sons abandoned by their families?

On second thought, perhaps it was due to their status as fated persons.
The family he belonged to did not have enough resources and could not bear his fate, resulting in him becoming an abandoned child who was expelled.

“Wang Luo is the fated person of the current generation of the Northern Region and the illegitimate son of the Wang family, an aristocratic family specializing in the Dao of alchemy.
He was born with pill meridians, and has extremely high talent in the Dao of alchemy.
When he was young, he was attacked by an evil person, and his pill meridians were accidentally severed.”

Wang Luo was born with pill meridians, and his talent in the Dao of Alchemy was outstanding.
Unfortunately, when he was young, he had been attacked by an evil person, and his pill meridians were accidentally severed.
Although he had excellent talent, thanks to his severed pill meridians, he was unable to use it.

Pill meridians were like Ding Yue’s Heaven’s Will sword pulse.
They were considered a special talent and also a special type of constitution that was rarely seen in the world.

Therefore, even the Wang family, an aristocratic family that focused on studying the Dao of alchemy, did not discover Wang Luo’s natural pill meridians.
Otherwise, they would have done everything possible to reconnect his pill meridians.

Although he was an illegitimate, as long as Wang Luo’s father was not a retard, he would not abandon such an outstanding son.

Wang Luo had been attacked when he was young.
This matter seemed somewhat special.
It seemed that it had not been done by someone from the Wang family, but was rather related to his mother.

Three years ago, Wang Luo’s mother had left home to find a way to solve his body’s flaws.
Since then, there had been no trace of her.
Wang Luo’s situation took a turn for the worse as well.

The people who had schemed against him back then actually did not know that he had natural pill meridians.
However, because they had severely injured Wang Luo back then, his pill meridians had unexpectedly been severed.

What a tragic fellow.

Moreover, Chu Xuan could also see that Wang Luo had been crushed in a pill battle with someone else, causing the Wang family to believe that he had completely disgraced the Wang family’s pill dao.
Expelling him was in itself a plot against him.

His fiancée had someone else she fancied, so she planned this debacle to find an excuse to break off her marriage engagement with Wang Luo.

As expected of a fated person.
He had unexpectedly come to the Southern Region and even ran over to the Chu family’s territory.

Wang Luo was walking in a daze when he spotted a small courtyard.
His footsteps paused, and he hesitated in his heart as to whether or not he should stay in the small courtyard.

If he used the excuse of rewarding the Chu family for their spirit crystals and refined some medicinal pills for the Chu family, he would be able to stay in the Chu family.
He would then have a place to stay and slowly search for a solution to his body’s defects.

At this moment, a voice entered his ears.

“Young man, do you feel that your future is uncertain?”

“Do you feel that you have lost your direction in life?”

“Are you willing to remain downtrodden, exiled, abandoned, and reduced to being a piece of trash?”

“Do you ever think of rising up? To make those who once looked down on you feel regret?”

Wang Luo’s body trembled as he looked towards the small courtyard.

“Senior, who are you?”

“I am known as the beacon of hope for lost souls, the savior of all the trash in the universe.
Young man, as long as you are trash, if you study under me, you will make those who once abandoned you feel regret.”

Wang Luo’s face was filled with shock.
He had a feeling that this senior was not being very serious.

He swallowed his saliva, and his heart pounded rapidly.
“Senior, I became trash because of a flaw in my body…”

“No matter what the reason is, as long as you’re trash, you are worthy of being saved by me.
You can be reborn.”

Chu Xuan’s voice was ethereal, as if it had emerged from ancient times.

He had used a small time-based technique.
Of course, he had used it inside his domain.
To him, fooling Wang Luo, a mere profound realm cultivator, was a piece of cake.

Wang Luo was shocked and excited.
Had he encountered an unimaginable expert?

A great opportunity!

Wang Luo hurriedly entered the small courtyard.

“Junior Wang Luo greets Senior!”

As soon as he entered the small courtyard, he wanted to bow.

“Kneel down and kowtow.
Acknowledge me as your master.”

Wang Luo slightly raised his gaze and saw seven-colored divine light flashing around.
A figure that exuded heaven-shaking power sat upright on the chair.


Wang Luo was so shocked that he directly knelt down.

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