Chu Xuan raised his eyebrows.
As expected, the cultivation benchmark of top-notch geniuses of the 100-year Emperor realm, the 1,000-year Supreme realm, and the 10,000-year Heaven realm were based on normal circumstances.

There were always special circumstances where unique individuals surpassed the cultivation speed of these top-notch geniuses.

Ren Changhe continued, “Some old monsters, for various reasons or under special circumstances, reincarnated using secret techniques.
Due to the accumulation and comprehension of their previous lives, it was not impossible for them to recover their Heaven realm cultivation in 1,000 years.”

Chu Xuan thought about Qin Keyun.
She had cultivated to the half-emperor realm within such a short period of time by relying on the accumulation and comprehension of her previous life.

It could be said that, before the Emperor realm, as long as there were enough resources, the path of cultivation was a smooth one.

Moreover, for most, breaking through to the Emperor realm would not be too much of a problem.

In addition to the experts who reincarnated using secret techniques, there were also those who obtained the inheritance of great experts.

After receiving the inheritance of these great experts, the power and comprehension those experts had would be sealed in their bodies.
They would then experience a smooth and rapid cultivation journey, and would be able to break through realms within an extremely short time.

All they needed to do was to continuously stimulate the power of the inheritance they had received.

However, the cultivators who cultivated using this method mostly had weak foundations due to their reliance on the inheritances.

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Moreover, when they fully received and activated the inheritance, they would need to spend a very long time polishing their foundations.
Otherwise, they would not be able to advance further.

Ren Changhe disdained this kind of cultivator.

He had killed several of these so-called Heaven’s blessed with one hand back then!

Chu Xuan understood what he meant.
Ren Changhe was just afraid that he would compare him to this kind of trashy Heaven’s blessed.

Ren Changhe’s meaning was that although this kind of cultivator would progress at lightning speed, their actual combat strength was nothing worth shouting about.

After all, he had crushed several of them with one hand.

There were also those who obtained great opportunities and entered some special secret realms.

Time passed differently inside these secret realms; a thousand years inside was equivalent to only a year in the outside world.

However, if one counted the time spent cultivating inside these secret realms, the time they took to cultivate was actually not a short amount of time.

“I heard that such a secret realm exists in the Desolate Ancient Zone.
Unfortunately, this disciple’s luck was lacking and was not fated to encounter it.” Ren Changhe sighed regretfully.

“It’s just a secret realm.
It’s nothing worth shouting about.”

Chu Xuan’s tone was very arrogant as he responded nonchalantly.

As expected of Master!

Ren Changhe inwardly exclaimed in admiration.

He had found out what he wanted to know, and had given Ren Changhe the necessary pointers.
It was time for Chu Xuan to leave.

As usual, he encouraged Ren Changhe to cultivate properly.

Finally, he said, “Since you are my in-name disciple, you should at least know my title.”

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Ren Changhe immediately knelt on the ground, his face full of excitement.

His master was finally willing to tell him his honorific title.

This meant that he had formally acknowledged him as a disciple.

“Listen carefully.”

Chu Xuan’s voice was dignified as he said, “The powerhouses of the heavens all call me ‘Eternal, handsome, unparalleled, majestic, virtuous supreme, and holy number one Dao master of the myriad realms. ’”


Ren Changhe was stunned when he heard that.

He felt that it was awesome!

His master was so awesome!

Chu Xuan was very satisfied with Ren Changhe’s reaction.

After a few more words of encouragement, he deactivated the Myriad Heavenly Mirror.

Next, Chu Xuan connected to Du Yuan.

Du Yuan had already returned to the small family that he was the guardian of.
He was behaving in a low-key manner as usual.

“Your Excellency!”

“Since you can be considered a disciple of sorts, I will give you a cultivation technique and a divine weapon.”

Chu Xuan passed the Purple Flames Burning Heavens technique to Du Yuan as well as the fire spirit awl.

Du Yuan was pleasantly surprised.
His choice back then had indeed been correct.

The cultivation technique given by Senior was more than a hundred times stronger than the cultivation technique he had obtained from his fortuitous encounter.

With this cultivation technique, Du Yuan was confident that he would be able to reach the Divine realm.

The fire spirit awl was actually a divine weapon!

There might not even be a second person in possession of a divine weapon in the entire Western Region.

Chu Xuan threw him a few bottles of supreme realm cultivation pills as well, which would be enough to allow Du Yuan’s strength to soar within a short period of time.

Given Du Yuan’s current second-level Supreme realm cultivation, he was still rather weak.

Fortunately, there was still some time until Asura Ancient Land would open, so Du Yuan still had sufficient time to raise his strength.

It was impossible for him to reach the Heaven realm, but with the help of medicinal pills and the powerful Purple Flames Burning Heavens technique, he could still cultivate to the eighth or ninth level of the Supreme realm.

Du Yuan’s innate talent was not bad after all.

The last daily use of the Myriad Heavenly Mirror connected randomly to an ocean, so Chu Xuan did not encounter any living beings.

Over the next few days, Ding Yue immersed himself in the cultivation of the first stage of the way of the sword.

Su Xian’er was also cultivating hard.

It was then that Chu Yun came back.

“Thirteenth brother, I’ve brought you a treasure.”

The first thing Chu Yun did when she came back was to run over to Chu Xuan’s small courtyard.

The small courtyard had not changed much.
The universe space was concealed by Chu Xuan, so Chu Yun could not sense it.

She took out an umbrella-shaped spirit herb with seven leaves and handed it to Chu Xuan.

“Thirteenth brother, this is a spirit herb that can increase one’s natural talent.
Eat it quickly.”

Chu Xuan stretched out his hand and patted her head.
This girl was quite thoughtful.
Despite how precious this spirit herb was, the first thing she thought to do with it was give it to him.

It was worth doting on her.

“Black heart grass, ah, this is indeed a good thing.
But your thirteenth brother doesn’t need this thing.
You should eat it.”

Chu Yun’s eyes widened and she said in surprise, “Thirteenth brother, you know about black heart grass?”

Chu Xuan gave her an enigmatic smile and said, “Of course I know about it.
You should eat it quickly.
This thing is not useful to thirteenth brother.”

“How can it not be useful?”

Chu Yun was a little anxious.

“Thirteenth brother, don’t worry.
Even if you break through, I’ll tell grandpa to allow you to continue to live in the small courtyard.
No one will disturb you.”

Chu Xuan chuckled.
“I don’t want anyone to disturb me.
No one can disturb me either.”

“No, thirteenth brother, you have to eat the black heart grass.”

Chu Yun’s expression was stiff.
She decided to force the black heart grass into Chu Xuan’s mouth.

If Chu Xuan was unable to break through to the profound realm and unable to improve his cultivation, his lifespan would be very short.

She did not want to watch him pass away while she continued on her cultivation journey.

Chu Yun used her spiritual power and, once she thought that she had Chu Xuan under control, she stuffed the black heart grass into his mouth.

In the end, for some unknown reason, the black heart grass in her hand ended up inside her own mouth.

It instantly melted away and dissolved into her stomach.

Chu Yun was dumbfounded.

Looking at Chu Xuan’s expression, her eyes widened in disbelief.

“Thirteenth brother, you?”

“Your thirteenth brother’s Dao is in this courtyard.
I have no need for any treasures,” Chu Xuan chuckled.

“I understand!”

Chu Yun suddenly jumped up excitedly and hugged Chu Xuan’s neck from behind.

“I knew it! Thirteenth brother wasn’t trash!”

“Shh, don’t tell anyone.”

“Yes, yes, this is a secret!”

Chu Yun nodded her head and her mouth curled into a smile.

After learning that Chu Xuan was even stronger than she was, Chu Yun became very excited.
She sat at the side and talked about her experiences.

“Thirteenth brother, let me tell you a secret.
A very powerful senior has taken a fancy to my talent and is testing me.”

“Once I pass the test, the senior will take me as his disciple.
At that time, we will have a strong backer.”

“That senior might be someone from outside the Southern Region.
He might even be an Emperor realm expert!”

“Emperor realm… I don’t know if I can ever become an Emperor realm expert.”

Chu Xuan quietly listened to her.
He was inwardly laughing.
The senior she was talking about was right in front of her eyes right now.

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