tched it away.

     ‘What? Why did he give this to me only to take it away?’

      “Choose again,” he said.


     “I’ll give you one more, so pick again.”

     I don’t know what his reasons were, but I wouldn’t refuse if he offered another item.
I closed my eyes again.
After picking once, this felt a little easier.

Well, this time I’ll choose that!’

     That item was friendly enough that it was willing to accept this insignificant C-class mana–I had a good feeling about it.
I reached into the pile.
“This is… A monocle?”

     Carlos, who had been staring at me this entire time, clicked his tongue as if he couldn’t believe me.


[NPC Carlos requests to peruse through your Status Window.
Will you accept?] 


     “Accept it quickly,” he said.

      A system message I had never seen before popped up quite suddenly.

     I automatically accepted Carlos’s request, but later, after thinking about it, I looked at him in surprise.
“Wait–how is this possible?’

     NPCs shouldn’t know about the existence of a system.
I’ve never heard of such a request to view another’s status window either.
My train of thought halted–this was completely counter to common sense.

     ‘Wait a minute.
Is this maybe…’


[Player Yoon Gaho’s trait, “A Blessing for you (C)” reacts to NPC Carlos’s trait, “Blacksmith (SS)”]

[A new possibility for “A Blessing for you (C)” opens up.]


     A New… Possibility?

     I suppose mysterious things all happen one after another, in a series; I couldn’t get my head on straight.
However, when I saw the new status window, I was certain.

     All these indicated one thing:

    A Hidden Piece.

     A term that meant special NPCs or items hidden throughout the Tower’s layers.

     The Hidden Piece, sometimes referred to as a curious coincidence or the strange irony of fate, could only be obtained through a very special route.
According to rumors, some people have broken through walls–the limitations of their natural talents–to become A-class hunters with these Hidden Pieces.

     That fabled Hidden Piece came my way? Unbelievable.
Why me?

     I couldn’t believe this unexpected, sudden turn of fate.

“Why are you doing this?” I asked.

     “You have talent.”

     “Me? Everyone knows how to use detection magic!”

     Carlos snorted as if he had heard something ridiculous.

     I couldn’t believe Carlos’s words at all–mana detection was something that could be done naturally.
Once one was awakened, that ability came as easily as breathing.

     ‘What’s so great about this, huh? There’s no way anyone can’t do what I’ve just done!’

     “Do you think such mana sensitivity is common? Don’t spout bullshit and check the status of the equipment you’ve chosen.” Carlos, disregarding my disbelief, finished speaking and turned to look towards my status window.

     I left him to do his business–he tapped on something (my status window perhaps?) midair–and appraised the two items.


[Argonaut (S)] 4

[Volcanus’s Eye (SS)] 5


     SS rank? I hurriedly checked the rank of the items displayed in the cabinets.
Most of them were A-class.

     Carlos tapped me, who was standing with a dumbfounded expression, on the shoulder, “How about it? Do you want to learn? You’ll be a different type of craftsman than me, since you have different natural traits, but I can pave the way for you.”


[The opportunity for your traits to evolve is beginning.


A Blessing For You (C) –> Everlasting, Immortal Blessing (S)

   –Additional Skills (Expected) :
     Grant Attribute (C) –> Enchant (S)
     The Eye of a Marksman (C) –> The Eye of a Explorer (A)….

 ※ Some additional skills that are part of the trait “Everlasting, Immortal Blessing (S)” are not available for current perusal.]


     I was mesmerized by the various pop-ups that appeared as soon as Carlos finished speaking.
“S…S-rank Traits?” I stuttered like a broken machine before looking at the blacksmith.
Carlos stared back with a mischievous smile.

In Korea, we still didn’t have over 10 S-class hunters.
S-rank traits with possible additional S-class skills! This was something anyone would covet.

     ‘This is enough to get me to A rank–no, maybe even S-rank..!’

     Judging by that one phrase tacked onto the end of the system message–the fact that I couldn’t currently see nor access these additional skills–meant that various other skills may be acquired if certain conditions were met.

     There was no reason to refuse his offer.

     “Of course….”

     “However, if you choose to be taught by me, you’ll have to give up the equipment you’ve chosen.”

     “What? That’s different from what you said before!”

     “It’s beyond my authority to reward you with both items and a new trait.
I apologize, but you’ll have to choose between them.”

     Before he finished speaking, the system window prompt to force me to make my choice appeared before me.


[Choose your reward for the Hidden Quest, “Violetta’s Letter.”]

Argonaut (S), Vulcanos’s Eye (SS) Trait Evolution: Everlasting, Immortal Blessing (S)]



TL: Booo~ Unfair~ I would want both items and the trait evolution!


I actually substituted a word that denoted ‘Buddhist shrine’ with ‘goose that lays golden eggs’.
Essentially it means the same thing–great fortune or great luck.
Something that’ll change your life.  ‘Bag’ is slang for something that’s worth a lot, Or just monetary wealth in general.  I’m assuming that a Mana Rod is similar to a divining rod.  Divining rods are used in pairs by “dowsers” and, occasionally (and unofficially) by water companies, to detect water sources, pipes, or other metals underground.  Historically, they also have been used for divination or locating magical substances and hidden treasure.  In Greek mythology, the Argonauts were a band of 50 heroes who went with Jason in the ship Argo to fetch the Golden Fleece.  Vulcanus/Volkanos/Vulcanus (Vulcan) is the Roman god of fire and smithing.
His Greek counterpart is Hephaestus.
In his temples, he’s often depicted with a blacksmith’s hammer. 

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