I Told You I Am Not Otherworlder

Adventurer City Lunalemiere

party combat, and monster hunting so I don have a hard time answering it. When still five years old I already remember almost every book in the palace after all.

”Wow, a perfect score. Its so rare for a new adventurer to get a perfect score ”

She said rare, meaning there is an adventurer here who got a perfect score before then right? As expected of one of the biggest adventurer cities, looks like many extraordinary people gathered here.

”Please follow me to the practical test area next. Mr. Rean ”

Now then, just what kind of test is this practice exam is. Now she brought me to a spacious area, somehow it feels like a training field or maybe it is a training field.

”Just want to confirm. Your specialty is a sword right? ”

”(nod) ”

The reason she asks about it is that I am classless. Being classless doesn mean you are useless. Some people in the past raise their name as noble, knight, and adventurer even being classless so its quite normal for the classless to do anything. The only difference is, being classless means youll have to try hard in what field you want to do. For example, people that have a warrior, knight, and any class that has compatibility with a sword can master sword techniques 100 times easier than classless people.

There are also some grades in each class, from C to S. some S classes are only available to hero and sage while warrior and knight on B rank. There is also advancement of those two like paladin class which is A rank.

We could say each grade like this, B rank mastering technique is ten times easier than C rank while A rank is ten times easier than B rank, and so on. So a classless like me for example in sword technique will at least need to train at least thousands of times to reach A rank level on the same level of training as them. Kind of hard but thats what this world is, sometimes I want to kick the gods ass because of this system he or she created.

Because most people train their ability that compatible with their class, thats why for classless like me, its normal to ask what kind of field I train of.

Carmilla, the guild staff continue to explain the practical exam I need to take which is combat again three combat dolls.

A combat doll is a thing that is created from any type of element for example irons, steel, etc to any shape that the user wants, and then combined with a magic circle, which will move it depending on the users logic. This combat doll I face right now looks like created from steel two of them are human shape with a wooden sword and one of them is a tiger shape with a wooden knife in its mouth.

The goal of this test is to see if I can defeat the combat doll or at the least Im able to show an excellent tactic on a 1 vs 3 combat battle.

She takes her to leave after explaining that. She was replaced by a bald guy who just came in. He has a good body build. Mostly muscle must be warrior class I think. He only wears light armor so most of his upper body is visible. Maybe this is the real examiner and Carmilla is just the replacement.


”Five years, good to know you can move on ”

Whisper Carmilla as she is already far away from Rean.


”All right, on my signal, we will begin the test ”

I only give a nod as a yes response to the baldy examiner.

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