Chu Xuan pondered.
When the Purple Flames Burning Heavens technique was combined with the Void Heart Flame, it would become even more powerful and difficult to guard against!

Moreover, if one cultivated the Purple Flames Burning Heavens technique, regardless of whether it was refining pills or artifacts, it would be twice the result with half the effort.

Unfortunately, he did not have any subordinates who could refine weapons or pills.
Otherwise, he could have passed on this technique to them.

Chu Yun’s talent in refining pills was very strong.
However, she cultivated the Great Luo Emperor Scripture, which was enough for her to display her talent in refining pills.

She did not need to change her cultivation method for the time being.

There was still one more chance to use the Myriad Heavenly Mirror.
Now that he had broken through, he happily decided to initiate a random connection.

He wanted to see who would appear on the other side of the Myriad Heavenly Mirror.

Chu Xuan would not mind giving the other party some opportunities.

After all, he had too many secret techniques and treasures.

The image shifted, and an underground cave appeared.

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Chu Xuan was surprised.
He was directly connected to an underground cave?

This was the strength of the Myriad Heavenly Mirror.
It could ignore distance as well any obstacles and connect directly to its target.

It was also due to this that the two elders of the Xiao clan had been so afraid.

That was why they didn’t doubt that Chu Xuan was a super expert.

After all, even Heaven realms experts would not have the ability to pull off such a feat.

Moreover, Chu Xuan’s Heaven-shaking Divine Image and seven-colored divine light were too imposing.
They could not see through Chu Xuan’s cultivation and strength, let alone through the Myriad Heavenly Mirror.

As Chu Xuan examined the surroundings, he had a feeling that this place was either an abyss or a prison, deep and unfathomable.

Moving the image projection around, Chu Xuan saw a figure sitting cross-legged in the cave.

It was a man in his twenties.

There were traces of blood on his body, and his aura was disarray.
He had suffered serious injuries.

At this moment, he was healing his injuries.
He swallowed a stalk of a precious herb in his hand.

His cultivation was at the third level of the unity realm.

To have been able to reach the third level of the unity realm at his age, he was definitely a genius.

In terms of talent, he did not lose out to Su Xian’er in the slightest.

After all, Su Xian’er cultivated the Grand Moon Immortal Spell and, with the support of his medicinal pills and cultivation resources, her cultivation speed skyrocketed.

The other party did not have the same amount of cultivation resources as Su Xian’er did, nor did he have an equivalent cultivation technique.

Chu Xuan checked and found that the cultivation technique fluctuations emanating from the man’s body had exceeded the level of a heavenly scripture-level technique.
The cultivation technique he had was likely a divine technique.

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He moved the image projection so that he could see the man’s body and face clearly.

What a coincidence…

Could it be that this was the fated person of the Western Region?

It seemed that the day’s final use of the Myriad Heavenly Mirror had connected him to Xiao Liang, who was the abandoned child of the great Xiao clan of the Western Region.

At this moment, the jade pendant that hung around Xiao Liang’s neck flickered with light, and a graceful figure floated out.

Although the figure looked somewhat illusory, Chu Xuan could still tell that it was peerlessly beautiful.

More importantly, this was actually the weakened soul of a Heaven realm expert!

Chu Xuan was speechless.

He had guessed correctly.
This fellow, Xiao Liang, really possessed the protagonist halo!

Although he did not have an old grandfather to guide his cultivation, he still had a peerless beauty with great strength.

Of course, given the choice, every man would choose to have a peerless beauty instead of an old grandfather.


Xiao Liang opened his eyes.

“If I make another two or three moves, I will fall into a state of deep sleep.
You must leave the Western Region as soon as possible.”

“Master, I will leave the Western Region as soon as possible.”

Xiao Liang gritted his teeth and said hatefully, “Xiao clan, I will definitely have my revenge one day!”

“Cultivate well.
Everything is about strength.
As long as you break through to the Heaven realm, the Xiao clan will be nothing.”

“Master, don’t worry.
I will definitely cultivate to the Heaven realm within a thousand years and help you rebuild your body!”

Xiao Liang’s gaze was firm as he said this.

Chu Xuan muttered in his heart, “Cultivate to the Heaven realm within a thousand years?”

If it was so easy to cultivate to the Heaven realm within a thousand years, then Ren Changhe would not have been known as a top-notch Heaven’s blessed of the nine zones and fifty regions.

However, if he was the fated person of the Western Region, perhaps it was possible for him to cultivate to the Heaven realm within a thousand years.

One day he would ask Ren Changhe if there was anyone in the nine zones and fifty regions who had managed to reach the Heaven realm in a thousand years.

“A thousand-year Heaven realm? How is that possible?”

The beautiful soul shook her head and said, “As the saying goes, ‘a hundred-year Emperor realm, a thousand-year Supreme realm, and a ten-thousand-year Heaven realm’.
Those achievements represent the standard for top-notch Heaven’s blessed in the nine zones and fifty regions.”

“Even if you cultivated to the truth realm in ten years, it would take more than ten years to break through to the Emperor realm.”

“Moreover, there is a natural chasm separating the Supreme realm from theHeaven realm.
Countless experts at the peak of the Supreme realm used to be called top-notch geniuses, but most of them ended up stuck at this stage for tens of thousands of years without being able to break through.”

“If you want to break through to the Heaven realm, you need a fortuitous opportunity.
Without it, no matter how talented you are, you can forget about breaking through to the Heaven realm in ten thousand years.”

Xiao Liang was stunned and asked, “Reaching the Heaven realm is so difficult?”

“Don’t be discouraged.
With my guidance, and your great talent and luck, it should be no problem for you to break through to the Heaven realm.”

The beautiful soul comforted Xiao Liang.

Recalling something, she said, “In my generation, there was once a person who reached the Heaven realm within 10,000 years.
He was almost invincible among those in the same realm.
He broke into the demon’s territory alone and escaped unscathed, though I’m afraid that he has already died by now.”

Xiao Liang was overwhelmed with emotion.
He looked fascinated and asked, “Master, who was that person?”

“That person was Ren Changhe, the Celestial Master, who shook the 50 regions of the nine zones 100,000 years ago!”

Ren Changhe?

Chu Xuan was stunned.
This beautiful woman’s soul was from the same era as Ren Changhe?

Xiao Liang had the protagonist halo, and the beautiful woman’s soul was from ancient times.

Judging by the beautiful woman’s words, Ren Changhe must have been very powerful back then.

It seemed that his in-name disciple had not been bragging after all.

“Master, I will definitely become like the Celestial Master and shake the entire nine zones and fifty regions!” Xiao Liang said with a firm expression.

This young man’s understanding of the world’s power structure was too limited.

Ren Changhe was a mere in-name disciple of his with low self-esteem, yet Xiao Liang was still using the man as a role model?

It was necessary to correct this young man’s thinking and broaden his horizons.

The nine zones and fifty regions were just a desolate corner of the myriad realms.

As for whether the myriad realms existed or not, that was not important at the moment.
He just had to try his best to fool them.

“I believe in you!”

The beautiful soul was very gratified.

“Liang’er, after you leave the Western Region, head to the Southern Region.
The laws of Heaven and Earth there are incomplete, and Emperor realm experts mostly avoid the place.”

“Moreover, the Asura Ancient Land is about to open.
The stronger powers of the nine zones will restrict the number of Emperor realm experts and above who can go there.
If you head to the Southern Region, you can avoid the Xiao clan’s pursuit.”

“The Asura Ancient Land is also an opportunity for you.”

“Yes, Master!” Xiao Liang nodded.

The beautiful woman’s divine soul was about to return to the jade pendant, and Xiao Liang was just about to continue healing his wounds, when…

Ripples appeared over his head, and a halo appeared.
From within the halo, seven-colored divine light shot forth.

The master and disciple were shocked!

Xiao Liang looked at the halo in shock.
His first thought was, ‘Could it be that the ancestor of the Xiao clan was here to kill him?’

However, on second thought, that was not right.
The ancestor had not appeared for ten thousand years.
He might even be dead.

Moreover, he was also his descendant.
There was no reason for him to kill an extremely talented descendant of his.

The beautiful woman’s divine soul was even more shocked.
What kind of technique was this? This seemed to be beyond the scope of even Heaven realm experts.

She did not sense any space fluctuations.

This meant that the other party was not nearby.

Even Heaven realm experts could not pierce through space over long distances.

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