After a few days of trial and error, Chu Xuan finally figured out how to use the time technique to influence the enemy within his domain.

The Heavenly Spirit Cat’s domain was activated, and it pounced forward at an extremely fast speed.
With a wave of its small claw, one could already see a barrage of claw marks.

The Sky-shaking Golden Roc spread its wings, and sharp golden light flew out like a blade, piercing through Heaven and Earth to attack Chu Xuan.

This battle took place within the universe space.
If it was in a small courtyard, the entirety of the Chu family’s territory would have disappeared from the attacks.

Chu Xuan’s eyes flashed, and a mysterious light appeared around his body as he flashed over to the Heavenly Spirit Cat.

The cat, which was originally pouncing over at high speed, seemed to have been affected by some kind of law of time.
Its body actually paused for a moment, and its attack also likewise paused.

Within that brief moment, Chu Xuan’s hand wrapped itself around the cat’s neck.

A mysterious light once again appeared, flashing past the golden blade that the Sky-shaking Golden Roc had shot forth.
The blade, which originally seemed to be cutting through Heaven and Earth, paused for a moment.

By this time, Chu Xuan had already dodged the attack.
The mysterious light once again appeared, flashing as it shot itself into the Sky-shaking Golden Roc’s body, causing it to also pause for a moment.

At this moment, the victor was decided.

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The Heavenly Spirit Cat and the Sky-shaking Golden Roc stared at Chu Xuan in shock.

One had to know that Chu Xuan had suppressed his cultivation to the first level of the Emperor realm, yet he had easily captured them.

The mysterious light was especially strange.

It seemed to be able to affect time?

This was not a power that could be used by an Emperor realm cultivator!

“Haha, I’m indeed the most talented person in the world!”

Chu Xuan was extremely excited.

He originally wanted to create a minor technique, but in the end he created the foundation of what would be a grand technique.
Once his cultivation increased, this grand technique would be no weaker than the time illusion technique.

Currently, although it was only a minor technique and could only be used inside his own doman, it formed the foundation of the time-based grand technique, so it had a lot of room for growth.

Time Theft!

Chu Xuan named it theTime Theft technique, as it stole the enemy’s time!

“You have createdand comprehended the foundation of a time-based grand technique.
You have proven the wisdom and intelligence of a home-bound otaku, and have been rewarded with the time vessel.”

What a pleasant surprise, the system had actually come out to reward him again.

Moreover, the system had also recognized his creation as the foundation of a time-based grand technique.
From this, it could be seen that this secret art that he had created possessed endless potential and could directly lead its user toward the Great Dao of time.

He then examined the time vessel that the system had rewarded him with.

It was a small crystal-clear and gorgeous boat that did not seem to exist in reality.
It looked ethereal and exuded a hallucinatory vibe.

“The time vessel is a time-based treasure.
It can wander in the long river of time unaffected by the erosion of time…”

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This was a super awesome treasure.

Chu Xuan was excited.
A treasure that could wander in the long river of time probably did not exist in the nine zones and fifty regions.

However, to Chu Xuan, the time vessel was not of much use at the moment.

He could not go to the river of time either.

His cultivation realm was far too low.
Visiting the river of time required an extremely high cultivation realm.

Even though he had mastered the time illusion technique and created the Time Theft technique, he still could not comprehend the river of time.

Still, a treasure like the time vessel would eventually come in handy one day.

Chu Xuan was fascinated by the thought of one day sailing on an ethereal boat and wandering the river of time.

That was the image of a true immortal in his heart, and the goal that he pursued.

After creating the time-based secret technique, Chu Xuan returned to his previous state.

The Heavenly Spirit Cat and the Sky-shaking Golden Roc returned to the pocket dimension to continue their cultivation.

Su Xian’er also went back to her normal routine.
Every day, she would organize the information sent over by the Black Moon Tower and would brief Chu Xuan on whatever she found relevant or interesting.

Ding Yue was cultivating in seclusion in the pocket dimension.
He was trying his best to break through the second stage of the way of the sword while comprehending the Heaven-reaching sword technique.

He would only leave the pocket dimension to ask Chu Xuan questions about parts of the cultivation technique that he did not understand.

Su Xian’er, on the other hand, needed to find enough time to organize the information from the Black Moon Tower for Chu Xuan and brief him, but also cook delicacies.

Looking at Su Xian’er, Chu Xuan made an exception and allowed her to enter a period of closed-door cultivation to break through.
He was looking forward to the cultivation boost reward that the system would provide after she broke through.

Ding Yue was also about to break through to the unity realm.

After all, he had been cultivating inside the pocket dimension for several years.

The pocket dimension was like a cheat-code when it came to training disciples.

A hundred-year Emperor realm expert would be born in only a hundred days.

Of course, despite spending a hundred years in a pocket dimension, it was actually impossible to break through to the Emperor realm so quickly.
It would take a longer time for them to comprehend and consolidate their foundations.

Chu Xuan was eager to take in a few more talented disciples to help him improve his strength quickly.

However, the matter of taking in disciples could not be rushed.
If one was not a peerless heaven’s blessed, Chu Xuan would not even bother to take a look.
The cultivation speed of ordinary disciples was too slow.
Not only would he not obtain the cultivation boost reward from the system, but he would also have to waste resources training them.

Great Yan County, Great Qin Dynasty.

Chu Yun had arrived at the territory of Great Yan County, and was searching for spirit herbs on a huge mountain.

Suddenly, two figures walked over from afar.

One of them was dressed in black, whose body exuded an evil aura.
He was a heretic cultivator.

She immediately became vigilant.

However, she was not afraid.

She had the secret protection of an expert of the truth realm behind her.

The Chu family originally wanted to send out a unity realm family elder to protect her, but after learning that Chu Yun had the secret protection of an expert of the truth realm, they did not arrange for an expert to follow her around.

The little evil king waved the folding fan in his hand in a very flirtatious manner.
His slightly pale face exuded a demonic charm.

The ruthless little evil king had always been known for being cruel and abnormal.

In the evil imperial court, he was an exception.

He was also the only evil king candidate in the line of evil kings who did not practice evil techniques.

If he successfully became the next evil king, then he would become the only evil king in the history of the evil imperial court who did not practice evil techniques.

Although the little evil king was not an evil cultivator, in terms of ruthlessness, cruelty, and perversion, countless evil cultivators could not hold a candle to him.

Seeing Chu Yun picking spirit herbs from afar, the protector of the little evil king, Wang Hang, could not help but feel pity for this little girl Chu Yun.

Meeting the little evil king was bad luck.

The little evil king’s eyes lit up, and he quickly stepped forward.

“Greetings, little girl!”

He cupped his hands and bowed in a scholarly manner.

Wang Hang was stunned.
What was going on? When did the little evil king become so easy to talk to and accommodating?

Could it be that he was trying out a new trick?

Chu Yun frowned.
The little evil king did not give off good vibes.
Although he did not cultivate evil techniques, he was still evil.

He had a bewitching smile on his face.

Even though he tried his best to pretend to be gentle, he still could not change his bewitching temperament.

It was obvious that he was not a good person.

Chu Yun put the spiritual medicine into her storage bag and turned around to leave.
She did not have the slightest intention of interacting with the little evil king.

Wang Hang gave Chu Yun a pitying look.
If she ignored the little evil king like that, she would definitely end up in a miserable state.

The little evil king’s figure flashed, and he blocked Chu Yun’s path.

He tidied up his clothes and put a devilish smile on his face.
He bowed again in a scholarly manner and said, “Miss, I am being very polite.”

There must be something wrong with this person’s brain.

“Move aside, I don’t have time to deal with you!”

Chu Yun glared at him.

“Miss, please!”

The little evil king moved aside and made a pleasant gesture.

Wang Hang was dumbfounded.
What was going on? Did the little evil king change his ways?

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