home the feeling of being in another world.

Ah, Brute’s only making noises.
I’ve no idea whether it’s some sort of dialect, but even the officers have given up on him.

Understanding the languages of this world seems to be a skill only otherworlders, such as myself, possess.

If I were to allocate more points into the skill, would I be able to understand Brute?

“Stamina Recovery UP… Listen up, this is a skill that isn’t necessary, meaning, you don’t have to take it! By training here, you will eventually learn it without needing to spend any points!”

I didn’t know you could learn a skill without needing to allocate points at a terminal!
Maybe he knows the requirements needed to automatically acquire a skill?


“What is it, Trainee Totsuka?”

“Sir, this recruit wishes to know the conditions to automatically acquire a skill! This recruit is not well educated in the matter…”

Good question.
Receiving Stamina Recovery UP, for those who have yet to acquire the first level, is different for those who have already learned it.
Each race has a different requirement, but in the case of the Human race, being around level 20 and three months of training should fulfill said conditions.”

……I see.
I’m only level 1, so learning the skill would’ve been a way’s off.
No harm no foul in picking up the skill then.

It’s simply too difficult for me to train without it at the moment.

“Thank you, Sir!”

“Moving on.
As the level of your skill improves, so will its effects! Your stamina recovery will drastically rise, and you’ll even gain some great skills along the way!”

I get it already!
It couldn’t be helped at the time, I needed to clear away my fatigue somehow.

The only thing I had to help was controlled breathing, so from my point of view, it’s useful.

I silently grumbled to myself as the class went on.

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