Chu Yun stayed in the small courtyard for two days.
As usual, she went through the cultivation insights Chu Xuan had prepared and discovered new pill refinement methods and pill formulas.

She was somewhat confused.
What exactly was the connection between these pill refinement methods and that mysterious senior.

That mysterious senior seemed to favor her and test her precisely because of the pill refinement techniques she cultivated.

Chu Xuan pushed all of this onto his father, Chu Qiuluo, and lied that it was possible that his father had some kind of relationship with that mysterious senior.


Chu Yun felt that it made sense.

After memorizing the new alchemy skills and pill formulas, Chu Yun returned to the ancestral residence.

Before returning, she sighed and said, “If third brother returns to the family’s territory, his fate will be very miserable!”

Chu Xuan agreed.

After such a long time, Chu Tianming’s roars could still be heard every now and then.

It could be seen how angry he was at Chu Yuan.

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Chu Yun had returned to the ancestral residence to obtain a new status in the Chu family.

Since thirteenth brother liked peace, she needed to increase her authority and influence in the Chu family so that thirteenth brother could live comfortably.

Chu Yun did not mention anything about Chu Xuan’s strength.

One day later, from the small courtyard, Chu Xuan heard Chu Tianming’s laughter coming from the ancestral residence.

“Hahaha, how can my Chu family lag behind the other families?!”

Chu Tianming had broken through to the unity realm by consuming the void unity pills that Chu Yun had refined.

The other three peak-stage void realm elders had also broken through.

Chu Yun’s status in the Chu family skyrocketed, surpassing the future successor of the family head, Chu Qing.

She became a precious treasure in the hearts of all the elders of the Chu family.

Chu Qing felt very helpless.
His status in the family had already dropped to second place.

However, he was not unhappy about it at all.
After all, Chu Yun had also given him many medicinal pills.

He would be able to quickly break through and increase his strength.

These pills could even be sold!

Chu Xuan looked at the space underneath the Chu family’s ancestral residence.
It was time for the Chu family’s foundation to be revealed.

The Chu family’s strength could be allowed to fall behind others.

If they were left further and further behind by the other three families, the mentality of the Chu family would probably collapse.

The big reveal of the Chu family’s foundation would naturally be done by Chu Yun.

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The emperor-level weapon inside would also automatically recognize Chu Yun as its owner.

With Chu Xuan’s strength, it would naturally be easy for him to allow Chu Yun to activate the Chu family’s foundation.

Moreover, Chu Yun would not even realize that someone had helped her open it.

Chu Tianming and the other elders of the Chu family were gathering all kinds of spirit herbs and giving them to Chu Yun to refine pills.

They decided to put in a lot of effort to nurture Chu Yun.

On this night, with a loud bang, the ground underneath a certain house in the ancestral residence collapsed.

A small space suddenly appeared.

All the experts of the Chu family were shocked.
Chu Tianming headed toward the small space after ordering the elders of the Chu family to seal off the Chu family’s territory.

No one was allowed to enter or leave.

“Yun’er, where are you?”

Chu Tianming was extremely anxious.
Chu Yun had been refining pills inside that house just now.

He brought a few elders and rushed into the rubble.
A black hole appeared.

A faint light appeared.
As soon as he entered, he felt that something was wrong.

This seemed to be an ancient site?

Looking over, the first thing he saw was a stone tablet.

There were lines of words engraved on the stone tablet.

Chu Tianming first looked for Chu Yun.

Suddenly, a ray of light attracted everyone’s attention.

In the center of the ancient site, there was a small blade that was floating in mid-air while emitting spiritual light.

A vast pressure swept over the people there.

Chu Tianming and the others’ faces changed drastically, after which they became ecstatic.

Emperor-level weapon!

It was actually an emperor-level weapon.

However, this emperor-level weapon was currently floating above Chu Yun’s head.

Chu Tianming and the others immediately became nervous.

The emperor-level weapon slowly descended and actually fell into Chu Yun’s hands.
In the end, it even merged into Chu Yun’s body.

The emperor-level weapon acknowledged her as its master!

Furthermore, it voluntarily did so!

This emperor-level weapon chose Chu Yun as its master!

Chu Tianming and the others were all stunned.

“Look, what are those?”

One of the elders pointed at the balls of power floating in the air.

There was also a scroll placed on an altar.

Seeing that Chu Yun was fine, Chu Tianming turned his attention to the stone tablet.

Looking at it, he was so excited that he started to tremble.

“This, this is the inheritance left behind by our ancestors!”

Everyone in the Chu family was ecstatic.

They looked at Chu Yun as if they were looking at a treasure.

The emperor-level weapon left behind by the Chu family’s ancestors had taken the initiative to recognize Chu Yun as its master.
Naturally, they knew what this meant.

The rise of the Chu family depended entirely on Chu Yun!

Chu Yun still had a blank expression on her face.
She did not know how or why she suddenly appeared here.

Moreover, a small blade had even recognized her as its master.

It had been incorporated into her dantian and was being nurtured.

“Grandfather, what is this place?”

“Yun’er, this is the foundation left behind by ourChu family ancestors.
How did you come here?” Chu Tianming asked excitedly.

“I seemed to have heard a voice.
It felt like someone was calling me, so I answered and came here,” Chu Yun said blankly.

“Good, good.
There is hope for the rise of our Chu family.”

Chu Tianming was overjoyed.

As expected, Chu Yun was the inheritor of the Chu family and the descendant chosen by the ancestors of the Chu family.

“This is the inheritance of the truth realm!”

An elder from the Chu family who had returned from the Great Qian Dynasty said excitedly as he looked at the inheritance.

“The Chu family is going to rise!”

Everyone knew why the Zhao and He families had cultivated truth realm experts so quickly.

It was because their families’ foundations had been activated.

“Third uncle, break through to the truth realm as soon as possible!”

Chu Tianming looked at the clan elder.

This clan elder was currently the strongest person in the Chu family.

The situation in the Southern Region had turned unstable, and the Qin Kingdom had become the Great Qin Dynasty.
The relationship between the Chu family and the other three families was also different from before.

A truth realm expert had to appear as soon as possible and take charge of the Chu family.

Only a truth realm expert had the strength to lead the family through these troubled times.

With this inheritance, we will definitely be able to break through within half a month.”

At the same time, the elders of the Chu family tacitly chose not to mention the emperor-level weapon.

The emperor-level weapon was in Chu Yun’s possession.
This would be a top secret of the Chu family.

Once it was leaked, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Ignoring Chu Yun’s limited strength, even the entire Chu family would not be able to protect it if it were discovered.

It was an emperor-level weapon!

How many powers in the entire Southern Region had an emperor-level weapon?

They knew that the Qin family had an emperor-level weapon.
Qin Keyun, the great empress, was extremely powerful.
Who would dare to have designs on her or her weapon?

If things were the same on the Zhao and He families’ side, they would also have an emperor-level weapon.

However, they did not know if those weapons were in the hands of the two families or whether they had been given to the Qin family.

The matter of the Chu family possessing an emperor-level weapon could not be leaked out.

Luckily, the ones who entered this space were the family elders, so they could keep this matter a secret.

In addition, the emperor-level weapon had taken the initiative to recognize its owner and had entered Chu Yun’s dantian.
As long as Chu Yun did not take the initiative to reveal it, no one would be able to discover it.

Chu Tianming instructed Chu Yun not to ever reveal the emperor-level weapon.

“Grandfather, I know.
Furthermore, with my strength, I can’t use it anyway.”

Chu Yun nodded solemnly.

She understood the importance of the emperor-level weapon and had already made up her mind to hand it over to Chu Xuan.

“I can’t let grandfather and the others know that I’ll be giving the emperor-level weapon to thirteenth brother.”

Chu Yun thought silently.

The Chu family’s foundation had been opened and the entire clan land had been sealed.
The three unity realm experts of the Chu family had started to inherit the power of the true realm.

At the moment, only three of them had enough cultivation to inherit the power of the true realm.

Chu Tianming and the other elders of the Chu family who had just broken through weren’t strong enough to withstand it.
It was easy for their power to become chaotic and their foundation to be damaged.

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