eant, did I?

As I became cognizantly aware of it, a burst of energy seeped into my every pore, like lightning!


Almost as if I had an endless well of stamina, I finished the exercise without running out of breath even once.

My surroundings, though, felt sluggish to me.

Woah, that’s useful! I must’ve triggered something somehow.

“Recruit, Yukikazu… pass.”

I’d even managed to impress the higher ranks.

Huh, is this an effect of being from another world?
This is the first time since I arrived here that I’ve felt a fantasy-like vibe.

As for Brute… He followed along leisurely, keeping pace.
He’s actually pretty fast, huh?

Afterwards, we were made to serve our own meals.
…The food is atrociously bad!

The food I’d eaten thus far at the inn had been decent, so I’d assumed meals in this world weren’t too bad.
I was absolutely wrong.
It seriously blows.

Each of my comrades wore the same, sullen expression.

Like… what is this weird, blue-slimey stuff?
At this rate I’m going to throw up.

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Everybody else is eating it, so I endured the torture and shoveled it down.

Regarding just now, once the L-Charge effect wore off, the strength I’d felt throughout my body vanished and my legs became mush.

It feels like my body is screaming at me.

I know this isn’t a game, but… shouldn’t I hurry and try to gain some levels?
A sense of urgency compelled me, but then came our allotted free-time.

Apparently, we’re allowed to do whatever we wish during this time, so long as we’re back by lights-out.

Various facilities exist in the boot camp area.

In all likelihood, it’s related to the process of becoming an adventurer.

Innumerable lounges, libraries and training rooms are sprawl across the campus.

Stepping up to a terminal, I begin using it.

Yukikazu Totsuka

Level: 1

Rate of Erosion: 0.93%

Otherworld Language Comprehension (1), No: L-Charge

Skill Points: 10

The rate of erosion was only 0.09% yesterday!

No doubt! This L-Charge thing made it shoot up!

I don’t even know what these mysterious numbers mean!

They said it was a byproduct of atmospheric incompatibility unique to otherworlders back at the castle!
Why would L-Charge increase it?

For now, I’ll hold off on using it as much as possible.
I became too complacent from that fantasy-like feeling, what a farce.
From now on, if I intend to use it, the situation has to be dire.

Now then… First impressions based on the day I’ve spent here.
I… am far too weak.

They’d told us that summoned individuals are much stronger in comparison to the natives, but now I’m extremely skeptical.
Rather than that, I should look more into these “Skill Points”.

If I recall correctly, tomorrow we’ll be sitting inside of a classroom, but… right now, I need something to take the edge off.

The muscle fatigue I’m currently experiencing is going to leave me nigh immobile tomorrow.

Isn’t there anything convenient?

“Oh? There’s some good entries in here.”

Otherworld Written Language Translation… Step, Tackle… Mana Recovery UP, Eagle Eye… Owl Eye… Oh, wow.

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There’s so many, I’m not sure what to go with.

I have a bit of experience with online games… Would that be applicable here?

Regardless, ugh… This isn’t a easy decision to make.

Based on my status, my stamina’s looking dangerously low.
Isn’t there anything else… ah, here we go!

Stamina Recovery UP.
Prerequisite Conditions; Clear.

So, I’ve learned that so long as you’ve cleared some prior requirement, you can use points to acquire the skill.
I’ll use one point and attempt to learn Stamina Recovery UP.

A glowing light wrapped around my body and then… I didn’t feel any different in particular.

Yukikazu Totsuka

Level: 1

Rate of Erosion: 0.93%

Otherworld Language Comprehension (1), No: L-Charge,
Stamina Recovery UP (1)

Skill Points: 9

I suppose I’ve learned a new skill, but… I can’t feel any tangible differences.

No helping it then, I’ll allocate a few more points to Stamina Recovery UP.

Afterwards, my Stamina Recovery UP was increased to (4).
Based on what I’ve seen so far, 1 rank equates to 1 skill point?

Oh? It feels like the time I drank one of my Dad’s expensive, highly-nutritional energy drinks.

My body feels slightly lighter than earlier… I think.

Taking a look at the stamina numbers on my status, I can see they’re gradually increasing.

Mhm… Next up… I’ve come across more than a few difficulties while being here, but illiteracy has been by far the worst.
Are there any skills in here that could help with that?

I glossed over something called ‘Otherworld Written Language Translation’, so I’ll try allocating a point into that.
Upon doing so, an item with the letters of the Lerarian alphabet appeared, and I became able to read the script by using said item.

Pretty convenient.

That leaves me with 5 skill points… I’ll leave them be for now, just in case something goes awry down the line and I need them.

Just to make sure… Sword, Axe and other weapon skills exist too.
Magic is… not on here? I don’t see it anywhere.

1: Using the Katakana “ブルトクレス / Bu-ru-to-ku-re-su”.
The Japanese method of pronouncing Heracles is “ヘラクレス / He-ra-ku-re-su” so I’m assuming this was the author’s intent.
2: Basing “ブルト” to be “Brute” based on the previous footnote.

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