The Evil King left.

Before that, Chu Xuan threw him a communication jade talisman so that he could keep in contact.

At the same time, he asked the Evil King to tidy up the evil imperial court after he went back.

As for how that would be done, the Evil King naturally had his own ideas.

Chu Xuan had planted his own energy along with the soul seed seal inside the Evil King’s body.
If the old evil king came out of seclusion, the energy would be immediately activated, which would suppress the old evil king and plant the seed soul seal inside the latter.

He did not force the Evil King to deceive the old evil king.
There was no need for that.

He would just leave it to fate.

The Evil King had not even reached the Emperor realm, so he did not deserve Chu Xuan’s attention.

He had just controlled the Evil King on a whim.
Perhaps this chess piece would become useful when the Asura Ancient Land opened.

After the Evil King left the Chu family’s territory, he finally let out a sigh of relief.
His life was saved.

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However, from now on, the Evil King had become someone else’s servant.

It was all Chang Jianfeng’s fault!

Their intelligence gathering had failed miserably!

He had gone to the Chu family’s territory in person and almost lost his life.

The evil imperial court was too weak, and all the heretic cultivator b*stards were angry at him.

After he returned, he would definitely deal with them ruthlessly.

The Evil King then successfully returned to the evil imperial court.

Upon returning to the evil imperial court, he saw that someone was barging into his palace again.
He almost exploded with anger.

If it had not been for these b*stards, who would always barge into his palace and ruthlessly challenge his dignity, causing him to become irritable, he would not have fallen into the hands of the tiny Chu family.

With that thought in mind, the Evil King looked at the surrounding heretic cultivators and felt that these people were extremely detestable.

They deserved to be killed!

The tidying up of the evil imperial court would start with these b*stards.

At this moment, outside the Evil King’s Palace, many heretic cultivators were watching.

As the number of people barging into the Evil King’s Palace increased, it no longer caused such a big commotion.
The guards of the Evil King’s Palace had also become numb to it.

Now, when they saw someone barging into the Evil King’s Palace, they only chased after them as a symbolic gesture.
They did not have any intention of killing them.

The people who barged into the evil King Palace were also tactful.
They exchanged a few blows with the guards and then left after barging past the gate and taking a turn.

There was a tacit understanding between them.

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Barging into the Evil King’s Palace was no longer a matter of certain death.

Now, breaking into the Evil King’s palace had become a must-do activity for heretic cultivators who had just arrived at the capital of the evil imperial court.

If they came to the capital and did not barge into the Evil King’s Palace, they would be embarrassed to admit that they had gone to the capital.
They would be ridiculed as cowards.

As for the dignity and reputation of the Evil King, not many people cared about it now.

This was also the main reason why the Evil King was angry.
He was now known as the evil king with the least dignity of all the past evil kings.

He had personally killed several heretic cultivators, but not only had he failed to intimidate the heretic cultivators, but the ones who had been killed had instead been regarded as glorious martyrs.

It was as if barging into the Evil King’s palace and successfully attracting the Evil King to personally attack was a glorious death.

This was also the reason why the Evil King had stopped attacking.

At this moment, the Evil King had returned to the capital from the outside.
He looked at the heretic cultivators who were bravely barging into his palace, as well as at the crowd of onlookers.

For the first time, he understood that the reason why there were so many people charging into the Evil King’s Palace one after another was all because of the adulation of the onlookers.

They all deserved to die!

At this moment, the Evil King’s killing intent surged.

The evil imperial court was in a mess.
It was time to clean everything up.

How could he make this like a proper empire?

He had never thought that an empire formed by heretic cultivators would definitely not be a proper empire.

Chu Xuan had asked him to clean up the evil imperial court.
This was an absolute command.
The Evil King watched the heretic cultivators barge into his palace and found where he would start his clean up.

“Do you think the Evil King will personally make a move this time?”

“How is that possible? The ones who came to break into the Evil King Palace this time have only reached the void realm.
How could they provoke the Evil King into making a move?”

“That’s right.
If the Evil King makes a move now, it would be too undignified.
Even if they die, it would have been worth it.
After all, it is glorious for a mere void realm expert to die at the hands of the Evil King.”

The onlookers discussed things among themselves.

The Evil King’s anger kept rising.


How the f*ck would I still have dignity?

I have to restore my dignity.

“Go to hell.”

The Evil King looked at the guards who were pretending to fight against the intruders.
He could no longer contain his anger.

He had to start a massacre today!


A blood-red palm suddenly reached out and grabbed both sides.

The powerful aura scared all the heretic cultivators so much that their expressions drastically changed.

The Evil King made a move!

“What’s going on? The Evil King made a move?”

A small group of people in the crowd felt that something was wrong and quickly left quietly.

The blood-red palm clenched and crushed both sides to death.

The onlookers’ expressions changed when they saw the Evil King crushing the guards to death.

However, they did not pay too much attention to it.

After all, the guards had been too perfunctory in performing their duties, so it was normal for the Evil King to be angry at them.

The Evil King’s figure appeared at the entrance of the Evil King’s Palace and scanned the crowd.

“Greetings to the Evil King!”

The onlookers had no idea that a disaster was coming.

Seeing the Evil King appear, they all bowed and greeted him.

After all, he was the Evil King and the current leader of the evil imperial court.
They had to give him the respect he deserved.

However, they felt that this evil king was the most undignified one in history.

“Do you still see me as the Evil King?”

The Evil King sneered and suddenly roared, “You all deserve to die!”


The aura of a half-step Emperor realm expert erupted.

He raised his hand and slapped it toward the crowd.


More than ten heretic cultivators died in an instant.

The others became terrified and tried to run away, but the Evil King was so angry that there was no way that he would let them.

His false domain was activated at this moment, and a blood-red long saber appeared in his hand.


A blood-red saber light swept out and killed dozens of people in an instant.

The false domain of the Evil King was very weak in comparison to actual Emperor realm experts.

It was also much weaker than Qin Keyun’s false domain.

However, it was very easy for him to use it to suppress those in the truth realm and below.

“Your Majesty, what are you doing?” Everyone panicked.

“Have you finally realized that I’m your king now?”

The Evil King’s eyes were filled with a bloodthirsty light.

The blood-colored saber slashed out again and again, killing the onlookers.

Faced with a life-and-death crisis, no one would sit around and wait for death.
Everyone started to fight back.

The trend of barging into the Evil King’s Palace had been ongoing for so long, so there were not many experts among the onlookers now.

There were only a few truth realm experts present, and less than 10% of them had reached the unity realm.
Most of them were void realm cultivators and below.

Among them, those in the profound realm and the spirit realm were the most numerous.

How could they resist the Evil King’s attacks?

In just a short moment, one-third of them had been killed.

The Evil King’s outburst naturally shook the capital.

Many experts from various factions rushed over in a hurry.
After all, there were some of their factions in the crowd, and there were even some direct descendants of the experts present there.

“Your Majesty, please show mercy!”

“Go to hell!”

The Evil King directly slashed out with his saber, killing that expert on the spot.

The expressions of the other experts that had rushed over immediately changed.
Had the Evil King gone mad?

“Someone come quickly! The Evil King has gone mad!”

Countless experts from large factions, including the evil commanders, evil generals, and evil warriors, rushed over in a hurry.
They had to stop the Evil King from continuing his massacre.

One had to know that the heretic cultivators in the capital were all elites.
If too many of them were killed, it would affect the overall strength of the evil imperial court.

They might even end up being suppressed by the Great Qian Dynasty.

“Your Majesty, you can’t continue killing.”

An evil commander rushed over to stop him.

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