The sun’s shining, and the weather’s looking fine… Rather, isn’t it a little too nice?

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Can’t it hurry up and be cloudy again?

I couldn’t help but think about how nice the weather was as I sat there in class, looking out into the schoolyard from my window seat.

We’re more than halfway through June… and the skies are still clear, despite it nearly being the season for rain.

My name’s Totsuka Yukikazu, a student attending Konpeki-oku High.

Maybe it’s something I inherited from my parents’ genes but I’m terrible with the heat, even though I’m decent with cold weather.
As I think about the topics of the seasons and the weather, it feels like my thoughts invariably end up gravitating towards when it’ll get cooler.

“And so, if you apply this formula like soーー”

Whoops, I should be paying more attention to the lecture.
My parents would be upset with me if I were to fail my exams, and reduce the amount of pocket money I currently get.
While I’m not currently thinking about my future, getting into college is a no-brainer.
…So it’s kinda like suffering through all of it now for the sake of a better future?
Meh, I doubt I’ll do too badly if I put in the effort.

Lately I’ve really been into FPS games and other military related stuff.
The series I’ve read were set in the military, which lead me to noticing how similar military career advancement are to those within corporate environments… I guess.

Well, my classmates still discuss their own manga, anime and gaming interests.
Rom-coms were a huge thing back when I was an elementary schooler, lately it’s more of a fantasy-boom.

Rank-and-file soldiers in “other-world” stories tend to be unimportant characters, but I do wonder what their job would actually be like.
And that’s….
What I had been thinking about during breaktime.

Then, it happened.

An odd, floaty feeling permeated throughout my body… and my vision instantly went black.
It was at that moment that 17 students from my classroom vanished from the face of the Earth.

M-My body won’t move!
As I remained like that, all I could do was move my eyes around.

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“Oh my… There’s quite a few of them this time.”
“Who’ll be in charge of whom?”

Who was that!?

Strange, indescribable sensations felt as if they were reaching out to me.
If I had to explain it, the closest thing I could ascribe it to would be the heat emanating from a campfire when you get too close.

“It doesn’t really matter.
All that we may hope for… Is that they survive long enough to entertain us.”

“It is fate… That’s simply how it is.”

“I… suppose.
If it’s enjoyable, that’s all that matters.”

“Indeed… Let us hope the quality entertainment continues.”

“How pitiable.
It is my hope that their lives may be as fulfilled as possible along with our protections.”

A glimmer of light falls upon us.

“I’ll take this one.”
“I shall take whomever is left.”
“How typical of you.”
“I’ll be taking this one then.”

The voices went on, and on, and on.
Finally… it was my turn.

“It’s your turn.
As for what’s left…”
“I understand.
It is simply who I am.”
“True enough.”

Who’s there!?

“Oho? So you’ve managed to retain your consciousness within this place.”
“To discover this right at the end, this must also be fate.”

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The individuals in question had sounded surprised to see that I was conscious, despite not being able to speak.

“How interesting.
Is it aptitude, or perhaps a predisposition? Regardless, as you are awake, heed our words.
Please, survive for as long as you can.”
“Humans are often ruthless.
Other times, merciful.
Even moreso than we.”
“Do not waste your life squandering your power.”

I think I can hear voices…


All of a sudden, several people had their chairs vanish from underneath them, and landed squarely onto their backsides.


As I attempted to offset the pain, I noticed that the surrounding area wasn’t very well lit, and that the floor itself was glowing ever so faintly.
Additionally, I could hear a slight popping noise.

“O-Oh! It worked!”

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