“Senior, this matter was originally a misunderstanding.
Senior shouldn’t dirty his hands because of these two ants.
Since these two ants have realized their mistake, there’s no harm in sparing their lives,” Du Yuan thought for a moment before saying.

The Xiao clan elders’ expressions were unsightly.
‘F*ck, why do you keep talking about ants? If you can’t even beat us ants, aren’t you worse than an ant?’

However, at this moment, their lives were in the hands of Du Yuan, so they did not dare to say a single word.

Moreover, Du Yuan had such a powerful figure backing him.
There was no way they could afford to offend him, or they would risk offending this almighty character.

“However, I do want some compensation from them.
I’ll be satisfied as long as it makes up for my losses.”

Chu Xuan was not surprised by Du Yuan’s decision.
He did not want to kill the Xiao clan elders because he wanted to avoid getting into trouble and being hunted down wherever he went.

If he killed the Xiao clan elders, there would be no witnesses, so even if Du Yuan said that he had a powerful figure behind him, the Xiao clan would not believe him.

As such, to get the Xiao clan to believe him, and intimidate the Xiao clan, he had to show mercy.

Besides, Du Yuan did not want to trouble Chu Xuan again and again.

Having known Du Yuan for quite some time, Chu Xuan was aware of his character.

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He was a cautious person who tried his best not to offend others.

Due to this, the small clan that he was the guardian of, despite having a Supreme realm expert like him, kept a low profile and did not act arrogantly.

“Since that’s the case, these two ants should hand over everything they have to Little Du as compensation.
Then they should scram!”

Even though the Xiao clan elders’ hearts ached, they did not dare to resist or negotiate.

This unknown expert was too powerful.
Even if he was not above the Heaven realm, he was definitely a terrifying existence at the peak of the Heaven realm.

Of course, the greater possibility was that he was above the Heaven realm.

Without saying anything else, they took out their storage bags and threw them over to Du Yuan along with the emperor-level weapons.

Wiping off their cold sweat, they respectfully asked, “Senior, can we leave now?”


The Xiao clan elders ran off as fast as they could.

It was as if they were afraid that Chu Xuan would go back on his words.

After covering a distance of tens of thousands of li in one breath, they finally stopped for a breath.

Their souls were still shaking, and their entire bodies felt like they had just come out of a trance.

They had been scared sh*tless by Chu Xuan, and their minds were on tenterhooks the entire time.
Once they relaxed, they naturally felt a sense of exhaustion, and their souls trembled.

However, the two of them did not think that way.
They believed that the remnant aura of that unknown expert had almost crushed their souls.

That person was too terrifying!

Just what kind of expert was that?

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Was he a hidden old monster from the Western Region, or was he an expert from outside the Western Region?

Or perhaps even an expert from outside the Northern Zone?

They felt that this entire matter was unfathomable!

The Xiao clan elders looked at each other, relief etched on their faces.
Each one felt as if they had survived a disaster.

“Thank you, Senior!” Du Yuan said respectfully.

At the same time, he handed over his storage bag to Chu Xuan.

“Such items are useless to me.
You can keep them.” Chu Xuan refused.

“Senior saved Du Yuanyu.
I know my talent is insufficient and that my strength is as weak as an ant’s, but I also want to repay Senior for saving me.
I’m willing to be your servant and do whatever you ask of me!” Du Yuan gritted his teeth and bowed respectfully.

Generally speaking, becoming a servant was an extremely abject fate.
No expert would normally be willing to be a servant.

However, in Du Yuan’s opinion, being able to work for a powerhouse like Chu Xuan and gain his recognition was the greatest opportunity and honor.

Before meeting Chu Xuan, Du Yuan had always thought of himself as a top powerhouse.

After meeting Chu Xuan, he realized that he was just a frog in a well.
A mere Supreme realm expert was just an ant.

In the eyes of that powerhouse, the Supreme realm was just like the mortal realm.

The difference in their perspectives was too great.

If he was able to work for such an expert, even as a servant, it would also be counted as a fortuitous opportunity.

His status would also immediately become different.

He too yearned for the myriad realms of the heavens.

Unfortunately, even Heaven realm experts did not have the qualifications to go there, much less a puny Supreme realm cultivator like himself.

He felt that it was necessary to improve his own status and foundation.

As long as he obtained Senior’s approval, reaching the Heaven realm was not impossible.

Even the legendary Divine realm would be within reach.

Chu Xuan was becoming more and more satisfied with Du Yuan.
With such a responsible subordinate running errands for him, he would be much less worried.

Moreover, Du Yuan’s aptitude was not bad.
Otherwise, how could he, an itinerant cultivator, manage to cultivate to the Supreme realm.

Du Yuan could be groomed and, more importantly, he was loyal.

Just because the former head of that small family owed him a favor, he had protected the small family and become its guardian.

“You’ve got heart, you’ve got heart,” Chu Xuan pretended to be silent for a moment and said, “Well, it’s fate that we met.
You can run errands for me in this world.”

Du Yuan was overjoyed.

“Du Yuan pays his respects to Your Excellency!”

“Very good, get up.
You can integrate your soul with this seal.
With this seal, you’ll be able to go to the myriad realms in the future.”

Chu Xuan waved his hand, and the soul seed seal floated over through the myriad heavenly mirror.

Although he knew that Du Yuan was a loyal person, if one day the latter discovered that he had deceived him, there was still a chance of the other party seeking revenge on him out of anger.

The probability of him being exposed was indeed very low.
However, the affairs of the world were hard to predict.
What if he really was exposed?

To be safe, he still planted a soul seed seal on Du Yuan.

After planting the soul seed seal, he did not exert his will.
Other than removing any ill feelings toward himself and thoughts of disobeying him, there was actually nothing different about Du Yuan.

As long as he did not use the seal, Du Yuan would not notice anything wrong.

After all, Du Yuan had always respected him and would not be suspicious just because he became more respectful toward him.

Du Yuan did not hesitate at all.
In fact, he seemed a little impatient.

He put the soul seed seal into his divine soul.

In an instant, Du Yuan felt that he had become more respectful toward Chu Xuan.

“Cultivate well.
I’m going to patrol the Ten Thousand Worlds.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Du Yuan bowed respectfully.

Chu Xuan closed the Ten Thousand Heavenly Mirror.
He felt extremely comfortable.

He now had a servant at the second level of the Supreme realm.
Other than Ren Changhe, Du Yuan was the most powerful subordinate.

“You didn’t leave seclusion.
With just your glib tongue, you tricked a Supreme realm expert into becoming your servant.
You have been rewarded with the Purple Flame Burning Heavens technique and the Flame Spirit Awl.”

The system’s reward notification rang out.

He examined the reward.
The Purple Flame Burning Heavens technique was a fire attribute cultivation technique.

Was this specially prepared for Du Yuan?

Du Yuan cultivated a fire attribute cultivation technique, which he had obtained from a fortuitous opportunity.
He had relied on this cultivation technique to reach the Supreme realm.

Moreover, he was a powerhouse among those at the same level as he was.

However, the cultivation technique that Du Yuan cultivated was only at the heavenly scripture level.
Moreover, it was on the weaker end when compared with other heavenly scriptures.

It was not even a divine technique.
In Chu Xuan’s eyes, it was just a trash cultivation technique.

The cultivation technique and secret technique that he currently possessed were all at the divine technique level.

Chu Xuan no longer cared about cultivation techniques that were at the heavenly scripture level.

It just so happened that this purple flame burning heavens technique could be imparted to Du Yuan.
It could be considered a reward for him to become his servant.

He was his great fortune.

The purple flame burning heavens technique was a cultivation technique that was above divine techniques in terms of level.

Looking at the flame spirit awl, it was a three-foot-long awl engraved with purple mysterious fire patterns.

It was a divine weapon!

He would give it to Du Yuan as well.

Divine weapons were not considered rare among Chu Xuan’s possessions.
The number of rewards he received from the system continued to pile up, which increased the variety and the quality of the items in his possession.

For example, the spirit-slayer saber and the like were his initial rewards, but Chu Xuan now treated them as trash.

To him, weapons below the Heaven-level were considered trash.

After receiving the Purple Flames Burning Heavens technique, the image of purple flames appeared in his mind, roaring as if they could burn the heavens.

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