Chapter 1. Strange World

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Episode 2

That was the first time I thought that this world was strange.

I was hoping for an ordinary relationship, so I met an unknown man, and that was what happened. 

Was Tatiana a demonic woman?

Could it be that she approached my lovers with intentions?

I thought it was too much if it was true.

But my doubts quickly faded.

Because his real identity, which I thought was someone who was unknown, was revealed.

Andrew LeBron Gloucester.

He was the half-brother of the current emperor and the imperial member who went missing during the prince’s rebellion.

And the hidden male in this game.

According to the original story, with Tatiana’s help, he will regain the title of Grand Duke.

When I found out about his identity, I was overcome with despair.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t seem to get away from the original.

Shortly after breaking up with him, I heard that Tatiana was getting married.

That was how the original ended.


“I thought it would be okay this time.”

It has been three years since the original ended, and Tatiana even married, so I was thinking she’d never have any more affairs.

But I was going to get stabbed in the back like this…

I drank the champagne from the glass as if to soothe my bitter stomach.

There was a sense of curiosity in the eyes of the ladies who glanced at me in the distance.

‘You must have heard the news from somewhere.’

The news that the only daughter of Duke Pioneer was broken up again.

Rumors were inevitable as I poured the tea over Wilhelm’s head in the presence of the other guests.

Among them, someone who could not hold back their curiosity finally approached.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you, Princess.”

“Long time no see, Countess Thierry.
How have you been?”

Starting with her, people began to gather.

And I’ve been wasting time with useless stories for quite some time.
While we were talking about this and that, Countess Thierry threw her fastball.

“Princess Pioneer is really amazing.
If it were me to go through something like that, I would be embarrassed to see my family’s faces.

She said it as if it were a compliment, but one of the slightly raised lips was laughing at me.

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I answered Countess Thierry with a broad smile.

“In my family, from a young age, we are taught that we have to take responsibility for society as much as we enjoy wealth and power.
It’s a place I’m attending instead of my busy father, so I have to put aside my personal issues.”

“Oh my goodness…”

“Besides, I said we should break up first, so there is no reason to avoid it.”

It didn’t happen once or twice, so it wasn’t difficult to deal with.
Knowing that there was nothing to say, the topic of my breakup quickly faded.

I moderately responded to them and got out of the position.

In fact, I didn’t even want to come out.

This banquet was held once a year for the emperor to invite powerful nobles.

My father was out of the country just in time, and I attended on behalf of him.

‘How uncomfortable.’

I could feel Wilhelm glancing at me in the distance.

Besides, Wilhelm wasn’t the only one.

Ex-fiance Daniel and Raymond will also be here somewhere.

‘I want to go back soon.’

Once the audience with the emperor is over, I will run away from the banquet or whatever.

I drank champagne again.

Please, no one talk to me.


However, my wish was terribly broken, as always.

“Karina! Long time no see.
How have you been?”

A bright woman approached me with a soft smile, and as she entered, I felt the surroundings brighten up.

Just like the stage where the main character appeared.

“Long time no see, Grand Duchess of Gloucester.”

“Oh my.
How can you be so formal between us?”

My stomach churned when I saw her smiling and smirking.

“Come to think of it, you were engaged to Sir Wilhelm a while ago! You were dating for quite some time, so why didn’t you tell me?”

I felt a creepy feeling at Tatiana’s words.

I didn’t want to say it, of course, as all three of my romances were ruined by her.

Besides, Tatiana was not unaware of that fact.

“Are you worried that I might steal him again this time?”


“Hey, I’m a married woman now.
Don’t worry too much.

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It was like this every time.

The day after I broke up with Andrew, Tatiana continued to talk as if nothing had happened.

It was me who was hurt and having a hard time, but she acted as if I didn’t have any of those feelings.

“Have you ever met Wilhelm without me knowing?”



Tatiana looked surprised at my question.
Unknowingly, it was because my voice came out sharp.

Just because? If he marries Karina, we won’t be able to see each other often, right?”

“Wilhelm thought differently.”

“Hey, that was just a joke.”

I didn’t know those words would come out of her mouth.

I deliberately pretended not to know and asked Tatiana.

“What do you mean?”

Tatiana told me the story they shared with an innocent face.

She shared that she wanted to see each other often, and promised not to be separated even after her marriage.

Then she joked that this would spread the rumor that her paramour was Wilhelm.

“How seriously Sir Wilhelm said he didn’t care that he was my paramour.
He was cute!”


“Yes, Karina.
I’m so envious.”

When I saw her smiling face, I could feel the string of reason in me being cut.
What would have happened if Wilhelm hadn’t confessed to me first?

Perhaps the fact that the two of them met, and the paramour joke, were also heard from Tatiana.

Nothing could have been more irritating than that.

“I see.”

The cold anger started boiling again.

But my head was cold like never before.

“Titi is so tactless.”

I spoke kindly, but the content was extremely cold.

“Huh? Are you doing this because of the paramour story? It was a joke.”

It was absurd to see her smiling as if she knew nothing.

“Do you really have to tell me the story? And why are you secretly meeting my fiance and talking about it?”

“We’re friends…”

“Ah, so it wouldn’t matter if I met the Duke alone with just the two of us?”

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Her bright face turned cold at my words.

It was Tatiana’s new face, as if the emotion of anger had been castrated.
Now everything became clear.

She wasn’t simple enough that she didn’t know she shouldn’t have done that.

Tatiana must have approached my lovers on purpose.

Her hostility toward me was so clear that I wondered how I had just found out.

How could you do that to me? As your friend, I was worried.”

Wiping the anger from her face, she said as if I was wrong.

It wasn’t even funny.

It’s not me who was at fault.

“Worry? You’re the only woman I’ve met with men around you, so who should be the most worried about?”

“Karina, I told you that was a misunderstanding.”

Tatiana began to be aware of the gaze around her.
They were all looking at us with excited faces.
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Courtesy? Face?

That kind of thing had long since volatilized in my head.

“Misunderstanding… okay.
That was my 4th ex-boyfriend who confessed to me that he liked you.
At this point, you and I are on bad terms.”

There were noises of whispering around.

It would be interesting to hear the rumors coming out of people’s mouths.

At the same time, gazes mixed with curiosity and contempt fell upon us.

Tatiana was startlingly pale.

Judging from her face alone, it seemed that it was Tatiana, not me, who had been deprived of her lover.

It was quite enjoyable to watch the fidgety Tatiana.

“Karina, I didn’t mean to do that…”

“The Duke of Pioneer’s representative, please enter.”

Then, like a savior, the valet called out my name.


I left Tatiana and the banquet hall with the guidance of the valet.

Passing through a hallway made of white marble, I stood in front of a door adorned with gold and amethyst.

Now that the real purpose of coming here came to mind, I started to get nervous.

“Your Majesty, the representative of the Pioneer Duke, Princess Karina Pioneer has arrived.”

“Come in.”

When permission was heard, the door finally opened.

“I greet Your Majesty.”

“Welcome, princess.
This is our first meeting, am I correct?”

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“Yes, Your Majesty.”

This was the first time I had personally met the emperor.

The young emperor was very different from what I thought.

Appearing to be in his mid-twenties, he looked younger than expected, and was more overwhelming.

Even just looking down, I felt a sense of intimidation that made my spine shiver.

“Come this way.”

I approached and sat across from the emperor.
Then his hazy appearance was strongly recognized.

Gorgeous blonde hair and purple eyes symbolizing the imperial family.
Even his nose and cool smiling lips.
The emperor clenched his chin and looked down at me with a relaxed face.

‘Good looks.’

It was not enough to say that he was just handsome.

After possessing, I met many attractive men, but this feeling was different from the charms they had.

‘By the way, was he Tatiana’s first love?’

He was the one who immediately rejected Tatiana’s bold proposal before the original work started.

She revived that memory of seeing him from time to time.

“Princess, Princess?”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“That’s a different way of thinking in front of people… Were you thinking of the sadness of a broken heart?”

It was as if the rumor had already reached his ears.

I smiled slightly and answered him.

“No, Your Majesty.
I was just surprised for a moment that Your Majesty was more beautiful than I imagined.”

“I’m glad then.”

What is this relief?

There were a lot of things I wanted to ask, but perhaps time was running out, so the emperor went straight to the point.

We had a short talk about various pending issues.

We had similar views on several issues than I expected, so I was able to organize them quickly.

The meeting ended by arranging some issues that needed to be adjusted.

“Thank you for hearing me today, Your Majesty.”

When I looked out the window, a lot of time had passed.

“Is there any last thing you want to say?”

“No, Your Majesty.”

In response to my reply, the Emperor said with a playful expression on his face.

“I heard your engagement got broken.
If your fiance’s seat is vacant, I’d like to fill the spot.”

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