”Just like what you doing, I am also sightseeing, you know, ”

”I see, not that I care but, now that we are here. We need to discuss our next plan, don you think? ”

”Are you sure you need to discuss this with me? You do not forget my existence, right? ”

”I am not. Yet, you are not exist anymore right, more like you are me and I am you now, ”

” (sigh), not only I failed to reincarnate to my new host. I have become my host skill. In all the time I am living for thousands of years, this is my first time in this miserable position. Not that I hate it, this is also interesting in its way, kufufu, ”

The voices identity is a devil. Devil is a distinct entity from a demon. While the demon is a kind of race that is born from monsters that have intelligence after living for a long time. Devil is a spiritual entity, the same as divine beings like god and goddess, but in opposite meaning. They live in the underworld and can only come to this world if they have a body. If not, they won be able to survive for long, because materializing a spiritual entity in this world needs a large amount of mana. Even an arch-devil can only do that for a few days only.

The one inside me is a devil that has a unique trait that can reincarnate itself to the human body, and turn out the host is me. But because of my high resistance to any mental ability, its attempt failed, and turn out combined with my soul with ego left, of course.

Almost no benefit I got even tho I have the devils soul in me, no increased status or a new skill. If this can be called a benefit, only her ego that I can talk to. Because we kind of match each other, we became a partner, and thats why I can share memory and knowledge with her. Well, knowledge of the devil that lives for thousands of years is the biggest benefit for me, because for classless, information is almost everything when we want to fight the enemy.

”for now, what about increasing rank to E? And if we can have party members? We can take the D rank requests and of course, its about Lulus father, ” my first suggestion to Rain, which is the devils name or at least what I called her.

I give the name because normally the devil does not have a name, and because she reincarnated, I just call her Rain from that base. Looks like she liked it, so we stick with that until now.

”oh, ye.. yeah of course. I am also thinking the same thing, ”

Now I doubt the wiseness of this old devil. Her response is kind of weak.

”Well then, lets just do that tomorrow. ”


”Congratulations Mr. Rean, you are now promoted to E rank, ”

Carmilla give me the updated version of my adventurer id card.

”Thank you very much, Mila, fast right? Not only that I could beat goblin for the promoted test I am also doing it pretty fast. ”

”Yes, thanks for the hard work as always, Mr. Rean, ”

responded to it with a sweet calm smile, not even reacting to my boast.

Well, I am getting used to how cold she reacted to me, every style of hit on I already tried. From a good man to a scum-type hit-on, everything is no reaction. Even if I have already gotten used to it. Somehow its still sad.

Its been 6 days since I started taking requests from the guild. Herb-gathering quests are what I mostly do, people at the guild are also kind of surprised by it. I am taking 20 different herb-gathering quests on my first day with 300 herbs collected. The reason I am doing it is that F-rank quests are mostly only that and that quest is useful as a cover for mapping the forests and while searching for clues about Lulus father.

”Well done, Herb master.. ” shouted one adventurer to me when hearing about my promotion.

”Thank you very much, brother!! ”, I am pretty much sure he is teasing me with that nickname.

Adventurers in this guild are kind of weird, despite their pride they do not do any bad conduct to people who got more achievements, they rather complement them instead and work harder. I like it this way, but somehow I was expecting more of them to be more like envy and violence, I guess thats Lunalemiere for you.

Lunalumiere, besides being called an adventurer city, is also called the city of respect. The people there are giving respect to people who are better than them and working harder not to lose, of course, some of them are also bad people and scum, but there is a limit to how many bad things they can do before they stamp as criminals. I mean, this is an adventurer city, so they will immediately post a trash criminal as a request to the guild and the next day will be hunted.

”What is the herb masters meaning? ” I ask Mila who is beside me.

”Well, in these past six days you have been completing many herb gatherings with a 100% success rate. So people here started calling you herb master ”

”What the…I mean its not like I don like it. But I will do less herb gathering when I rank up you know ”

”Anyway, Mr. Rean. now you may take E-rank quests. And if you have a party with E rank level, you can take up to D rank quests, ” Mila suddenly continues with the rank-up briefing.

”(why do I feel Mila colder and colder each day) ”, is what I said in my mind.

After that, I walked to the nearest table and ask for a drink. I sit beside the guy who called me herb master before. He is one adventurer I often talked with, one of my drinking friends you may call it. His name is Alex, he has silver hair and very good-looking person. He is the leader of a party called Silver Moon which has 3 members including him. On His right side is Rieze, who is a black mage with long purple hair, using a witch hat and a robe all black. She is around 160 cm tall and of course a cute beauty.

On Riezes right side, which is also my left side is another one of Alexs party members, another woman. Her name is Merinda and I often call her Linda, a beauty with an adult charm, she is around 175 cm tall, and her class is dragoon which is A-grade rank Spear User. She has a big boo- (cough) well you know and has this playful plus caring aura on her, of course, to her party member. She is Alexs older sister by blood so sadly Alexs party is not a harem paradise.

Rieze has romantic feelings for Alex and so does him. But both of them are dense so Merinda and I often only tease and watch them. Silver Moon is a B-rank party, even if they have only 3 members, all of them have A-grade classes and are also well-trained. so basically their combat individual capabilities may be on A-rank already.

At first, it was only Alex and me who is an acquaintance. I met him when he was doing a solo quest in the forest on my first day doing herb-gathering quests.

[5 days ago]

”another worthless clue. Just where is Lulus father going missing? If hes dead, there are should be their belonging left, and there is no monster big enough around here to eat the whole of them with their weapon and armor. And because its been a month, any trace of them like the trace of fighting, footmark is gone. It is the very definition of missing, ”

Its almost time to get back to reporting my herb quests, so I am planning to continue after getting another herb-gathering quest tonight. I think that maybe at night there is some clue that not exists during the day while the sun is out.

”cling!! clang! ”

Looks like someone is fighting over there. But, this sound.

”A weapon clashing? ”

I carefully follow the sound. And take my distance while lowering my presence. Hide it to be exact, of course, I am good at it.

When Im reaching a good point to watch, what I saw is a single man and a very cool man at that level which makes me a little jealous. I mean silver hair is unfair; it is cool. That man is in the middle of the fight with a bunch of people, around 20 of them already dead and 5 people left that look pretty strong. The silver-haired person uses a one-handed sword and a shield like a knight, his shield somehow attached to his left arm in a weird design. His armor is light armor with a white long coat.

”damn… Silver hair, white long coat? Thats cool ” I can hold my voice while saying but with a lower voice.

”aren you also black hair, with a black long coat? Why are you jealous of him? For a long-lived devil that already met many types of humans, sometimes I can understand your fashion sense, ” commented Rain.

”oh shut up, what kind of devil are you that can understand your hosts feelings? ”

”Normally I don even give a damn about my hosts life you know, ” she replies with annoyance now.

”…. ”

I stop replying to Rain because looks like our white knights are not in a fit state now. After giving a single look around, I can understand that those people are bandits. All of them have the same logo in their hand and I remember seeing requests about bandit extermination in the guild. Its a B-rank quest, and they are called the black dog syndicate. Back to the silver-haired person, looks like he got a scratch from a poisoned knife. While I am wondering why he can get that, looks like he is fighting while protecting a little girl, maybe she is a hostage.

”hmm, therefore I hate fighting people while protecting. Because strength only is no good. And even if you win, but lose the one you want to protect, you also lose for good ” I am saying it while walking slowly, still hiding my presence to make sure they don realize me.

I am walking around the place while checking if there are any more hostages besides the girl, leaving that white-haired person alone.

”he should be able to handle it alone for a while ”

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