Chu Xuan was regretful that he had not managed to deceive another powerhouse.

Moreover, it had been so long, yet there had not been any new individuals with great luck passing by his courtyard.

What was more unexpected was that, under the Evil King’s reorganization, the evil imperial court had unexpectedly become prosperous.

There were actually quite a few evil cultivation geniuses that had emerged, all rising from the bottom rungs among the heretic cultivators.

These geniuses were extremely grateful to the Evil King and were quickly taken in by him as his confidants.

The Evil King did not expect to obtain such an unexpected harvest, so he became even more determined to implement the new laws.

Mo Tuo was still inside the world-cleansing glazed pagoda.
Eighty percent of his devil soul had lost its demonic qi.

However, he had still been a Heaven realm expert after all.
It would still take some time for him to be fully converted.

Now, Mo Tuo spent less time roaring and more time meditating.
Buddhist light surged out of his soul and he would recite Buddhist scriptures.

Chu Xuan was not in a hurry.
There was still some time before the Asura Ancient Land opened.

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No matter how many factions laid out their plans and how many experts used chess pieces, he would still flip the chessboard with his own plans and actions.

Moreover, he was also laying out his plans.
Rather than wanting to achieve anything specific, he just wanted to disrupt the chess game and make it impossible for the experts who carefully laid out their plans to do as they pleased.

The five-year milestone finally arrived.

Chu Xuan was extremely excited as he waited for the system’s reward.

It had been five years, so the reward would be very generous, right?

“You’ve stayed in seclusion for five years and enjoyed yourself while staying home.
You’ve been rewarded with a pocket dimension.”

A pocket dimension?

Chu Xuan was stunned, and then ecstatic.

A pocket dimension? This was not something the universe space could compare to.

The universe space was just a space created by array formations.
There were no plants, creatures, mountains, or rivers in it.

The pocket dimension was different.

Mountains, rivers, plants, and creatures all existed inside the pocket dimension.

Would there also be humans?

Since it was a pocket dimension that the system rewarded him with, there probably were not any humans inside.

Chu Xuan immediately received the reward.

The pocket dimension was not considered big.
It was slightly larger than the Southern Region.
There were mountains, rivers, and plants and creatures everywhere.

There were all kinds of cultivation resources, all kinds of rare treasures, medicines, and natural treasures inside.
There was no end to these in sight.

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Chu Xuan became extremely excited.

“An entrance to the pocket dimension (evolvable) can be opened or closed at any time.
Its owner can adjust the time flow inside the pocket dimension to differ from that of the real world…”

Focusing his thoughts, Chu Xuan immediately gained a clear view of the entire pocket dimension.

This was a small world that could evolve.

He checked the relevant information in the description.
To evolve the pocket dimension, one needed a spirit vein or Dao verse.

After reading that, Chu Xuan could not help but sigh.
He was still too poor.
He had no problems raising pets, disciples, and servants, but it seemed like he still could not afford to raise a pocket dimension.

To evolve the pocket dimension, he needed a lot of spirit veins.
Even if he plundered all the resources of the entire Southern Region and used them to grow the pocket dimension, it would not be able to evolve much.
It seemed that the evolution of this pocket dimension would still have to rely on the system’s rewards.

Apart from the fact that the pocket dimension could evolve, Chu Xuan also noticed that he could adjust the time flow within the pocket dimension.

To put it bluntly, he was able to change the flow of time in relation to the time in reality.

For example, if he stayed inside the pocket dimension for a year, only a day would have passed in reality.

However, the time flow difference in the pocket dimension was rather useless for Chu Xuan.
After all, even if he stayed inside it for a year, the system would calculate the rewards based on the flow of time in reality.

Currently, the biggest time flow adjustment he could make between the pocket dimension and the real world was one year in the former equating to one day in the latter.

Chu Xuan’s first thought was that, with the pocket dimension, he would be able to train strong people in a very short time.

The spiritual power inside the pocket dimension was even richer than in the Southern Region.
Of course, the laws of Heaven and Earth in the Southern Region had yet to be restored, which resulted in its relatively low amount of spiritual power.

Moreover, cultivation resources were abundant everywhere inside the pocket dimension, and there were countless natural treasures.

Chu Xuan was very excited.
Ding Yue and Su Xian’er would be able to advance to the truth realm within a very short time.

Also, to break through to the Emperor realm, one needed a long time to solidify one’s foundation before breaking through.

However, with the pocket, the time needed to do that could also be greatly shortened.

Once Ding Yue and Su Xian’er broke through, Chu Xuan would receive a cultivation boost reward.

According to the system’s rules, he had to remain in seclusion at home.
He would train his disciples or servants, and his cultivation would increase rapidly when one of them broke through to a major realm, he would receive a cultivation boost reward.

When Ding Yue broke through to the void realm, the system rewarded him with ten years’ worth of cultivation.

At this moment, Chu Xuan wanted to take in a few more disciples.

However, their levels of talent had to be monstrous enough.

The cultivation boost reward the system gave him also mentioned the criteria for the disciple or servant’s cultivation to “increase rapidly”.
It could be seen that, in order to receive a cultivation boost reward, the disciple or servant’s cultivation speed could not be slow.

Chu Xuan looked at the lucky mystic realms in the courtyard.
It had been so long.
Why had no one with great luck arrived yet?

Should he activate a lucky mystic realm?

Chu Xuan decided to wait a little longer.
After obtaining another lucky mystic realm, he would activate one.

He would not activate one in the Southern Region.

The current fated person of the Southern Region, Ding Yue, had already acknowledged him as his teacher.
Even if there were other people in the Southern Region with great luck, they could not compare to Ding Yue.

Chu Xuan had yet to make up his mind on the exact location.
He would make the decision after he obtained another lucky mystic realm.

He waved his hand and a shimmering door appeared in a corner of the courtyard.

It was the door connecting the pocket dimension to reality.

When the Heavenly Spirit Cat saw it, it looked at Chu Xuan with its cute eyes and meowed.

“Go in.”

Chu Xuan waved his hand.

The cat’s figure flashed as it entered the pocket dimension.

The moment it entered the pocket dimension, its body transformed into a huge fierce tiger.


With a roar, the power of the white tiger spread out.

The countless demonic beasts and spiritual birds in the pocket dimension instantly trembled in fear.

The cat was very satisfied.


The Sky-shaking Golden Roc also entered the pocket dimension.
It spread its wings so wide that they almost seemed to cover the sky.
It swooped down and instantly grabbed a truth realm demonic beast and tore it into pieces.

The Spirit Devouring Flower also entered the pocket dimension.

In an instant, an enormous strange-looking tree stood in between the heavens and the earth.
The incomparably dazzling flower swayed, causing the surrounding creatures to be hypnotized, after which they all ran up voluntarily to the flower to be devoured.


On a large mountain in the pocket dimension, a 100-meter-tall giant ape hammered its chest and roared.

The giant ape was an apex predator in the pocket dimension.
It was at the fifth level of the Emperor realm!

Its bloodline was not simple either.

There were only seven Emperor realm creatures in the entire pocket dimension.

Although the pocket dimension was only slightly bigger than the Southern Region, one had to know that the Southern Region itself was very vast.

During the ancient war with the demons, the ley lines collapsed and countless places fell disappeared into different spaces and dimensions.

The current Southern Region was almost a million miles measured from the south to the north.
Many places were in a desolate state.

There was an enormous tree in the pocket dimension, which was located at the highest peak inside this world.

The enormous tree looked very ordinary.
It did not look like a spirit plant or a precious tree at all.

Its name was the ordinary tree.

However, this tree was the most precious treasure inside the pocket dimension.

There was only one unique thing about this tree, which was that it could not be destroyed.
Whether it was an emperor-level weapon, a heavenly weapon, or even a divine weapon or Dao artifact, none of them could destroy this tree.

In fact, not even the bark of the tree could be damaged.

However, the name of this tree was the ordinary tree; like its name it looked utterly ordinary.

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