When Chu Xuan heard that Xiao Liang’s destination was actually the Southern Region, he thought of something.

He was tempted.

This guy was probably the fated person of the Western Region.

Taking him in as a disciple and having more errand-runners would not be too bad.

It was time for him to make an appearance.

Since he was in a particularly good mood today, he would bestow this master and disciple pair a chance.

Chu Xuan immediately revealed himself.

A Heaven-shaking figure bathed in divine light could be seen on the other side of the halo

They did not know where he was or where he came from, but his mere presence made them feel like prostrating themselves on the ground.

An unknown existence had suddenly appeared in front of them.

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Xiao Liang swallowed his saliva and felt his heart tremble.

That beautiful divine soul was even more shocked.

She was once a Heaven realm expert and could easily sense that the figure in front of them was majestic and unfathomable.

It seemed that even the legendary Divine realm could not compare to this figure’s strength.

At a glance, his aura was as deep as an abyss and as unfathomable as the ocean.

It was far beyond the scope of the Heaven realm.

Such a terrifying expert had suddenly appeared.
Was it an opportunity or a disaster?

The beautiful soul did not dare to hesitate any longer and immediately bowed.
“Junior Liu Piaopiao greets Senior!”

Xiao Liang directly knelt down.

“Xiao Liang greets Senior!”

It was too shocking.
The majesty of this figure was deeply imprinted in his mind.

Just by sitting there, this person had the power to shake the heavens.
Just what kind of terrifying expert was he?

“Greetings, greetings.”

Senior Chu Xuan had the demeanor of an expert.
His tone was amiable and carried a tone of appreciation for a junior.

“This venerable self is patrolling the myriad realms of the heavens.
It can be considered that the two of you and I are fated to meet.”

Liu Piaopiao’s heart was shaken.
Myriad realms of the heavens?

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Why had she never heard of it?

She was a Heaven realm expert, and not some weak cultivator who knew nothing of the world.

She knew many of the secrets of this world.
If she had never heard of it, it meant that this was definitely a big secret.

“Forgive my ignorance, but this junior has never heard of the myriad realms of the heavens?” Liu Piaopiao said respectfully.

Xiao Liang kneeled on the ground, not daring to say a word.

He felt that his strength was too weak and that his status was too low.
At this point, he thought it was best if he just kept silent.


Be respectful!

Perhaps Senior would bestow treasures on him if he was happy.

“Given your insufficient strength, it’s only normal that you haven’t heard of it.” Chu Xuan began his spiel.

He had fooled Ren Changhe, who was far superior to Liu Piaopiao, so this would not be a challenge.

In addition, when he fooled Ren Changhe, Chu Xuan did not have the Heaven-shaking Divine Image.

Now that he did, his words would be even more convincing, no one would doubt that he was a terrifying and boundlessly powerful expert.

“You might not know about the myriad realms of the heavens, but do you at least know about the specific situation of the nine zones and fifty regions?” Chu Xuan pretended to ask.

He felt that the waters in the nine zones and fifty regions ran quite deep, even though Heaven realm cultivators were already considered peak experts.

However, above the heaven realm, there was the legendary Divine realm.

Would the nine zones and fifty regions not have a Divine realm cultivator?

“I do know about it.
The nine zones and fifty regions, the five human zones, the demon race zone, the monster race zone, and the chaotic zone with all kinds of races mixed within… of the nine regions, only the Desolate Ancient Zone is filled with mystery.”

“Rumor has it that the Desolate Ancient Zone is bigger than the other eight zones.
Many Heaven realm experts have explored the Desolate Ancient Zone, but they only reached the periphery and countless experts have died in the process.”

“The Desolate Ancient zone is the only unexplored zone.
Rumor has it that only Divine realm cultivators can enter, and that only one can only break through to the Divine realm in the Desolate Ancient Zone.”

“Legends speak of the presence of a Divine realm expert in the Desolate Ancient Zone, though for some reason, that expert does not leave the Desolate Ancient Zone.”

Liu Piaopiao provided a brief description of the nine zones and fifty regions.

Chu Xuan narrowed his eyes.
It turned out that the Desolate Ancient Zone was the place where the waters were truly deep.

It was no wonder that even Ren Changhe, this awe-inspiring character, had been trapped in the Desolate Ancient Zone’s Fallen God Cave.

Since everything about the Desolate Ancient Zone was unknown, then the path to the myriad realms of the heavens could temporarily be placed in the Desolate Ancient Zone.

In that case, he would say that those who reached the Divine realm all traveled to the myriad realms of the heavens.
In addition, only those in the Divine realm had the qualifications to go to the myriad realms of the heavens.

Thinking this, Chu Xuan opened his mouth and said, “Little girl, your knowledge only scrapes the surface of the truth.
Since we met by fate, this venerable self will give you a hint.”

Liu Piaopiao was speechless.
She had already been a Heaven realm expert 100,000 years ago.

He actually called her a little girl?

However, this senior should have lived for god knows how many years.
Given his age, him calling her a little girl was not a big deal.

“Senior, please explain.”

“The nine zones and fifty regions are just a remote corner of the myriad realms.
The Divine realm you speak of is just a mere emperor realm there.
I can exterminate countless such people with a single breath.”

Liu Piaopiao’s soul trembled.

She was completely dumbfounded.

Was the legendary Divine realm so weak?

He could exterminate countless Divine realm cultivators with a single breath?

Although she had some doubts, she felt that what this unknown existence said could possibly be true.

He also said that the nine zones and fifty regions were actually just a remote corner of the myriad realms.

In that case, how powerful and vast were the myriad realms?

One had to know that, in the nine zones and fifty regions, no one knew how vast the Desolate Ancient Region was and how many secrets it hid.

So the existence of the myriad realms was not unimaginable.

At this moment, Liu Piaopiao felt that her understanding of the world had been overturned.
She no longer had the bearings of a Heaven realm expert.

She felt incredibly insignificant.

Xiao Liang’s mind was also buzzing.
He had just taken Ren Changhe as a role model, and his goal was to shock the nine zones and fifty regions.

Well, to be precise, it was just to shock the eight zones.

After all, the Desolate Ancient Zone was too mysterious, so he would not be able to shock anyone there.

However, the world was divided into nine zones.
Naturally, the moment he opened his mouth, he mentioned nine zones, not eight zones.

Someone was now telling him that the nine zones and fifty regions were just a corner of the myriad realms.
How crazy was that?

In an instant, he felt that his bold words earlier had been too insignificant!

So it turned out that he was a frog at the bottom of a well!

Chu Xuan was very satisfied with Liu Piaopiao and Xiao Liang’s reactions.
They looked so shocked that they were shaking and trembling all over.

They were scared, right?

That was right.
Young people had to have bigger dreams.

Using Ren Changhe as a role model… What kind of dream was that? That guy had been fooled by him and was now mired in self-doubt.

He truly believed that he was a good-for-nothing piece of trash.

“The path to the myriad realms is in the Desolate Ancient Zone.
Young man, work hard.”

Chu Xuan encouraged him with the identity of a senior expert.

Liu Piaopiao was shocked.
So the mysterious Desolate Ancient Zone was the pathway to the myriad realms?

It all made sense then.
There were rumors of Divine realm cultivators in the Desolate Ancient Zone, but these cultivators had never left the zone for some unknown reason.

It turned out that they had all gone to the myriad realms!

At this moment, Liu Piaopiao felt that she was a frog at the bottom of a well who did not know how high the heavens were.

“Thank you for your explanation, Senior!”

Liu Piaopiao was very excited.
She understood now.
Many Heaven realm experts had been searching for this great secret for a long time, but they had never found it!

“You’re welcome, little girl.” Chu Xuan looked very pleased.

“I can see that you’re in a precarious state…”

Liu Piaopiao immediately became excited.
Could it be that Senior wanted to help her rebuild her body?

For an expert like him, rebuilding her body would be a simple matter.

In the end, she had been overthinking things.

Chu Xuan indeed had a treasure to reconstruct one’s physical body, but he would not give it to her for no reason.

“Since you are in this state, it is both a tribulation and fate.
As for which one it ends up being for you, it all depends on your comprehension.”

Liu Piaopiao was a little disappointed.
However, after thinking about it, since Senior said that it was both a tribulation and fate, she wanted to find the fate in the tribulation.

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