Although the Soul-chasing Bow was unreasonably strong, Chu Xuan was not able to use it to its full potential at the moment.
He could not lock onto and kill a person with just a thought.

No matter how powerful a weapon was, it still needed to be wielded by someone with sufficient strength.

At the current stage, Chu Xuan could either lock onto the enemy with the soul-chasing seal, capture a trace of the enemy’s aura, or use other methods to locate the enemy.

Only by doing so would he be able to ignore distance and space and shoot them to death.

Moreover, if the person he had locked onto was too strong, the person could also withstand his attacks.

After all, the power of the arrows was also related to his own cultivation.

Given Chu Xuan’s current first-level Supreme realm cultivation, it was definitely impossible for him to kill a Heaven realm expert.

Chu Xuan played around with the Soul-chasing Bow for a while before putting it away with great satisfaction.

In the future, even if he stayed inside the small courtyard, he would have the ability to make a move personally.

There were many ways to locate the enemy; the soul-chasing seal was only one of them.

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Once the soul chasing seal was planted, it could not be removed.
Its function complemented the Soul-chasing Bow.

Chu Xuan decided to give the method to plant the soul-chasing seal to those who needed it.

For example, Ding Yue and Su Xian’er.

Once the two of them encountered an invincible expert outside and needed their help, they could use the soul-chasing seal on the enemy.

That way, Chu Xuan could immediately locate and kill the other party.

If the reward he received for the three-year milestone was this powerful, then what kind of reward would he receive at the five-year milestone?

Or even the ten-year milestone?

Chu Xuan was filled with anticipation.

Somewhere in the Southern Region.

Chu Yun stood on a small hill and stared at a certain location where ripples were forming in front of her.

An ancient site was about to appear.

Every ancient site meant an opportunity.

It was just a matter of the size of the fortuitous encounter.
Those who came back from these ancient sites would never return empty-handed.

Of course, some ancient sites also contained a certain amount of danger.

Chu Yun had just broken through to the fourth level of the spirit realm.
Given her age, it could be said that her talent was outstanding.

After all, the laws of the Southern Region were incomplete and relatively barren.
Cultivation here would be slower than in other regions.

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As the laws of Heaven and Earth continued to recover, the speed of her cultivation was already accelerating.

The laws of Heaven and Earth’s recovery was a sign!

Chu Yun was already able to refine high-quality void unity pills.
Despite only possessing a spirit realm cultivation, she was actually able to refine a pill that could be used by void realm martial artists, and even unity realm martial artists.
The level of her talent was extremely hard-to-come-by in the Southern Region.

“I wonder how the Chu family is doing now?”

“They wouldn’t make things too difficult for thirteenth brother, right?”

Chu Yun naturally knew about the changes that were happening in the Great Qin Dynasty.
She was worried that Chu Xuan would be treated badly by the Chu family because of this.

She was also informed about the Chu family’s situation.

She sighed in her heart.
It was fortunate that Chu Yuan was not in the Chu family.
Otherwise, he would be finished!

“After exploring this ancient site, I will return to Chu County!”

After waiting for another day, the ancient site finally opened.

It appeared to be a medicinal garden.

Chu Yun was overjoyed, but she still entered carefully, wary of the possible dangers.

A day later, Chu Yun reaped a bountiful harvest.

She looked at a large rock in front of her.
There was a purple umbrella-shaped grass with seven leaves growing under the rock.
She was pleasantly surprised.

“Black heart grass!”

Unable to hold back her excitement, she went forward and plucked the black heart grass.
She carefully took out a jade box and put it away.

“With this black heart grass, thirteenth brother will definitely be able to cultivate to the profound realm, spirit realm, or even higher.”

The black heart grass was a rare spiritual medicine that could increase a martial artist’s natural talent.

When Chu Yun saw the black heart grass, her first thought was to give it to Chu Xuan.

As long as Chu Xuan’s natural talent increased, there would be hope for him to break through to the profound realm, spirit realm, or even higher.

After she collected the black heart grass, her harvest of all the ancient spirit herbs in this small medicinal garden was complete.

Chu Yun was ready to return to Chu County.

“Miss, you stole my family’s spirit herbs.
Shouldn’t you be giving me an explanation?”

Chu Yun’s expression changed, and she turned around to look.

A young man with a lewd expression and lecherous smile was walking over from the entrance of the ancient site.

He was a sixth-level spirit realm cultivator!

“Your family’s spirit herbs? Those who are fated to enter the ancient sites are their rightful owners.”

Chu Yun cautiously took a step forward and headed toward the entrance of the ancient site.

“Who said that this was an ancient site? This is clearly my family’s medicinal garden!”

The young man flashed and blocked Chu Yun’s path.


Chu Yun directly made her move.

She was not a fool.
Although she had not personally experienced encounters where others would kill people and steal their treasures, she had heard a lot about it.

The other party clearly had evil intentions and wanted to snatch her treasures and kill her.

“Oh, little girl, you are quite spicy.
I like it.”

The young man raised his sword and stabbed out, blocking Chu Yun’s attack.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

Chu Yun attacked consecutively.
Although she was two levels lower than the young man, her strength was not weak at all.

After all, she cultivated the Great Luo Emperor Scripture!

The young man’s expression changed slightly.
He had been forced to retreat dozens of meters away.

Chu Yun took the opportunity to escape the ancient site.

“Little Girl, you can’t escape.
Put down the black heart grass obediently!”

The young man chased after her.

“Quick, stop her!”

Chu Yun had just escaped out of the entrance of the ancient site when a middle-aged man suddenly appeared and blocked her path.

Spiritual power fist shadows covered all of her escape routes!

They trapped her.

Chu Yun’s expression changed drastically.
Was this a truth realm expert?

“Little Beauty, why aren’t you running anymore?”

The young man chased after her with a smile.

Chu Yun’s heart sank.
The Chu family could not afford to offend a truth realm.

At this time, she could only hope that the mysterious senior would save her.

“Hand over the black heart grass and I won’t make things difficult for you.
I’ll even marry you.
This is a great honor for you.”

The young man laughed very happily.

“Wishful thinking.
You don’t deserve to marry me!” Chu Yun gritted her teeth and glared at him.

“How am I not worthy? Do you know who I am?”

The young man straightened his back and said, “Listen carefully.
I am the young master of Nine Swords Mountain, Song Pang!”

The young master of Nine Swords Mountain?

Chu Yun had a look of suspicion on her face.

The young master of Nine Swords Mountain, one of the three sects and two empires, only possessed this tiny bit of strength?

Song Pang said in embarrassment, “What do you know? This young master is trying to solidify my foundation!”

Chu Yun understood.
The other party’s aptitude was not high, which was why he was so determined to obtain the black heart grass.

“Hand over the black heart grass.
If you don’t, then don’t blame this young master for taking action!”

“Even if you really are the young master of Nine Swords Mountain, don’t even think about getting your hands on this!” Chu Yun said with a firm gaze.

The Chu family could not afford to offend Nine Swords Mountain, but the black heart grass was too important.
It was the key to whether Chu Xuan could break through to the profound realm, or perhaps even the spirit realm.

“Catch her!” Song Pang shouted angrily.

He knew that if he attacked, he would not be able to defeat her, let alone catch her.

With a thought, the middle-aged man activated his spiritual power by performing certain hand seals and captured Chu Yun.

At this moment, a figure appeared silently.

With a simple attack, he broke the middle-aged man’s spiritual power technique.

The newcomer had a cold expression.
He was dressed in black and had a mask on his face.
It seemed like he was a servant!

He was a third-level of the truth realm cultivator!

“Who are you? How dare you offend my Nine Swords Mountain?”

“Heh, Nine Swords Mountain, is that something worth bragging about?” The masked man smiled contemptuously.

Chu Yun heaved a sigh of relief.
The person she relied on was that mysterious senior.

The masked man before her should be that senior’s servant.

Since a servant already possessed the cultivation of the truth realm, then that senior must be even stronger.

“Thank you, senior.”

Chu Yun cupped her hands and bowed.
Without looking at Song Pang, she left.

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