Chu Xuan pondered for a long time before finally creating a technique that allowed his soul to be entrusted to the laws of Heaven and Earth.
He could also send out a wisp of his soul in the same manner.

However, this technique could only be cultivated by those at the Emperor realm and above.

When an Emperor realm expert cultivated this technique and combined it with the power of their domain, their strength would double.

They could continuously draw upon the power of the laws of Heaven and Earth in the region to perfect the laws of their domain.

It was not an exaggeration to say that cultivating this technique could greatly increase the success rate of breaking through from the Emperor realm to the Supreme realm.

Chu Xuan was delighted.
Although this secret technique was far inferior to the Soul Communion Dao technique, it was still the first secret technique he had personally created.

It was worth celebrating.

Unfortunately, the Myriad Heavenly Mirror had already been used three times today.

First, he had to give it a name.

“Let’s call it the Heaven and Earth Minor Technique.”

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It could only be considered a minor technique.
He was the “almighty, great, virtuous, and supreme, and holy number one Dao master”, so naturally, such a cultivation technique was only worthy of being called a minor technique.

Chu Xuan decided that if Liu Piaopiao was lucky enough to be connected to the Myriad Heavenly Mirror again, he would pass this minor technique to her.

In any case, she was already his disciple.

If he gave her a minor technique that he created himself, she would be able to run errands for him better.

“You stayed in seclusion and created a minor secret technique.
You have been rewarded with the Myriad Laws Daoist Robe.”

The system reward was triggered?

Chu Xuan was delighted.
As expected, he could always rely on the system to give him good stuff when it mattered.

He received the reward.

It was a long robe that contained a Dao charm, as if it was surrounded by the Great Dao, or perhaps even woven from the Great Dao.

It almost did not seem to be a piece of clothing, but part of the vast Great Dao instead.

Chu Xuan put on the Daoist robe.
He felt as if he was bathing in the Great Dao.
His comprehension of the Great Dao soared.

What a treasure!

With but a thought, the Daoist robe would change its appearance according to his will.

After putting on this robe, Chu Xuan believed that he could fool even Divine realm experts!

From a glance, he seemed like the personification of the Great Dao itself.

So what if the other party was a Divine realm expert? He would fool them as well!

With the divine light, the divine image, and the Daoist robe, no expert would be able to escape his trickery.

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At this moment, Chu Xuan was in high spirits.
He wished that the Myriad Heavenly Mirror would connect him to a Divine realm expert so that he could trick that expert into becoming his servant.

With a thought, the robe’s Dao charm became restrained and ordinary, as if the robe was an ordinary piece of clothing.

Chu Xuan was in a good mood.
After staying in seclusion for so long, today was the best day of his life.

Not only did he obtain a beautiful female servant with Heaven realm cultivation, but he also created a minor technique and received the reward of the Myriad Laws Daoist robe.

He took out a sword casually.

It was a divine weapon.

He threw it in front of Ding Yue, who was inside the universe space.

“Disciple, I’m happy today, so I’ll give this sword to you.”

Ding Yue looked at the sword in front of him with a shocked expression.

This was an emperor-level weapon?

He had a feeling that this sword was not a simple emperor-level weapon.

Looking at it carefully, the sword seemed to have a spirit.
It was surrounded by the laws, and seemed sharp even though it was currently sheathed.
It was quite extraordinary.

More importantly, this sword could be stored in one’s dantian, allowing it to be nourished by spiritual power at all times.

A weapon that could be stored in one’s dantian was definitely not an ordinary emperor-level weapon.
It was a rare treasure that had certain characteristics.
Perhaps it had even been forged with special materials.
It could be nourished and strengthened continuously.

Master was too extravagant!

At this moment, Ding Yue was filled with tears of gratitude!

He had just acknowledged him as his master, and his master had already given him such a precious treasure.
It was as if he had received a mountain of kindness!

He reached out to grab the hilt of the sword.
He wanted to store the sword in his dantian to nourish it, but his instincts told him that with his current cultivation, it would take a very long time for him to nurture the sword.

If he focused on nourishing the sword during this period of time, it would be difficult for his cultivation to improve.


The sword vibrated as if it was transmitting joy.

As expected, this sword had a spirit!

Su Xian’er’s face was filled with envy and jealousy!

She had been a maid for such a long time and had been diligent and hardworking.
She had done all kinds of dirty and tiring work, and she had done it to Chu Xuan’s satisfaction.

However, until now, she had not received a single treasure.

As for Ding Yue, he had just become a disciple not long ago, but he had already been given a divine sword!

Ding Yue did not know how valuable it was, but Su Xian’er did.

After all, she had come from a large family in the Central Region and had seen many emperor-level weapons.
She had even seen heavenly weapons before.

Whether it was the laws or the aura surrounding this sword, both were far greater than what a heavenly weapon was capable of exuding.

Naturally, it was a divine weapon.

“This is a divine weapon, a treasure sword.
It is not something you can use at your level,” Su Xian’er reminded him.

Ding Yue was shocked.
It was actually a divine weapon?

He thought such things only existed in legends!


Ding Yue was so moved that he was about to cry.
He rushed out of the universe space and knelt in front of Chu Xuan.

“I will never forget Master’s great kindness!”

“Alright, alright, that’s enough.” Chu Xuan waved his hand.

It was just a divine weapon, nothing more.

Su Xian’er stood at the side sourly, looking at Chu Xuan with a wronged expression.


“Okay, I get it.
I’m happy today, so I’ll give you a divine weapon too.”

Chu Xuan waved his hand, and a snow-white whip appeared in front of Su Xian’er.

The snow-white whip was also surrounded by laws.
One could vaguely sense that it contained the power of ice.

Su Xian’er was overjoyed.
She held the long whip in her hand and immediately fell in love with it.

This long whip was just right for the cultivation technique she was currently cultivating.

“Thank you, Sir.”

She happily held the long whip and returned to the universe space to cultivate.

It was a divine weapon!

Even the Su family did not have a clan-guarding treasure of this level.

Although she could not use it now, she would be able to unleash some of its power once she reached the Emperor realm.

When she was strong enough, she would return to the Central Region to take revenge.
This would make those dog-eyed people from the Su family die of jealousy and regret!

“Consolidate your cultivation as soon as possible so that I can teach you the Supreme Sword Dao!”

Chu Xuan waved his hand and had Ding Yue return to the universe space to continue consolidating his cultivation.

He had broken through from the first level of the profound realm to the first level of the spirit realm.
His cultivation had advanced too quickly, so he needed a certain amount of time to stabilize his cultivation.

Not everyone was like Chu Xuan, who could break through and stabilize his cultivation at the same time.

Chu Xuan lay on the deck chair, narrowed his eyes, and continued to comprehend the Great Dao.

Counting the time, there were only ten days left until the three-year milestone.

Now that he had broken through to the first level of the Supreme realm, it was time to completely control the Black Moon Tower of the Southern Region.

The true person in charge of the Black Moon Tower of the Southern Region was that mysterious one-star Tower Lord.

According to the information from the Black Moon Tower’s guard department, the one-star Tower Lord was also the strongest person in the Southern Region.

The strongest cultivators in the Black Moon Tower’s guard department were the three half-emperor realm experts.
They were only a step away from becoming Emperor realm experts and would be able to do so after the laws of Heaven and Earth in the Southern Region recovered.

Now, they were all controlled by Chu Xuan.

The one-star Tower Lord had been confirmed to be an Emperor realm expert.

He was the strongest expert in the Southern Region aside from Chu Xuan.

He was also the reason why the unruly evil imperial court did not dare to rob the Black Moon Tower.
The presence of a true Emperor realm expert in the dark acted as a deterrent.

A half-emperor realm expert might be only one step away from breaking through to the Emperor realm.
However, compared to a true Emperor realm expert, the difference in their combat strength was still vast.

Even if a half-emperor realm expert could use a false domain, he would still be powerless against an actual Emperor realm expert.

However, Chu Xuan had broken through to the Supreme realm.
He would be able to suppress an Emperor realm expert with a single finger.

The one-star Tower Lord was only at the first level of the Emperor realm anyway.
He could easily suppress this Tower Lord even if he was armed with a variety of secret treasures from the Black Moon Tower.

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