As soon as we entered the World’s Towers, Cho Sung-hyun rushed at us.
His bronzed skin went pale, as if he had been extremely startled.

     I was worried that he would have panicked and started wandering around the floor but, fortunately, he was waiting for us in front of the gate.

     After confirming the young student’s safety, we separated into two teams and began to look around.
Though the surroundings gave off a shabby, old feeling, we clearly had entered into an alternate version of the greenhouse we had just left.

     Broken glass, bent doors, withered plants, and squeaky hinges… Unlike the field, this greenhouse, along with the old mansion which could clearly be seen in the distance, exuded a bleak atmosphere.

     “It feels ominous here.
It’s full of dead energy,” I murmured.

     “Ugh, I’ve never smelled something so horrible before.”

     ‘A bad smell? But, I don’t smell anything?’

     Chae Taeyang looked disgusted, smelling something I couldn’t even sense.

[In 3 minutes, the Monster Wave will begin!]

     “Everyone, hurry up and check your status and consumables.”

     “Hunter Yoon Gaho, where is the nearest safe zone?”

     “We’ll have to go towards the mansion.
There’s no safe zone around here.”

     As I left the greenhouse, I checked the list of prepared, memorized skills.

     ‘Grant Attribute’ was one of my basic skills.
This filial skill allowed me entrance into the [Wilderness Guild], but, in this situation, it could possibly become a headache.
I could not use this skill unless I had prepared it in advance.

     ‘How long do we have left?’

     I was lucky.
Thanks to my party members, who had run wild on the field mission, I still had quite a few uses of my skills left.
If I had this much, I wouldn’t get in the party’s way.
“Activate, ‘Cat Walk.'”

[Your agile, nimble movements resemble a predatory beast!]

      After chanting a lame phrase, my body became lighter.

     As the time counter ticked down, the dirt floor began to shake.
Chills ran down my spine when I thought how this vast plot of land would soon be swarmed by the undead.

     The other party members must have shared my worries; their steps accelerated towards the mansion.
Our destination was a labyrinthian forest in between the mansion and the greenhouse.
The light leaked faintly through the leaves of the trees that formed the maze.

     “Argh! What is this?” Cho Sung-Hyun screamed when he saw a wrist poking out of the soft ground.
I looked back at Cha Taeyang, worried that she might have been frightened by the gruesome sight.

     Despite my worries, Cha Taeyang shook the hand with a curious look on her face.
“Hey, you should wash up a bit.
You stink.
You stink a lot!”

     “Taeyang-ah! That’s crazy!” The dokkaebi cried.

     “So~rry~ Am I not allowed to be friends with them?”

     “It’s a shell without a soul or ego.
Don’t touch it! You’re courting misfortune!”

     Cha Taeyang became visibly sullen at her dokkaebi’s words.

     As soon as I saw the crown of the undead’s head, the stench became potent enough for even my nose to pick up the fetid scent.

     The safety zone was in the middle of the forest maze.
We had arrived at the forest without any problems, but soon we found ourselves wandering, unable to navigate to the center.

     “Hey–we have 30 seconds left.
Is this really going to work?”

    “Unni, we don’t have much time left.
Can’t we just go over these tree walls?”

     “Go over…?”

     You want to scamper over that 4 meter-high wall?

     Just as I was about to respond to Cha Taeyang, I finally understood, ‘Ah, these people have surpassed human limits with the System’s help.’

     There was still quite a distance to the safe zone.
Since I could use skills as well, it’s not as if I couldn’t follow behind, but there wasn’t a guarantee that I’d make it to the safety zone in time.

     ‘Should I send the others first…?’

     Seo Young-woon, noticing my worries, suggested with an almost unwilling expression on his face, “We don’t have time to dilly-dally.
I’ll carry Hunter Yoon Gaho.
Let’s hurry.”

     Before I could even react, Seo Young-woon scooped me up as if I was some luggage.
Soon afterwards, he jumped onto the maze’s walls.

     Whenever Seo Young-woon leapt high and landed, his shoulder dug into the pit of my stomach.

     “Hey, can you do that for me?”

     I heard Cha Taeyang ask Cho Sung-hyun.

     No one showed any overt panic, but everyone started moving incredibly fast after Seo Young-woon picked me up.
After what seemed like a few steps, the safe zone was before us–a small area, of about 5 meters in diameter, that shone white in the middle of an open clearing.

[10 seconds until the Monster Wave arrives!]

[You’ve entered a safe zone!]

    That was close.

     As soon as we entered the safe zone, Seo Young-woon hurled me onto the ground.

     ‘I understand why his name is ‘Seo Temperamental.'”

     I wasn’t pleased with his actions, but, thanks to him, I had arrived at the safe area on time.
Grumbling, I brushed the dirt off my knees and observed the surroundings.

[The Monster Wave has started!]

[Safety Zone duration: 00:15:00]

     Alongside the appearance of the system message, a thick fog settled throughout the entire mansion grounds; corpses silently clawed their way out of the ground.
Half-decomposed animal carcasses and skeleton soldiers appeared near us.


     These demonic beasts tumbled against the walls of the safe zone.
Upon hearing the noise, more and more evil creatures swarmed towards us.
There were far more opponents than I had imagined.

     ‘Furthermore, the first safety zone only lasts for 15 minutes.
It’s just all too much–even from the very beginning!’

     Of course, I couldn’t help but grumble under my breath.

     Once used, the safety zone would be sealed.
In addition, following the general absurdity of the World’s Towers, the duration we could stay inside the safety zone would decrease over time while the Monster Waves came proportionately faster and faster.

     “Hunter Yoon Gaho.”

     “Yes, the situation looks quite dire,” I said tersely.

     As a test, I shot an arrow at the nearest undead wolf.
The decomposed canine whined and retreated a few steps.
However, soon after, it rushed back towards us.

     I shot several more monsters next to it, but the results were all similar.

     These undead corpses were at least C-rank.

     Seo Young-woon’s expression became grave.
Cha Taeyang, sitting at the border of the zone and watching the monsters, also looked up at me with anxious eyes.

     My vision went dark.

     There were a total of five safety zones that I knew about.
If no reinforcements came within that time, we’ll be wiped out.

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