ays bring one at least. Do you find any other? hostages or maybe kidnaped people ”

”yeah, five women in the den. Don ask me what they have been through. I already promise them to bring them to a certain place to start over, thats what they want too. ”

”uh? I see. Its good then ” the silver-haired man looks surprised.

I think he gets it that normally the woman who has experienced becoming the plaything of a bandit will just kill themself if we have released them, thats why he is surprised that all those women agree to start over.

After coming back to the city, I pay for 2 other rooms in the inn for all the woman victims and go reporting to the guild with Lex, the silver-haired man.

”Thanks, Rean, ” Alex started the conversation on our way to the guild.

”what for? If it was about the bandit, you couldve single-handed them easily right? You know I am there, thats why you prolong the fight isn it? ”

”yeah, but thats not what I mean. I mean about the womans victim. If it was me, I don think I could save them ”

He is B rank, maybe he has already failed multiple times before. Well, I could understand that too.

”yeah, I could understand that feeling ” I reply to him with a low voice. It makes me remember when I still training. One time I also free a woman from the bandit, and she just suddenly jumps from the cliff the day after I save her.

” so you too? ”

”Well anyway, what the hell with that move? Aren you F-rank, why the hell you could move like that? Is that sword skill? Are you a samurai or something? Lex just suddenly switch the topic.

”hehe, amazing isn it? It is 2nd style from eight worlds one blade school. Its a sword technique school from the eastern continent. Also, Im classless ”, answering Lexs question with pride

. ”wait, isn that the famous school that only accepts eight disciples for each generation? ”

”yeah that one, while the founder only takes up to eight disciples, their student, I mean the one who reaches divine blade can also take up to eight disciples and so on ”

” I see. Hmm? Wait, don tell me.. ”

”We are here, the guild. We should report now ” I think Lex is about to say something, well lets just forget it.

”you are annoying, I give you that, ” he said to me and just follows me to go inside the guild.

In the morning, I ask the merchant who is also coming together with me to the Lunalemiere who by accident also has to continue his journey to the Ignite Kingdom.

”Please take care of them ”, I said to a merchant who I paid to accompany the girl to Ignite Kingdom.

”Yes, leave it to me, Mr. Rean ”

”Good ” I replied with a smile

” (if something happened to any of them, you and everything you hold dear is the first thing I hunt. Understood?!), I add a brief sentence whispered to the merchant.

”Of..of course, I wouldn dare to do that ”

The merchant is a proper one; I look a little at his background before asking for his service, anyway. Also,

”Thanks for accepting my offer Lex ”, turn my back to Ales who is standing behind me

”No problem, the reward is very good for a bodyguards requests. You sure have some wealth in you Rean ”

”Well, I am a man of mystery after all ”, boasting full of pride like a joke

”You understand, that you are not funny when you said it like that. No wonder Mila always ignores you ”

”What, o.. oi that hurt ”

”By the way, let me introduce you. My party member, Merinda and Rieze ”

”Nice to meet you, I am Rieze, silver moon member, black mage. I handle supporting and can do some offensive magic too, ” said the girl with staff introducing herself.

”Merinda, dragoon. Nice to meet you ” the girl with a spear also introduced herself, with a calm smile. Also, she is hot.

”Wh… why… ” I kneel to the land, like a person who lost in a duel

”Silver-haired with a long coat is already something. Why Harem too….! ” I mumbled to myself of course with my voice out.

harem, is the word stated for a single man surrounded by over 1 beautiful girl, and all the girls like the man. This is the vocabulary I got when reading that professors secret book called manga.

”Oi rean- ”, Alex looks like wants to say something but I ignore him

”Well, while our party looks like a paradise for Alex, sadly its not ”, Merinda suddenly talking to herself like explaining something

”??? what do you mean by that? No matter how you look at it- ”, now Im curious, I lift my face while still kneeling trying to respond to Merinda.

”She is my sister ”, Alex cut my voice

”What? But, ” no matter how you look at it they are different. Is it not related to blood, is what I am thinking but,

”We are related by blood, if you ask why we are different. Its because the dragoon class usually changes the hair color of the user. And if you look carefully, aren we similar? ” now Alex stands right next to Merinda.

And now that I look carefully, they have the same eye color, and yeah they are pretty similar.

”I… I see. Well, its not like I care even if you have a harem ”

”Well, aren you a tsundere? If you
e sad you could always have this big sister to hug you, you know? ” Merinda said it with a beautiful voice kind of stimulating.

”He? Yeah big sister I am sad. Hug please!! ” while I don understand the sundrey means I don give a care, must be some foreign word. My focus now is the hug, and of course, after saying that I directly jump to Merindas big sisters chest and hug her.

”Oi, just be careful Rean. big Sis is a player you know. Youll get heartbreak if you treat it seriously, ” Alex said to me while touching his head. I don mind about it.

After saying goodbye to the silver moon party, and all the victim women, the silver moon party finally goes as the merchant escort. After losing sight of them, I am back to the inn.


”Oi big sis. Don toy with him ok?. Even if look like that and F-rank, he is strong you know. Probably stronger than me, ” said Alex to his sister who is sitting beside her on the carriage.

”Fufufu, as long as I am not playing. Then its okay then right ”

”Ha? Don tell me..seriously!? ”

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