Apart from being indestructible and unable to be damaged, the ordinary tree did not seem to be of much use.

Although it was sharp, it was unable to damage Dao artifacts, so the ordinary tree could not be used as a weapon.

However, it was still a very rare treasure.

Chu Xuan was actually very concerned about this tree.

After all, it was the most precious treasure in his pocket dimension.

In fact, if it was used properly, the ordinary wood was still very powerful.

Although this tree was thousands of meters tall, it was still a sapling and had not fully grown.

Even though it was just a sapling, it had already awakened the characteristic of being unable to be damaged.

However, for Chu Xuan, it would not be difficult for him to break its branches.

It grew inside the pocket dimension, and Chu Xuan was the master of the pocket dimension, so he had full control over it.

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The ordinary tree was part of the reward given by the system in the pocket dimension, so none of its characteristics were effective against Chu Xuan.

“Calm down a little.
Stop causing trouble, and work hard to increase your strength.”

Chu Xuan remonstrated the Heavenly Spirit Cat, the Sky-shaking Golden Roc, and the Spirit Devouring Flower.

The cat, bird, and tree all stopped fighting.
They did not fight with the giant ape, but instead each found a mountain to occupy.

The pocket dimension was rich in resources, and housed countless natural treasures.
The spiritual power here was even denser than that of the Southern Region, so the speed of one’s cultivation here would be faster.

Chu Xuan summoned Su Xian’er and Ding Yue out of the universe space.

“This place is a pocket dimension.
Go inside and cultivate.”

Su Xian’er and Ding Yue were shocked.

Looking at the glittering door, they widened their eyes.
There was a pocket dimension inside?

Where did this pocket dimension come from?

“Master, this is…”

“You’re making a big fuss over nothing.
How can you cultivate the Supreme Sword like this? It’s just a pocket dimension, and you’ve already lost your composure.
What would you do if a peerless beauty from the ancient or modern times appeared in front of you?”

“The state of mind of young people nowadays is really bad.
Cultivate the way of the sword well and strive to break through the three stages as soon as possible.” Chu Xuan reprimanded him.

Ding Yue instantly felt extremely ashamed.
In the end, his mental state had still been too immature.
He had lost his composure so easily.

“Master, you’re right!”

Chu Xuan was in a good mood.
He also derived pleasure from training his disciple.

“En, go in then.
A year inside is a day outside.
Strive to break through to the Emperor realm as soon as possible!”

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Ding Yue lost his composure again.

“A year in the pocket dimension is equivalent to a day in reality?”

He was so excited that his face turned red.
The pocket dimension was definitely a sacred land for cultivation.

“You lost your composure again?” Chu Xuan reprimanded him again.

“Hehe, Master is right to lecture me.”

Ding Yue chuckled and quickly entered the pocket dimension.

Su Xian’er’s mouth was wide open, and her face was filled with shock.

She came from the prosperous Central Region, and she was also a descendant of a large family.
She was far more knowledgeable than Ding Yue.

It was rumored that there was a type of secret realm in the world where people cultivated for a hundred years but, outside in reality, only a year passed.

There was once a famous expert who had quickly rose to prominence thanks to one of these peerless secret realms.

It was rumored that this type of time secret realms had been left behind by supreme experts.
They were extremely rare and hard to come by.

They usually also contained those experts’ inheritances.

After someone entered and activated it, the secret realm would disappear once the time was up.

However, this pocket dimension would not disappear.

What was more shocking was that this was not a secret realm, but a pocket dimension!

Exactly how powerful was this Senior?

Su Xian’er had a premonition that she would soon break through to the Emperor realm, or even the Supreme realm.

When that time came, she would return to the Central Region and suppress the Su family, slapping those b*stards on the face.

Those who had mocked her, looked down on her, and humiliated her would all be killed!

When that time came, those b*stards who secretly coveted her beauty and had evil intentions about her would all be killed!

That detestable sister of hers had actually married her to that disgusting fellow.
After she returned, she would marry her sister to a beggar!

Then she would force that disgusting fellow who wanted to marry her back then to marry an ugly freak.
Thinking back to that time, she felt so disgusted!

The more Su Xian’er thought about it, the more excited she became.
She could not wait to return to the Central Region to take revenge!

The corners of Chu Xuan’s mouth twitched.
What was this girl doing?

Was she dreaming of rising up and killing everyone?

“Stop daydreaming.
Go inside and roast a sheep for me.”

Su Xian’er blushed and said coquettishly, “Sir, I still need to cultivate.
Can you roast the sheep later?”

Chu Xuan ignored her coquettish remark.
“I think you’d better return to the universe space and stay there.”

“I’ll roast, I’ll roast it right away.”

Su Xian’er looked at Chu Xuan with a bitter expression.

Senior did not show any mercy at all!

She hurriedly entered the pocket dimension and saw that, not far away, a sheep was eating grass.
She lashed out with her whip.


The sheep lowered its head.
Its horns shot out two bolts of lightning towards her long whip.

Su Xian’er was shocked.
A random grass-eating sheep actually had the strength of a unity realm cultivator?

After exerting quite a bit of effort, the sheep was finally slaughtered and roasted.
It was charred on the outside and tender on the inside.
The fragrance assailed her nostrils.

Su Xian’er could not help but tear off a piece of mutton, stuffing it into her mouth.


It was too delicious.
It was much more delicious than the demonic beast meat of the Southern Region.

Moreover, the spiritual power contained within was even more dense and pure.

She took the roasted sheep out of the pocket dimension and placed it on the table in front of her before moving to return to the pocket dimension.

Due to the time flow difference, only a short time had passed since Su Xian’er entered, caught the sheep, and roasted it.

“Have you forgotten your duties?”

Chu Xuan glanced at her.
“How can you comprehend the Great Dao if you’re so impatient? One’s state of mind is the foundation of comprehending the Great Dao.
Sit down and slice the meat.”

Su Xian’er took a few deep breaths to calm herself down and then sat down beside Chu Xuan.

“Sir, you are right.”

She took out a small knife and cut off a small piece of meat.
Her tender white fingers pinched the piece of meat and fed it to Chu Xuan’s mouth.

“This is what life should be all about!”

Chu Xuan swallowed the meat Su Xian’er handed to him and sighed.

“You are enjoying the comfortable time at home.
You can also enjoy the luxuries of home after comprehending it.
You have been rewarded with the complete collection of delicacies and the time illusion technique.”

A random reward from the system was triggered.

Chu Xuan was pleasantly surprised.
He swallowed the mutton that Su Xian’er handed him and waved her off.

Su Xian’er ran into the pocket dimension excitedly.

He first examined the complete collection of delicacies.

Inside the complete collection of delicacies were all sorts of materials and recipes for the delicacies of this world, as well as the methods of cooking them.

These delicacies were made with top-tier heavenly materials and earthly treasures.

One had to know that many heavenly materials and earthly treasures were very delicious.
Even the rare delicacies in the world were also rare treasures.

In the complete collection of delicacies, aside from the materials and recipes, there were also seeds that could be cultivated.

Chu Xuan called Su Xian’er out.


Su Xian’er had a wronged expression on her face.
Why did he call her for everything? Ding Yue was his disciple, so it was only right for him to serve Sir.

“Plant all of these in the pocket dimension.
Also, learn how to cook these recipes.”

Chu Xuan handed all the items in the complete collection of delicacies to Su Xian’er.

As a servant, she would be unqualified if she did not know how to cook.


Su Xian’er took the complete collection of delicacies and entered the pocket dimension once more.

When she opened it, she was stunned.

There were countless rare and legendary treasures inside.

There were also countless rare and precious treasures that she did not know about or had never heard of.

She looked at the matching recipes and was stunned.
These recipes were not simple.

They recorded everything from the processing of the materials to the matching of all kinds of rare treasures with each other, as well as how to fully bring out their effects and flavors.

If she stewed a pot of these rare dishes every day, she would break through to the truth realm in no time at all!

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