I couldn’t believe I had broken six C-rank equipment items; my heart wouldn’t calm down at all when I thought of all the money that simply vanished into thin air.
“This damned failure penalty!”

     Unable to withstand this unjustness, I pounded the floor.
“Was this all a scam? ….No way–That’s impossible.” With trembling hands, I grabbed another C-rank item: a ruby staff.
This was the last weapon left.
“I still have this left.”

     Since I already had a knife in hand, I should at least cut the remaining daikons. 3 Wetting my dry lips, I let my mana flow into the item.
“This time, please…!”

     “Oh god…Oh Buddha.
Oh all the deities in heaven and on earth; any god of any religion or location.
Please help me!”

[Choose an effect to apply to ‘Ruby Staff’ (C)]

— Nature: Pure (B), Profound (C), Sturdy (E)
— Nurture: Option unavailable


     “Apply ‘Sturdy.'”

     I closed both eyes tightly as I chose the lowest-ranked effect.
My confidence hit an all time low due to the six consecutive failures.
Please don’t tell me that I’d fail to apply this E-rank effect as well?



     Gray, cloudy light wrapped around the staff.
Then, with a bang and an explosion, smoke rose from the weapon.


[Enchant ‘Sturdy (E)’ has failed.]


     After seven failures, the only thing left in my hand was this ash-stained staff.
Anger soared within me, and I threw the staff onto my bed.
“What’s the point of getting this S-rank skill if I can’t even use it!”

     My bank account, which was already quite small and ‘cute,’ had shrunken into insignificance.
I had bought these items, digging at the bottom of the barrel, because I thought that they would become an investment for a rosy future…!

     “Why is this thing intact anyway?” I approached the bed and rubbed at the soot-stained staff.

     ‘Well, at least it isn’t destroyed.
I guess this thing is one-of-a-kind.’

     However, the more I thought about it, the more dumbfounded I felt.

    When I obtained this S-rank trait, I thought the flower path would immediately unfold before me.
This wasn’t an ordinary S-rank trait after all, the attached skills could permanently strengthen equipment.

     Forget the flower path–I thought I’d be skipping down the golden, yellow brick road.
“I didn’t know this would happen.”

     Blinded by the S-rank label, it was clear I was missing some important information.
I thought I would simply need to use my skills, but what was this humiliation?

     ‘I should have just chosen the items at that time rather than try to evolve my traits.’

     When I thought back to my choice, I felt as if I would cry.
While I stayed at Carlos’s house, I was too busy being at his side, so I couldn’t afford to look at my status window either.

     After this series of failures, I belatedly realized, as I later skimmed through the status window, that a new clause was added.
“Open status window.”



Player Name: Yoon Gaho
Comprehensive Evaluation: C

–Stamina: 27 (+13)
–Strength: 30 (+7)
–Magic: 45 (+22)
–Agility: 36 (+19)
–Dexterity: 3

Traits: Everlasting, Immortal Blessing (S), Marksman (C)

–Additional Skills: Enchant (S), Explorer’s Eye (A), Aid and Assist (C)…

※ Some additional skills of the trait ‘Everlasting, Immortal Blessing (S)’ are currently unavailable.
     –    (Requirements: Successfully Enchant an item 1 time)


     After becoming a hunter, I looked at this status window and I soon grew tired of what was written there.
So, I knew well that this ‘dexterity’ stat was something new.

     The stat sounded quite impressive: ‘dexterity.’ However, it was currently at a ‘3.’ In terms of rank or class, that would be worse than any F-class stat.

     Since swinging a sword increased my strength and being beaten increased stamina, I folded 1000 paper cranes and knitted constantly.
Still, this dexterity stat seemed immobile.

     On the other hand, something else triggered my curiosity….

     …”What is ‘Item Comprehension’” 


[Grant Attribute (C) –> Enchant (S)
–Your items gain special powers.
(Slot: 5)

–The power of your blessings has been strengthened by the instruction of a master craftsman.
Items will keep their special powers permanently.

(The probability of success increases in proportion to ‘Item Comprehension’ and ‘Dexterity.’)]


     I searched through Towers.com, but there was no information on these two concepts.
I heard that information on production-class hunters was treated like national secrets, but I didn’t expect the situation to be this dire.

     I think I made the wrong choice after all.





TL: RIP Gaho, but you couldn’t have expected your new skill to be THAT easy!

Also, ‘Item comprehension’ just reminded me of my old art teacher.
He also wanted us to totally understand something to draw it, whether still life or something more stylistic.
We licked a looooot of pencils/pineapples in that class lmao.
“Your tongue understands texture better than your hands!” he said.


꽃길 Literally “Flower Road.” If life is a path, then a flower road means a good, plentiful life.  스승님 actually is more respectful than ‘teacher.’ It’s akin to ‘master’ in an apprenticeship.
In xianxia novels, the equivalent would be ‘shizun.’ However, English doesn’t really have an equivalent term to denote the distinguished status of a Master Teacher.  This is simply a saying that means, “When you have the means, you should finish the job 

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