As if lost for words, the receptionist looked up at Fujihira blankly.

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Then, someone who looked like they had some authority appeared from the back, put his hand on the receptionist’s shoulder, and gestured that he’d handle the situation.

Did it work?
As he noticed the rest of us, the boss-looking man called us over.

“Welcome to Leraria’s Adventurer’s Guild.
I can see you’re interested in joining our ranks, but I need to know whether or not you know what an adventurer is first.”

His manner of phrasing felt more like he knew what our game was, moreso that experience dealing with people.

“Of course I do.”

“Stop talking, Fujihira.”

We get that you get it.
That doesn’t mean we do.
What’s more, we can’t discredit the idea that you were wrong about all this when we account for everything that’s happened.
Then, a classmate nudged me with his elbow.

Please let me know if there is any mistake in your knowledge to confirm it.
“You idiots.
You’ll never make like that, you know?

“Ahem- There may be a few holes in how we remember it, so please help us fill in the details.”

“Heh, morons.
You honestly expect to survive when you’re like that?”

Fujihira glances over at us, with that annoyingly smug look on his face.
The man in charge smiled in response to my reply, and handed over a document… Drawn with imagery, so that even a moron could understand.

“For starters, think of an ‘Adventurer’ as a blanket term for a contractor who undertakes work outsourced by the state.
Adventurers are necessary when explorations are needed, monsters require slaying, and is a profession where one isn’t tied down by those who are making the requests.”

The concept of “freedom” mixed with the bulletin boards surrounding us had me convinced.

“Work is received from all over the country, and Adventurers are paid upon fulfilling requests based on their ranking within the organization.
The Guild pays the Adventurers for the work they put in.”

Fujihira doesn’t pay attention at all, completely disinterested.
I wish he’d listen.

“Clients may request a variety of jobs, for example; procuring items, subjugations, surveying and such related matters, etc.”


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“Also, as an Adventurer, you will receive significant discounts to accommodations, resupplies, tools and the like.
Additionally, we also offer services for procuring goods.”

Oh, wow, that’s a good system.
There was that part about receiving a discount when searching for lodgings too… Mhm, mhm.
It’d be hard to maintain a freelance-style of work otherwise.

“As for what’s left, there’s the entry permits for entering dungeons, and other dangerous areas.
I could delve deeper into it, but…”

The man had a slight smile on his lips, I wonder why?

“I first have to ask each you, do you know the process for becoming an adventurer?”

“After you’ve been judged whether or not you’re competent, you’re in.”

Fujihira pipes up, clearly bored of all this.

Stop acting so smugly about being right.
The man in charge looked over at Fujihira, with a hint of contempt and pity in his eyes.

“I’m sorry, but you’ve made a mistake…”


Fujihira’s eyebrows shot up, filled with rage at the unexpected answer.
It’s way too easy to rile him up.

Being unable to rely on Fujihira, my classmates each stepped further away from him.
Well, the current gist of it is that the dumbass misinterpreted everything.

I’m sorry to say it, but he’ll need to keep quiet.
All he does is make the situation worse.

“First, there’s the matter of proof of identity.
This can acquired in multiple ways, such as from a Noble, or another, high-ranking adventurer.”

It’s the same as back home… I’m not sure if we can manage that.

“Does this country have a system in place to register individuals at birth, or privately?”

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“I’m not entirely sure what you mean by that, but Leraria doesn’t maintain such a strict system over its entire populace.”

“What do you mean?”

“As I brought up earlier, most referrals come from those with influence, power, donators and so forth.”

Meaning, there’s no family register to work with, instead you need connections to someone influential.
Would somebody from the castle act as our guarantor?

“You’re kiddingー”

Fujihira, steaming angry for some reason, interrupts.

“What’s with that? Why is ‘proof of identity’ needed?”

“Let’s say there’s a dungeon, and said dungeon has dangerous monsters lurking inside.
What do you think would happen if someone without any identification walked in randomly?”

“Sounds risky.”

First thing’s first, the people who go in would find themselves in mortal danger.
Based on the assumption they could somehow navigate through that danger, and find treasure within… what happens next? Consider who the land belongs to, like a nobleman who keeps the peace.”

While it’s inapplicable to the laws from back home… it sounds like…


“That’s right.
Treasure hunters, by law, must prove that they are both a citizen of the country, and that they are allowed to possess the items they possess, either selling or what they’ve already bought.”

“The number of thieves delving into dungeons illegally is endless, but that does not detract from the rules put in place.”

The dungeon still has an owner, even if the land hasn’t been developed.
So, to properly qualify… you need proof.

“Also… There’s something even more dangerous.
Do you know what it is?”

I feel as if I’m listening to a lecture.
Still, based on what he just said…

“The dungeons may have dangerous monsters inside of them.
If they managed to get out, it’d be a problem, right?”

“Exactly so.
We can’t rely on those who enter the dungeon who haven’t earned our trust.
As such, it became a requirement that you must be able to prove your identity.”

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I see… I can’t deny anything he said.

Entering dungeons in a video game is just part and parcel of the experience, you go in, find treasure and bring it back.
If you stop and actually think about it, you’re actually stealing.

What’s more, if you happened to die to to the boss who you released from their captivity, it’d be even more absurd.

There’s no ‘returning to a save point’.

If it’s only you dying, that’s fine.
But, what about all of the nearby villages and towns who have to deal with the aftermath?

All that would come from it would be avoidable damages.

“For those who plan to attempt dungeons, it’s prudent to notify the guild so that rescue teams may be dispatched in the event of an unfavorable situation, or if the expected return date has been exceeded.”

Yeah, that’s a pretty solid system.

“Then, we-“

As for now, we should be able to visit the castle… and gain some proof of identity.
At the very least.
They asked us to participate in dungeon explorations anyway.

“Also… Regardless of whether or not you can prove your identity, you must all serve two years of military service beforehand, which will allow you to serve and gain the trust of your country.”

“If you can provide proof of identity, only 2 years is necessary.
If you can’t, it’s around 4 years.
Depending on the the service provided, the amount of time may differ, but…”

“So you’re saying it’ll take roughly two years to become an adventurer?”

“There are others ways you can go about it, but in general, yes.
Earning achievements while enlisted will greatly affect your standing once you become an adventurer.”

So, if you work hard for the country, you can receive a higher rank when applying and being approved as an adventurer, as you are proven to be trustworthy, and can also fight.

“You have other options, like acting as an understudy for another adventurer, and it’s not as if there aren’t other methods, but….”


Fujihira yelled again!

“Top Ten Otherworldy Pitfalls! Weird, original systems! That’s just temp work! Quit fucking with me!”

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Shut up already! Bring back the Fujihira from a few minutes ago.

“Adventurers are more often that not expendable resources! That’s why it’s done the same day! Naturally the weak should be weeded out! How can you not comprehend that!?”

Who are you even arguing with?
I’ve thought this for a while now, but everything going through his head is based on manga or novel templates.

No doubt about it.

I don’t want to start throwing terms around, but don’t they refer to people like this as game-brains?1

“Fujihira, we just went over this.
A dungeon is a place where weak, unqualified people aren’t allowed to enter to prevent theft of treasure or potentially releasing powerful monsters.
Adventuring is an actual profession.”

That’s why a proper education is important to work an as adventurer.
It’s a hassle, I get it.

Maybe Fujihira imaged it as unqualified, part time work.
Or something like contract work, where anyone can attempt it.

How scary, it wouldn’t be worth it at all.
‘It’ll all work out!’.
See how crazy that sounds?

“So after getting summoned here selfishly against our will, you’re saying I can’t even become an adventurer!?”

“Stop being such a brat.
If you want to be one so badly, why don’t you take the King’s offer?”

It’s either fight for the sake of the country, or serve in the military long enough to become an adventurer.
Fighting as a warrior of the country isn’t that different to being one of these adventurers that Fujihira’s set on.

“Hey, so, Fujihira, we’re currently in a position where we’re setting off on our own without having to bow down to the state.
If the Guild is controlled by said state, there’s no point in complaining.”

It’s pointless to to complain about how the system works, at the very least.
Considering it using the standards from back home, a dungeon is the unknown… would you let a rando survey an archaeological dig-site?

Just the opposite, if the person has credibility, and has a guarantor, then naturally they’d be let in a dungeon, or whatever.


1: Theoretical term coined by physiologist Akio Mori, claiming excessive video game consumption may cause damage to the prefrontal region of the brain.

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