Black long coat, Katana on the left waist, a shoe, and a holed finger glove. My attire is pretty simple for someone who wishes to become an adventurer. Normally, you would use armor for a battle exam, but for me, this attire suits me better.

The fashion is to my liking, and black is matching my eye and hair color.

Currently, the combat doll surrounds me in three different directions. After a moment of silence, two humanoid dolls attack me almost at the same time. Even if its a doll, they equipped it with a real sword. The sword looks blunt, but if you get hit by that, it probably will hurt.

I parry both of their attacks without unsheathing my Katana, while they look intimidating. Their movement is very simple to read as long as one is calm enough.

The tiger shape doll didn leave me alone, it was trying to attack from my blank sight. Normally, if I use only my normal sense, I wouldn be able to know that attack. But since my ability to use Ki is good, reading the enemy even with my eye closed is still possible.

Its already a minute passed since the exam started, I just keep repeating parrying the combat doll without moving over one meter from my position.

The reason is pretty simple, Im trying to locate their magic circle location. It normally imbues this kind of combat doll with mana with magic circle work similar to a battery, so locating their magic circle and destroying it is the best way to one-shot them. Using a big attack to destroy them all is also possible but, that would attract unnecessary attention.

Ah? Found them. Its funny that the location is actually in the same spot as the heart of the human for the humanoid doll and the heart of the tiger for the tiger-shaped doll. If its like that.

”Eight world one blade style – first blade – Twist, ”

I draw my Katana normally, but the unsheathe effect left some spiral slash in the surrounding air. The moment is precise, with the three combat dolls attacking me at the same time.

Just about three of them reach me. The spiral slash around me cut their magic circle and makes them unable to move.

The examiner who watches me gives a surprising look, kind of not believing what he saw. But after a moment, he approaches me.

”Thats amazing. What kind of movement is that? Not only your farthest movement is not over one meter, a single slash from you destroys their magic circle at the same time. ”

His excitement gives me no moment to explain anything, so I just listen to him smile, wondering when will he stop.

”Here, the passing grade paper. Give it to Carmilla at the front desk and she will do the rest, ”

I said goodbye and then back to the front desk to meet Carmilla.

”That was fast, Its not even half an hour yet, Mr.Rean ”

”You won believe that twenty minutes is the time I need listen to that Baldy examiner ”

”Looks like you show some superb skill over there that make Mr.Agil praise you so much then, you id card will be ready tomorrow, please come and get it ”

”Yeah ”

Did my achievement normal in her eye? Not even surprised or any reaction, just how great an adventurer here to make me just like ordinary people who are good with swords (sigh).

I talk with Mila for a while and take my leave. She showed little emotion when talking to me, but she also not ignoring me. For some weird reason, I got this feeling like want to gain her attention.

Since its not good to rush I casually walked outside the guild. There is some gaze like someone watching me, but because no ill intent Ill just ignore it.

Strolling in the city again, but now while looking for a place to sleep. All the inns that interest me are already full, knowing its going to be like I shouldve asked Mila before.

”Hello, big bro! Are you looking for an inn? ”

Someone called while touching my coat. I look around for a while but found no one around me, is it a ghost in the middle of the day?

”Here, here! ”

I look down and now saw a kid, this little girl here is about 150 cm tall. Around 11 or 13 years old, she has brown hair and wears a pure maid outfit, also braiding her hair. Very cute I think.

”Yeah, I am. But kid, you better not talk to a stranger you know. What happens if this big bro here is a bad guy? ”

”But I saw big bro talk politely with other inn owners, so Im sure big bro is not a bad person ”

Cleaver kid, she watched me for a while now. Did the gaze I felt when leaving the adventure guild is from her? No wonder no ill intent.

”All right kid, since you are cute. This big bro here will stay at your inn. Take me there ”

”Yes! ”

She brought me through an alley for a shortcut so Im guessing will see the dark part of this city. But somehow, the alley is clean. Is there no dark side to this city? I don believe that.

Ilargia Lens, thats the name of the inn where the little girl, Lulu takes me. She said her father and mother maintained this inn but a month ago her father missing while doing adventurer guild quests.

Since then, the inn is hard to maintain and lose its customer. Resulting in Lulu run over around the city to gain customers. Her mother forbid her to do that since it could be dangerous.

”Good evening, the customer. Lulus don tell me you are doing it again ”

Lulus mother who is an adult version of Lulu scolded her as she saw Lulu walking beside me when we enter the inn. It is pretty cute to see her get scolded, but since she help me get a place to stay I can let her get scolded so much I think.

”Mam? Excuse me ”

”Ah! Customer. I am sorry. If Lulu somehow forces you to, ”

”Its okay mam, she helped me find a place to stay. Most inns are already full somehow. So can I get a room? ”

”Yes, of course. But, are you sure? As you can see, this place is a little quiet and there are almost no customers ”

”Its better for me if its a little quiet, and as long as I got a place to stay and breakfast in the morning. I would pay for it ”

We have set the deal; I choose to stay in Ilargia Lens inn for seven days while raising my rank. It is thirty-five copper in total and it is cheap if I have to say.

Missing person request, I think I saw it when I enter the adventurer guild today. It maybe includes Lulus father. But, if I remember it correctly its D-rank quests. So, I have to rank up to E first before I can take it. One week should be enough I think.

”Kufufufu, is that what are you gonna do next? ”

some voice echoed in my head

”Oh, so you
e up. I think you do some sleeping, seeing you are not bothering me for a whole day now. ”

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