Chapter 3. Rule Breaker

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Episode 22

I was speechless at Nivea’s shocking words.

For a perfumer to lose their sense of smell, it was as if she had lost everything.

“Have you been to the big hospital? Maybe it can be treated.”

“I’ve been there, but I’ve only heard that the chances are slim.”

Was it because of the fire?

Or maybe there were other psychological factors.

It was so sudden that I lost my words.

“I’m tired now.”

I didn’t want Nivea to retire like this.

Because I was the one who persuaded and pulled her out that she wouldn’t go any further.

It may be her pitiful remorse, but I wanted her to be the subject of my revenge.

“Please reconsider your retirement.
It’s too futile to have endured so far to sit down like this.”


“If you need more people, I will add more.
I’ll attach bodyguards and prepare a safe house for the two of you.
So Nivea.”

I said, holding her hands tightly.

“Don’t give up on revenge.”

Nevertheless, Nivea hesitated.

As she had seen her shop, which she had built her whole life, trampled upon by those in power, she could not help but tremble even more.

I persuaded her again earnestly.

“Vengeance isn’t all about harming someone.
Show that you are getting better and winning.
No matter how much Tatiana tried to step on you, you succeeded like this.”

Her eyes, which had been black as if it had died, gleamed for a moment.
It was fortunate that her spirit of victory was not completely extinguished.

I needed something to bring out her waning will.

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“Don’t step back like this.
Think about Lela.”

When Lela’s name came out, her lifeless eyes lit up.


Her dream was to leave the boutique to Lela, and I was willing to support her with everything to make her dream come true.

There were few people in this empire who could keep Tatiana in check, and I was one of those people who could do that.

Tears welled up in Nivea’s eyes when I explained that.

“Are you really going to help me?”

“Of course.
Just tell me what you want and what you need.
There’s nothing I can’t get in this empire.”

Nivea nodded her head at my words.

After long persuasion, we decided to write a contract.

It was a one-sided contract that was full of the terms Nivea wanted, but I did not regret it.

Because this was nothing compared to what she lost.

“And lastly, I wish the chief perfumer to be Lela.”

Everything was allowed, but this was a bit of a difficult condition.

“No matter how good Lela is, she’s still young.
She’ll definitely need another experienced perfumer.”

Nivea shook her head.

“It’s not because she’s my daughter.
Lela really has a natural talent in this area.
If you trust her, she will make the perfect product.”

She then said in a voice full of anger.

“All I need is Lela.
She will humiliate her with her own strength.”

I kept my mouth shut when I saw her so determined.

If Nivea was this sure, I thought I could trust Lela.

“Okay, then let’s do this.
Summer is coming soon, so there will be a masquerade that our family used to hold every year.”

The gigantic masked dance party created by the first Duke of Pioneer, who loved to play.
It was a hot topic in social circles every year.

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And this year, I planned to open it in a bigger and more glamorous way, conscious of the relationship between me and Aster.

“That’s where you and Lela come in.”

In this era, marketing was nothing but advertisements and word of mouth in newspapers.

But there was a way to be more powerful than that.

It was just a first-hand experience.

“And we’re going to let the customers try the products themselves.
Even if they can’t, there will be two or three hundred guests, and you’ll make enough perfume for them to use.”

There was only a little over a month left until the masquerade.

I knew it was a tough schedule, but it was a good opportunity so I couldn’t miss it.

Nivea nodded her head.

“We will definitely do it.”

“That’s not all.
If there is a good response there, I will release it.
In your name.”

If it was a perfume that was liked by hundreds of ladies, I could believe in Lela’s ability.

Besides, she could also increase her fame, so if she were successful, she would bring a huge gain.

Thank you, Princess.
I will make the perfect fragrance so as not to harm your reputation.”

I sent her off and returned to my room.

I sat down at the table to organize my thoughts that had been put off. 

The bracelet has two functions.

One is likability, and the other is choosing a choice.

‘Maybe there are other features.’

But there was a more fundamental question than that.

What attracted my ex-fiance to her may be because the characters were created for Tatiana in the first place.

But Nivea was different.

She was someone I have never seen in the game, so maybe she couldn’t understand how she could do that.

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“It’s no use thinking about it alone.”

I got up and called Lily.

“Prepare me for going out, so get a carriage ready.”

“What? But you are not well yet.”

“That’s right.
That’s why I’m going out.”

The fastest way to catch a tiger is to enter the tiger’s den.

The safest way to look into a crazy woman’s head is to meet in a public place.

Besides, my current appearance was enough to stimulate her conscience, so it was a bonus.

I took the anxious Lily and climbed into the carriage.

I didn’t forget my bracelet, just in case.

The carriage soon arrived in front of the Archduke.

Originally, it was a rule for noble families to set an appointment time in advance and go.
Read only at pm tl.

However, Tatiana never did that.

She used to just come and see me.

‘Aren’t we friends?’

She has always told me that, so I thought I’d treat her the same this time.

As I got off the carriage, I saw the butler of the Archduke family rushing out.

“Oh, welcome, Princess Pioneer.
What brings you to the Duchy of Gloucester?”

“I’m here to meet my friend.
After going through a mortal crisis, I realized I had to do something quickly.
Could you call Tatiana for me?”

I glanced at the butler, taking my gloves that Lily gave me.

He looked bewildered and was silent for a moment, and then he led me to the drawing room.

The gossip and eyes of the maids were vivid all the way through the halls of the mansion and towards the drawing room.

I said to Lily in a loud voice as if wanting them to listen.


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“Yes, lady.”

“No matter how sudden a guest comes, don’t forget your maid’s duty.
Always remember that your attitude can stain our family’s face.”

She understood the meaning of my words, and said in a strong voice.

“Of course.
Wherever I go, I will not act vulgarly as a servant of Princess Pioneer.”

Then the maids scattered all over the place.

Seeing that the earlobe of the butler who was guiding me turned red, he seemed to know that it was probably a shame.

“This is it.
The Duchess will be coming down soon, so please wait for a moment.”

I drank tea in the guided drawing room and waited for Tatiana.

How much time has passed-

Tatiana, who seemed to have come in a hurry, opened the door and entered.

“Oh, what’s wrong, Kari? You came all the way here.”

“I haven’t come to a place I couldn’t come, so why?”

“Why? It’s not like I’m in a place I can’t come to.”

Tatiana was surprisingly restless and she was at a loss for what to do.

I wanted to tease her.

“I almost died in a fire accident a while ago.
After my crisis of death, I realized that there was no point in procrastinating on my business.”

It was ridiculous how she reacted so naively to the words ‘fire accident’ and ‘crisis of death’.

I asked her to turn around.

Tatiana, who hesitated for a while, soon did so.

Lily stood there, managing to keep us apart.

“I’m glad you’re safe though.
You don’t know how surprised I was when I heard the news.”

“Oh, I just got a little hurt.
But I’m very worried since the store owner has lost her sense of smell.”

Tatiana almost dropped the teacup she was holding, as if she hadn’t heard the news yet.

The way her blue eyes shook, it seemed as if she felt a sense of remorse.

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