It was too tragic!

Not only was Song Pang physically battered, but his soul was also in turmoil from his father’s beating.

Every time Song Yiming opened his mouth, Song Pang would be called a piece of sh*t, or asked to piss off or take a good look at himself.

Chu Xuan was speechless.

Was there something wrong with the head of the Nine Swords Mountain sect master?

I was just pressuring you and giving you a warning not to act impudently.

Why did you beat up your own son crazily?

He even humiliated him verbally.

Chu Xuan suspected that his son might not be his own.

Everyone in the Chu family was dumbfounded.

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Chu Tianming and the others were originally extremely angry and disgusted with Song Pang’s desire to marry Chu Yun.

However, his current image and condition evoked feelings of pity from them.

What a pitiful fellow!

He was tortured to such an extent by his own father.

Everyone seriously suspected that Song Pang was not his biological son.
In fact, he might even have been picked up from a random rubbish heap somewhere.

At this moment, his “son” was being used as a punching bag to vent the anger in his heart.

Chu Yun could not bear to look at Song Pang’s miserable appearance, especially when she heard Song Pang’s muffled cries for help.

Song Pang raised a hand with great difficulty.

“Help, help me!”


The hand was broken.

When the Chu family members heard the crack, their hands trembled.

The sect master of Nine Swords Mountain had gone crazy.

Should they stop him?

What if he went crazy and attacked them?

No one here could beat him.

However, if he killed his son and woke up from his madness, would he blame them?

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Chu Tianming cursed in his heart.
What was going on with Nine Swords Mountain? Why did they choose a crazy guy to become their sect master?

Could it be that something had gone wrong with his cultivation recently?

It was very possible!

“If you keep hitting him, he’ll die,” Chu Yun spoke up carefully.

Song Yiming instantly shot her a grateful gaze, and the pressure around him finally dissipated.

He kicked Song Pang.
“Aren’t you going to thank Miss Chu?!”

“Thank… Thank you!”

Tears streamed down Song Pang’s face.
His facial features could no longer be seen clearly, and his whole body had swelled up into a round ball!

His heart had suffered an immense amount of trauma!

This day would be a nightmare that forever haunted him!

Song Yiming said sincerely, “Miss Chu, don’t worry.
This piece of sh*t will never appear in front of you again!”

“I will bring this b*stard back and discipline him properly.”

Although Song Pang looked very miserable, fortunately, his life was not in any danger.
He could recover after spending some time recuperating.

“Actually, you don’t have to be so ruthless.”

Chu Yun looked a little apologetic.

The deterrence of that mysterious senior was too terrifying.

He had frightened the Nine Swords Mountain sect master to the point of insanity.

“Thank… Thank you!”

Song Pang was filled with tears of gratitude!

Chu Yun’s face flushed red.
It was all because of her that he had ended up in such a miserable state.

In addition, he even had to thank her for intervening, so she felt embarrassed.

I’ll go back and discipline my son now!”

Song Yiming took his leave with Song Pang in tow.

It was over!

Song Pang’s vision went black when he heard that.
Discipline my son? Was he going to f*cking torture me to death?

He immediately fainted.

Song Yiming had arrived threateningly, but ended up carrying his deformed son back in a panicked state.

He should have been angry at the person behind the scenes.
Yet, despite being humiliated, and despite having his own son into a deformed state, Song Yiming did not harbor any grudges toward this person.

On the contrary, he was filled with respect and reverence for the person behind the scenes.

“It must be because that senior showed mercy.
That’s why I feel grateful and have a good impression of him.”

“That has to be it!”

Song Yiming felt somewhat puzzled, but he did not feel that it was out of place either.

Chu Xuan had planted a soul seal on Song Yiming without the latter’s knowledge.

Since Chu Xuan did not exert his will upon the latter, therefore, the latter had no idea that he had been controlled by someone.

As long as it did not directly contradict his thoughts, Song Yiming would not notice the presence of the soul seal.
He only mistakenly believed that Chu Xuan had shown mercy, which was why he had respect and a good impression of him.

Chu Xuan had made Song Yiming his chess piece.

It was still unknown when or whether this chess piece would be activated.

Before the soul seal was activated, Song Yiming would have no idea that the soul seal had been planted.
His mind and actions would not change at all.

The only change he would be able to sense was the increased respect and reverence for this mysterious senior.

There was no way Song Yiming would doubt himself because of this minor emotional shift.

This was the terrifying thing about the soul seed seal.

The sect master of Nine Swords Mountain had an esteemed status.
With a stomp of his foot, many in the Southern Region would tremble.

Although he was not the strongest expert of Nine Swords Mountain, his status and influence were significant.
During a critical moment, he could still play a significant role.

However, Chu Xuan had casually made him a chess piece.
He did not really care if it could be used or what role it could play.

Song Yiming quickly left.

The Nine Swords Mountain disciples who controlled the Chu County cities were all stunned when they saw the sect master carrying an object that did not look like a human.

Looking at the object’s attire, it seemed to be Junior Brother Song Pang…

What was going on?

“Retreat! return to Nine Swords Mountain!” Song Yiming ordered.

The Chu family was terrifying.
They could not afford to offend that person.

Moreover, the other party kept such a low profile.
It was obvious that they did not want to attract attention.

Therefore, he had to keep it a secret.

Song Yiming did not want that terrifying existence to be unhappy with him and come looking for him to kill him.

Given that terrifying existence’s strength, even the combined might of Nine Swords Mountain would be insufficient against him.

If he was not careful, Nine Swords Mountain would be destroyed.

“Sect master, what’s going on?”

The Nine Swords Mountain’s disciples looked at the deformed Song Pang and asked curiously.

“What do you mean what’s going on? This little b*stard is shameless.
I have to teach him a good lesson!” Song Yiming said angrily.

The Nine Swords Mountain’s disciples shut up.
No matter how miserable Song Pang was, this was not a matter they could interfere with.

Song Yiming recalled all of Nine Sword Mountain’s disciples from Chu County, and the territory returned to the control of the Chu family.

Great Qin Dynasty’s imperial palace.

Qin Keyun looked at the information in her hands in disbelief.

Song Yiming did not die?

His son might not look like a human now, but to cultivators, it was not a life-threatening injury.

As long as the kid’s foundation was not damaged, the injuries would be classified as superficial at most.

Was that handsome thirteenth young master of the Chu family so kind and merciful?

Qin Keyun’s eyes lit up.
Could she go and see him then?

Since he was soft-hearted toward the Nine Swords Mountain sect master, surely he would not make things too difficult for her, right?

However, what if…

Thinking this, Qin Keyun could only sigh.

She could not go to the Chu family, after all.
What if he detained her and made her a servant girl?

The fairytale of the Great Qin Empress running off to become a servant girl… She was not mentally ill, and she was not infatuated with him to such an extent.

The elders of the Chu family felt like they were in a dream.

They believed that the Chu family was in great danger, so they were pessimistic and prepared to accept the fact that Chu Yun would be forced to marry Song Pang.

Who would have thought that it would end like this.

The sect master of Nine Swords Mountain suddenly went crazy.
He beat up and humiliated his own son like a madman, to the extent that he no longer even looked human.

Was it the loss of morality or the distortion of fatherly love that caused this tragedy?

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