Liu Piaopiao asked respectfully, “Senior, please explain.
What is fate?”

This venerable self will give you some pointers.
Whether or not you can gain anything from it depends on your comprehension ability and luck.”

Chu Xuan said, “You are already in the divine soul state.
The tribulation naturally means that you have lost your physical body.
Your divine soul has lost its vessel, but fate also resides in the divine soul.”

“How can the divine soul be condensed? The soul is the root and the source of all enlightenment.
Use your soul to comprehend the laws of the Great Dao, and guide the essence of the Great Dao into your soul.
If you do, your divine soul will transform!”

“Once the soul has transformed, it will contain the essence of the Great Dao, and will be connected to Heaven and Earth.
The soul holds Heaven and Earth, as well as the laws within it.
In your soul, the laws of Heaven and Earth are under your control…”

Chu Xuan made a few inscrutable remarks.
Of course, he was not talking nonsense.
There was some basis behind his words.

To sum up, she had to use her soul to connect to the Great Dao.
With that, her soul would be supported by the laws of Heaven and Earth.
The area covered by the power of her divine soul would then be under her control.

As long as it was within the range of her laws, life and death would be under her control.

To put it bluntly, he was trying to deceive Liu Piaopiao.
Her soul could integrate with the laws and control the laws.
In this state, she could even comprehend the Great Dao.

“Since the laws will be under your control then, your physical body can be recreated with a simple thought.” Chu Xuan finished his sentence.

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If she really controlled the laws, it would naturally be very easy for her to obtain a physical body.

This was fate.

Liu Piaopiao fell into deep thought.

She was shocked.
As expected of a senior expert.
His soul could draw in and integrate with the Great Dao and use its laws?

However, how was she going to connect to the Great Dao?

The Great Dao was unpredictable.
Even Heaven realm experts found it difficult to grasp the Great Dao.

Heaven realm experts controlled a part of the laws of Heaven and Earth.

A Heaven realm expert’s domain was a part of the laws of Heaven and Earth.

However, they still could not connect with or comprehend the Great Dao.

The Great Dao was everywhere, so how could she comprehend it?

In her divine soul state, she could also use her Heaven realm domain.
However, it consumed too much soul power and, without the support of her physical body, the soul power she consumed would take a long time to recover.

Although the domain of a Heaven realm expert was almost perfect in terms of its own laws of Heaven and Earth, to perfect its laws, it needed to integrate with the true laws of Heaven and Earth in the outside world.

However, it could not be entrusted with the laws of Heaven and Earth.

If her soul could be entrusted with the laws of Heaven and Earth, she would be able to control the true laws of Heaven and Earth, and not the laws she constructed within her own domain.

The difference in strength between the two was self-evident.

If she could be entrusted with the laws of Heaven and Earth and control the laws of a region, even if she had to face a Heaven realm expert in her divine soul state, she would not be afraid.

She could even break through the other party’s domain and kill them by relying on the true laws of Heaven and Earth.

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If she could accomplish this, her strength would definitely be stronger than when she was at her peak.

This was because relying on the laws would naturally allow her to comprehend the laws more deeply.

It would also be of great help to her in breaking through to the Divine realm, to the extent that, if she mastered this, breaking through to the Divine realm would only be a matter of time.

After thinking through this, she finally understood why Senior said that this was both a tribulation and fate.

The crux of the matter was that, by connecting her divine soul with the Great Dao, she would use it as a catalyst to comprehend and gain control of the true laws of Heaven and Earth.

However, she did not know how to connect to the Great Dao.

Liu Piaopiao had no clue where to start at all.

Just as she was about to ask for advice, Senior seemed to sense her thoughts and said indifferently, “The laws are not to be taught lightly.”

Liu Piaopiao’s heart trembled, and she could not bring herself to ask for advice.

Chu Xuan continued, “The Great Dao is omnipresent.
Every flower and grass is part of the Dao.
Every water and stone is also part of the Dao.
Calm your heart and slowly comprehend it.”

“Thank you for your guidance, Senior!”

Liu Piaopiao knelt on the ground and bowed respectfully.

This was a great favor.

“It was fate that caused us to meet.
Forget it, this venerable one will grant you an item to help you recover your divine soul.”

A small bottle appeared in Chu Xuan’s hand.

Soul nurturing liquid!

One drop was enough to fully recover the soul power of Heaven realm expert.

The system had rewarded him with a large vat of the stuff, so Chu Xuan did not care about giving away a small bottle of the substance.

After all, he was a senior expert.
Would he not appear too stingy if he gave out half a drop?

Moreover, the substance would not be given to her for free.

Xiao Liang and Liu Piaopiao’s next destination was the Southern Region.
Chu Xuan had plenty of ways to recruit the other party and get them to run errands for him.

It was also necessary to restore Liu Piaopiao’s soul power and give her some trump cards for their protection.

The divine soul of a Heaven realm expert would be enough to stir up the Asura Ancient Land.

After all, it was a little boring to stay in seclusion and not smash the chessboard or mess up other people’s plans.

Of course, in order to ensure that Liu Piaopiao would not go wild in the Southern Region, Chu Xuan secretly planted a soul seal in the soul nurturing liquid.

He poured out a drop of the soul nurturing liquid, which now looked like a seal.
It was very mysterious, right?

It would shock those who saw it.
After all, a senior expert’s treasure had to be extraordinary.

Once it was incorporated into her divine soul, she would no longer be capable of harboring ill intentions toward him.

Chu Xuan was secretly pleased.

When Liu Piaopiao’s soul recovered, Xiao Liang would once again have a trump card, and his confidence would be greatly boosted.

He was journeying to the Southern Region to temper himself.
However, he would not reach there anytime soon.
Still, he would definitely arrive before the opening of the Asura Ancient Land.

By that time, Chu Xuan would have broken through to the Heaven realm.

“Little girl, your cultivation realm is too low, so I don’t have any treasures that are suitable for you.
This bottle of soul nurturing liquid is barely passable, and it just so happens that you can use it.
One drop can recover your soul power consumption.
I’ll give it to you.”

As he spoke, he tossed the bottle over through the Myriad Heavenly Mirror.

“Thank you, Senior!”

Liu Piaopiao was extremely excited.

Without the support of her physical body, it was incredibly difficult to recover the consumption of her soul power.

As long as she could recover the consumption of her soul power, she would be more confident when facing their enemies.
Even if she ended up fighting against an expert who had just entered the Heaven realm, she was confident that she could escape with Xiao Liang.

She caught the small bottle.

Chu Xuan continued, “Take one drop and see if you can withstand it.”

Of course, he had to personally see if the soul seed seal could be absorbed into her divine soul.

Giving someone a bottle of soul nurturing liquid for free was not something he would do anyway.

“Yes, Senior.”

Liu Piaopiao did not hesitate and felt even more grateful to Senior.

He was worried that her soul could not withstand it and that something unexpected would happen.
If she took it while he watched, Senior could save her in time if something went wrong.

Senior’s was such a noble person! Perhaps this was the true bearing of a senior expert!

Liu Piaopiao poured out a drop of the soul nurturing liquid.

A drop of clear liquid appeared.
It seemed to be wrapped around a small seal.

Liu Piaopiao exclaimed in surprise.
As expected of the treasure given by Senior, it actually had its own form.

She then consumed the drop of soul nurturing liquid.

Her exhausted divine soul was continuously nourished and quickly recovered.

At the same time, her favorability toward Senior soared.
All of the doubts and questions she had about him disappeared.

Liu Piaopiao was moved.

After receiving such a gift from Senior, if her reverence for him did not increase, she would have doubted her own character.

At least it seemed like her character was still upright and she knew how to repay favors!

Therefore, she felt that it was very normal for her to revere him more.

In a short while, the soul power that she had used up completely recovered, returning to its peak state.

Liu Piaopiao was extremely grateful!

Chu Xuan was relieved.
The bottle of soul nurturing liquid was well spent!

Xiao Liang was her disciple.
If his soul was damaged, he would also be given a drop of the soul nurturing liquid.
The soul seal would naturally then be incorporated into his soul.

Even if the soul nurturing liquid in Liu Piaopiao’s hand was stolen, sold, or borrowed by a good friend, it just meant that he would have a few more servants.

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