vert all my efforts into strengthening Hunter Cha Taeyang’s weapon.
In the meantime, the rest of you should discuss the best way to effectively utilize her ‘Open the Door to the Underworld’ ability,” I ordered.

     “That means…”

We’ll raid this floor directly–with our own two hands.”

     Seo Young-woon’s and Cho Sung-hyun’s expressions contorted simultaneously.
Only Cha Taeyang, who knew little about the hunter life, nodded.

     A raid that would usually be left to high-ranked senior hunters.

     Originally, a C-class Hunter like me could never dream of being so arrogant.
Rather, Cha Taeyang should be the one to wonder ‘who I am’ to suggest going forth with this raid.

     Even though I was the one to suggest this plan, I couldn’t manage to school my facial expressions.

     After a brief silence, Seo Young-woon smirked, “I’ll also brainstorm a back-up plan in case you fail.”

     “Yes, please.
I’ll leave that to you.”

     “Hey, Cha Taeyang! Don’t get in the way and also come over here!” Seo Young-woon shouted.

     After receiving Cha Taeyang’s gloves, I flopped on the ground in a corner of the room.
The quest window blinked as if it were urging me to accept its quest quickly.


[You accepted the Hidden Quest, ‘Carlos’s Arrangement/Assignment (F).’

※ The quest will be forced to end when the skill ‘Explorer’s Eye (A)’ is deactivated.]


     A forced shutdown?

     I hurriedly took a mana potion out of my inventory and drank it.
I had almost deactivated this skill as it was one that ate a lot of mana–thankfully that I avoided that situation.

     “Gaho, what are you looking at so stupidly?” A small guide NPC that resembled Carlos manifested midair.
A mini-Carlos, a little larger than the palm of my hand, looked down at me.

     “Master?” I asked.

     “I’ll only help you this once.”

     Since Cha Taeyang, who would definitely have rushed towards me fascinated by this apparition, was calm, it seems that I was the only one who could see the blacksmith.

     Mini-Carlos continued to explain in an aloof voice, “Gaho, your skill ‘Enchant’ is one that gives new powers to items.
It would be easier to show you rather than to explain.
Now–take out an item.”

      Even though I knew this wasn’t my real Master, I couldn’t help but be wary, so I held out Cha Taeyang’s gloves obediently.


[Stud Gloves (C)]

–Stamina : 5
Martial Attack: 7
–Agility : 3


     A weapon befitting a close-range damage dealer–it calibrated the SMA (Stamina, Martial Attack, and Agility) stats.

      Since this was her first time, she must be using entry-level equipment provided by the guild.
And yet, she had so much power…as expected, A-class Hunters were just different.

     The sound of Mini-Carlos’s tongue clicking lifted my thoughts from my sentimentality.
He frowned as if trash had been brought before him.
“You brought such a useless… Are you sure you want to proceed with this?”

     “There’s nothing else we can use right now.”

     “Tsk, first read the flow of mana.
The more you understand the structure and nature of an item, the higher the success rate will be.
You need to improve your comprehension of an item to succeed with your damned manual dexterity.” 3

     Within Carlos’s home, I was told to read the flow of mana until my ears were exhausted.
But, I think he’s talking about something different than detecting the magic wafting from the item.

     “Huh–what’s this?”

     I could clearly see the mana circuit engraved on the weapon–was this because of my activated skill?

     I unwittingly let mana flow into the circuit; I vaguely felt how each part of the structure was connected.
For what was supposed to be a mere C-rank equipment, there were so many knots and nodes.
“In this glove, these studs raise their martial attack levels…”

     Mini-Carlos, looking down at me with a pleased expression, clapped his hands and turned my attention back onto him.
Soon enough, he opened my inventory without asking my permission.

     Honestly–is something like that possible?

     “I can’t believe there’s not a single decent mana stone in a player’s inventory…” Carlos muttered.

     “What about a mana stone?”

     “With your skills, you can attach two effects to an item.
You can use the innate nature of the item for their ‘nature’ effect, but the ‘nurture’ effect requires additional ingredients.”

     The essence of the item used as sacrificial material determined the properties of the ‘nurture’ effect.  And, depending on how the strengthening reagent is used, the ‘enchant’ efficiency and effect varied widely.

     At first glance, it seemed as if this skill had infinite possibilities.

     “Can’t you use this?” I asked.

     Mini-Carlos shook his head firmly when I took out a D-rank mana stone.
Looking at the inventory window, he grumbled, “It’d be better to use nothing than to use such low-rank items.”

     “Then, can’t we just grant only the ‘nature’ effect?”

     “You don’t know anything.
Balance is needed in everything.” Mini-Carlos clicked his tongue as if he had heard something utterly absurd. 4

      Since he was being so tight-lipped, I had no choice but to take the initiative, “Then, how about this?”

     “Mm, it’s a bit of a shame to use it here, but that’s something worth using.” After I brought out the ‘Ruby Staff,’ Mini-Carlos unexpectedly gave a positive answer.

     ‘Hm, I suppose other equipment items can be used as sacrificial materials.’

     Just as I had that thought, Mini-Carlos, almost as if he read my mind, added that equipment items weren’t efficient sacrificial items.
However, that couldn’t be helped right now.

     Following his instructions, I laid the two items down side by side.

     “The best item to use is a mana stone.
Material or Ingredient Items that are compatible with the equipment are also good as well.”

     “Items that are compatible?”

     “I’ll teach you about them later.
There’s no time right now.
Now, think about how you can naturally connect the structure of these two items.
It might be easier to imagine your magic as a binding agent that would connect these two mana circuits.”

     Carlos’s explanations were vague as always; however, I wasn’t in a position to squabble with him over that matter.
I had no choice but to make an attempt.

     Mentally drawing the circuity of the glove and staff, I activated my skill.


[Choose an effect to apply to the ‘Studded Gloves’ (C).]

– Nature: One Strike One Kill (B), Steely (C), Sturdy (E)
– Nurture: Sage (A), Blaze (C)

※ The world’s best craftsman is helping you.
The Success Rate is fixed at 100%.



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