And so thats how the story goes.


”Umm, Rean. what wrong? You have been quiet for a while now, ” Lex suddenly talks to me. It makes me wake up from my flashback.

”Ah..? sorry… sorry, I got trapped on a little flashback there, ”

”Ha? ” now Lex shows the face of that confused person, but lets just forget it

”By the way, seeing that you guys are here. Meaning you have completed the requests that I ask the other day, I assume? ” I changed the topic, which is about the request that I ask them to accompany the victim woman the other day.

”Yeah, we accompany them until they arrive in the church of the Ignite Kingdom. they take care of them, ”

”But Rean, I might be not asking this the other day because its a request. Why the hell do you have a connection to the Ignite Kingdom church? ”

The other two also look at me, like a Lion waiting for prey. Well in this case, while I do not have any obligation to answer them, I am just gonna do it the usual way.

”Well, what can you say? I am a wonderful, mysterious man after all, plus a good and a bad person at the same time. ” I am not lying and also not honest about it.

Alex and Rieze only look at me with disappointment, and Linda only chuckles, kind of amused. I mean, I say it with a demonstration of my hand like boasting my identity, so they look at me like a joke, but looks like only Linda takes it the way I want it. I also feel an icy gaze from Mila at the receptionists table. Oh damn. And so I continue the topic.

”Here, the payment for the requests. ” I put out a bag full of silver coins. There is about 80 silver there, so it is a lot.

Just for reference, in this world. While the price of things in each city might differ from the common exchange rate of the coin, it would be.

1 silver = 100 copper

1 gold = 100 silver

1 platinum = 10 gold

After getting and checking the amount of money in the bag, Merinda then put it in her item box. Looks like the one who handles the financial its here.

The three of us have a little chat after that. Sometimes Mila also comes to deliver our drink and food.

”By the way, Rean, what are you doing in the forest that night? The time we met, ” Lex suddenly asks after a while.

”Of course, it- ”

”If you gonna say, just walking in the night looking for fresh air. Drop it, okay? ” Alex cut me off just when I was about to say exactly what he said.

”The other thing is okay, but the suspicious thing is no good for secret, okay, Rean-Kun, ” adds Linda

”Yeah, better spoil it now before it becomes trouble later. ” Of course, Rieze too.

I think this is what they said, a combo attack I guess.

”Well, ” I explained to them about Lulus father and about how I use my gathering quests to look for clues about Lulus father and the possibility of maybe there are some clues if I try looking at night, nothing found yet.

”Now that you mention it, we never try to look at that request because of the rank difference. But to think thats what happens huh, ” Alex who hears my stories gives his share of mind.

”Do you need us to help? ”, Rieze offer it to me.

”Nah, because its D rank requests, the difference of rank needed to be far away. So the reward would not be enough. But,- ”

”But, you got a hunch that this quest might be more than just D rank, not just because of the disappearing of the people but also probably the cause isn it? ” adds Merinda to my sentence.

”As expected of you Linda, now I wanna hug you. But yeah, thats what I think, the root of this request might be trouble ”,

she only responds with a little chuckle

”Well, so thats how it is. Since I am E-rank now, Gonna take the request. See you later guys ”

I said my goodbye to Alex and the others while walking to the request board.

”Is he gonna be okay? ”, said Mila to Alexs party when she come to their desk to deliver some food and drink.

While Carmilla works at the receptionist desk, its also often for her to do a waitress job for her friend.

”No worries I guess, even sometimes like an idiot, he is not you know ”

”Well, maybe you
e right. I wonder why I feel worried about him too ”

”fuhuhu looks like I find myself a rival, ” Linda joined the conversation

”Why would be? Its not like I want to fight you over him Linda..san ”

”I guess you
e right, Carmilla. Or should I say, princess Melfina-san ”

”Stop that, I go with the name Carmilla now. And I like it ”

”Ups, sorry about that then ”

Alex only watches those two women talking to each other at a high intensity, wondering should have gotten away now, and Rieze only gives a facepalm.

”Hmm? Why so noisy over there when I am already gone? (sigh). that Lex is so lucky. Envy.. ” is what I say to myself and maybe to Rain too when I look behind the time I reach the requests board.


After taking the request and confirming it with the receptionists desk, since Mila talked with Linda over there, the receptionist who I met is another one. After that, I get out of the guild and headed to the forest. Talk about Lunalemiere city, it directly connected every direction of this city to the four different places.

In the citys south forest of the dragon, they called it that because one of the mightiest dragons Feldragnel the storm dragon protect that forest.

In the north there is Gilga Mountains, this place is famous for its sacred dungeon, which is for A+ rank adventurers because of the monster there.

In the west, there is the Calamina forest, which is my destination right now. And last, the road goes for the east, which is later forked to lead to either Blum kingdom and Ignite Kingdom.

The reason I go to the Calamina forest is quite simple, is because this is the last place Lulus father was missing.

This forest while its quite calm, there is a monster inhabiting it, but the stronger is only up to C rank. Thats why bandit also uses this place as their hideout sometimes, third-rate bandit I mean.

”As expected, no clues at all. Its already deep inside the forest ”,

, ” Rain suddenly gives a suggestion

”Which one? There are so many that I even forget it ”

”Ah that one, yeah. That won do- ”,

The thing that Rain tries to say is one technology that I created as an experiment. In otherworld, it is called a wave sensor, to put it simply it read wave data from three or more places, depending on how many sensors you put, and then you can determine the source of the wave by reading the data or pinpoint the position of the source of the wave. And the professor who teaches me this thing already even detected magical waves with these sensors. The scariest part of this thing is not to use magic at all, and the technology to create it is unknown to this world, thats why this thing is a national secret. In this world, people are not ready for this technology yet, the reason I know this is that I am a student of that professor, though I am doing it as a side dish of my training.

The problem is, we don know what waves we want to search, thats why I said that won do, but if my hunch is true then-

”Yeah, maybe we can use it. But I need to re-program it a little ”,


After looking for a safe place I put out a device from my inventory box, which is a small-sized computer created by the professor. Then for a while do some re-programming to another device which is magic detection sensors. I place all three sensors that I have in three different places in the forest.

”Well, its simple actually. To put it simply, I am keeping the variable of sensors to the magical reading only, and filtering the magical reading ”

”I don know, hahaha. Well, I am blocking the reading from any type of magical energy that exists normally in this forest, and only read other than that ”

I am only responding with a smile agreeing with Rain.

”Now, we just have to wait for the sensors to read anything. Its gonna take a while for it to calibrate after all ”

The reason I am using technology like this is that I don have magical energy at all. I do can feel and see it when it is around me, which is normally can by other people except if the magical energy is so high, but I can use or make it mine. The reason, well it is thanks to Rain, which is one of the side effects of her reincarnation ability that I cancel out. It removes all potential of my magical energy with the trade of regaining myself.

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