‘Huh? Lize seems to be in a good mood.’

Lize tightened her lips and tried to hold back her smile.
Looking at the patron book, it seemed like she had high expectations for her new dress.

‘Even if it’s okay, it seems like you’re happy with the new dress.
I can’t even ask you to buy it with my mouth.
Ugh, poor thing.’

She returned to her room with a light heart, hoping that she had won Lize’s favor.

* * *

A fortnight after her wedding, the Duchess began giving her work.
When she went to the Duchess’s office, the one who greeted me was none other than Lize.

“Welcome, Miss Edith!”

The bright smile on her face was as red as always.

“Good morning, Miss Lize! You said you would come early, but you came first?”

She smiled and responded to her greeting.
She was not surprised when Lize popped out of the Duchess’s office, as she already knew the contents of the original, and she was not the original Edith.

“How can you entrust family documents to someone who is not even a family member of this house? A person who is not even an aristocrat and who has not learned anything properly…!”

It was a valid question, but since she was already Lize, whom she treated like the daughter of this family, the Duchess took Edith’s dissatisfaction quite unpleasantly.
So, she decided to respond with a smile on her face.

“I’m probably not good at things, so Lize, please teach me a lot.”

“That’s the level of running errands for the Duchess.”

“My mother wouldn’t let anyone stay by her side.
From now on, let’s get along well and have fun.”

Lize led her to the place where she would sit and work, and the Duchess looked at them with her happy face.
She seemed happy to see that the two girls were on good terms.

Ink and pens, a document tray, and a stack of papers lay on her writing desk.

‘It feels like working for a company in this world… Why do Koreans make people work there even if they are in a romance novel?’

She sighed in the atmosphere that reminded her of the first day she went to work at the company.
However, one of the life wisdoms she gained in her previous life was that ‘there is nothing wrong with learning something new’.

‘It’s most likely going to run away at night, but you never know.
Killian might turn round and take me down to the manor.’

If so, she might be able to put what she had learned to good use.


“Yes, Mother!”

“The bundle of papers I gave you was probably out of order.
Maybe the dates are messed up.
All you have to do is organize it according to the date.”

“Is it okay to simply organize by date? Wouldn’t it be okay if we didn’t classify by customer or transaction item?”

“I’d be more grateful if you categorized it that way.”


It was embarrassingly simple that she was nervous.
She unpacked some of the papers and began to examine them one by one.

‘That’s about it! It’s a problem because there’s a lot, but the work isn’t difficult.’

Occasionally, there were documents written in bad handwriting, so it took time to ‘decipher’ them, but she organized the documents relatively easily.

“Edit is also good at work.
So neat.”

She was even praised by the Duchess after checking some of the documents she had organized and piled up.

‘Good! That’s how the original story changes!’

She laughed shyly, then met Lize’s eyes and laughed again.
She, too, smiled lightly.

Working like that, the morning passed quickly.

Even if she did work, it was only about 2 or 3 hours at most, so it was a little disappointing as a Korean office worker who was trained to work overtime.

“There was a lot of work.
Please take care of me tomorrow as well.”

She received the Duchess’ ‘permission to leave work’ and came out of her office, humming her song in a good mood for some reason, when Lize called me from behind.

“Hey, Edith.”


“Yeah… If you are not busy, would you like to come over for tea in the afternoon?”

A shy blush appeared on Lize’s cheeks.

“I can’t help it if you’re busy…”

“I’ll go! Thank you for inviting me.”

As if she was really happy, she held her hands together and smiled.
To be honest, she didn’t want to get involved with the main characters, but if she refused, she could be accused of hurting Lize’s heart again and being accused of being a villainess.

“What time shall we go and where?”

“We have tea at 3:30 in the afternoon.
Today, let’s have a drink on the balcony of the Great Hall.”

The expression ‘we’ was oddly jarring.
Lize, she must have spoken unconsciously, but she felt like drawing a line between them and her.
Besides, being on the balcony of the Great Hall where she saw them the other day, she felt a bit uncomfortable.
However, how dare she go against the main character’s words when it comes to the subject of being an extra who needed to get out of her villainous role?

“Today’s weather is nice, so the courtyard must be more beautiful.
Then can we be there by 3:30?”

Then I’ll see you later.”

She waved at Lize with a bright face until the end and then turned around.
And the first thing she thought of was the original.

‘Was there a tea time invitation episode in the original work?’

She had so many tea times at the romance club that she couldn’t remember exactly which part it was.

‘Well, I’ll understand when I go.’

She couldn’t go through all the episodes of the original story.
She just didn’t think there’s a need to think too sensitively because it’s just that she didn’t have to commit the evil that Edith did in the original.
But something surprising happened.

“Follow me.”


Sometime after 3pm, Killian came to her room and asked her to follow him.
It seemed to be the first time he had ever mingled with Killian since their wedding.

“What is it? I have an appointment with Miss Lize in a while…”

“We are going there.”

“I see…”

That meant Lize must have sent him.
The figure of Lize forcibly pushing Killian’s back as she grumbled about why he had to escort her was good in front of her eyes.
Maybe today’s teatime invitation was planned to somehow make things better between her and Killian.

‘Lize is having a hard time because of me and Killian.’

She donned a light shawl and followed Killian.
It was obvious that he would never look back at her as he walked ahead, so she calmly watched his back.

‘Hey, look at my shoulders.
Are you a former swimmer? Ugh, that waist… I wish I could give you a back hug.’

But neither his broad shoulders, nor his narrow waist, nor his firm hips and firm thighs were anything she could get near.

‘It’s the first time I’ve ever been bewitched by looking at a man’s body.

If this kind of man was her husband, even a normal woman would suffer from infidelity.

‘But don’t worry.
I will just lick it with my eyes.’

It’s okay for Lize to have him.
She was just fine with her eyes closed.
After walking for a long time in such a happy mood, she was at the entrance of the great hall before she knew it.
Then, Killian suddenly turned around.
She happened to be appreciating his ass, so when he turned forward, her eyes landed on the embarrassing part.

“Mom!” she exclaimed in surprise.

As expected, Killian was looking down at her with a disapproving face.

“I warn you in advance.”

Alas, a warning.

“Lize is like our family.
She is much more precious to me than you, so… Be careful with your words in front of Lize.”

Oh, was that a warning? However, as she listened quietly, his backbone tightened a bit.
What did he say? When she was reading the original story, it was cider that Killian fired at Edith, but since she was in Edith’s position and listened to it, she felt bad even though she knew everything.

“And… Do you hurt me like this?”

She aed with sarcasm.
But there’s no way the obsessive sub male lead would turn his back on such sarcasm.

“What have you got to be hurt about? Wasn’t that what you were prepared for?”

“I am a human too.”

“Human? Aren’t you a snake?”

“You are very polite, Killian.
Shall we treat Miss Lize according to the manners of the son of the Duke?”

Only then did Killian’s mouth shut.
Even though she had promised herself not to expect anything from this man, she was heartbroken.
So, how difficult was it for the original Edith that loved Killian?

“I think you wanted to ruin my mood and make me a meaner woman, but that’s too bad.
I am not a woman who is easily swayed.”


“Of course, being hurt is another matter.”

Without listening to his answer, she passed Killian and walked towards the balcony of the Great Hall.
She should be smiling, but the corners of her mouth didn’t move.
Lize, who knew nothing, found her and waved her hand with a wide smile.

“Miss Edith! Here it is!”

Ah, dazzle! The female protagonist shined.
Rize’s sunshine-like smile made the melancholic mood just disappear as if it were sterilized.

‘Lize Sinclair, you beautiful, sinful, demonic woman!’

“Miss Lize! Thank you for inviting me to tea time.”

“I mean, thank you for coming, Miss Edith.”

“We are the same age and we always stay together… Why don’t you just call me by name?”

“Uh? Really? Is that okay?”


Like waking birds, Lize and she sat down chatting nonsense.

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